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A Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
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II. Pedia Sapiens: A Planetary Progeny Comes to Her/His Own Actual Factual Knowledge

A. Aboriginal Quest(ion)

Over the past millennia as sapient human beings gained a novel awareness and facility to wonder and learn about their august being and occasion. As readers know, this multi-sensory and media endeavor took many forms, for which this five part section offers a select variety of references and testimonies.

At the outset, Mythic Animism surveys an indigenous, mystic, vista, often by wise women, of an aboriginal immersion in an awesome, numinous living, personified, magical realm. From this milieu arose in independent places a sense of a stratified creation graced by an exemplary iconic principle through which the world can be made comprehensible. An array of eastern and western receptions are noted in The Anthropocosmic Code around a central truth that micro human and macro universe are mirrors to each other as children to parents.

The Renaissance project to read the encompassing cosmos as a found testament of Godís works in accord with Godís given word in reviewed in The Book of Nature. A Rosetta Cosmos natural literacy is next proposed as a conceptual aid to ecumenical rapport. It also cites new findings that self-organizing complexities equally imbue this textual corpora. An eclectic World Philosophy module concludes with an added emphasis on African, Global South appreciations of ubuntu person/community values.