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A. 2020 - 2030: An Earthality, PersonPlanet, EcoVitality, Geonativity, Awaken, Liferacy, Select Victory

This section is also posted in full in the above lead essay. It is highlighted here with its own up front presence so to emphasize its integral content as our historic, cumulative learnings seem to reach a momentary synthesis and edification. As the April 2022 senseless horrors worsen each day, these various writings are ever offered as a possible working draft of a palliative resolve and better future for children. We again open with a glossary of title word descriptions.

Global Glossary

2020 – 2022 -2030 As this decade is taken over by many –demics, perils, social strife, now a horrific, senseless war, it seems to be an historic, local and global, consummate event. At the same while, a convergent synthesis by way of collaborative scientific findings bodes well to reveal a common, salutary edification. It is the intent of this website resource to report and document its Earthwise presence.

Earthality We also note Earthnicity and Planetality as ways to provide and signify a novel identity by which our Earthropo sapience could ascent to and gain a galactic and ecosmic membership. But it amazes that by way a total lapse of imagination, if you Google these words they do not exist. As an end of days closes in, the presence of a wrong, aimless, dead nature, (My 1994 article in Environmental Ethics stated this issue back then.) seems to daunt any expansive vistas. (My home page slide show is A Tale of Two Universes: accelerating expansion or convergent genesis.)

PersonPlanet Once again, major emergent evolutionary transition scale of integral individuality reaches its consummate phase of worldwise fulfillment. It is imperative that such a common identity be achieved at once as a whole EarthKinder, and in a participatory significance to the entire natural genesis uniVerse.

EcoVitality In obvious accord, a whole bioworld vivification, anatomical and physiological, geonomic sustainability need commence and go forth. But with men obsessed with war and women, it will not happen in the short time. It is quite a matter of Kinder or cinder.

Geonativity As noted in these essays, and across the website, if of a mind to ask and see, life’s temporal embryonic, developmental course can be appreciated as an actual reproductive endeavor which has just now reached some manner of its gravid, parturient planet term. Once again, one can include the moment for every hatching and birth that the fetal stage need awaken from a long dream sleep to one’s own personal awareness. (K. Schwab, H. Lagercrantz)

Wake Up Time It would then serve us to include the actual moment of every hatching and birth when the fetal stage needs to awaken from s long dream sleep to their own personal being. (K. Schwab, H. Lagercrantz) As Mayhem horrors worsen (Ukraine, mass murder) only a visionary consciousness by which we can come to our personal and collective senses could save us. As terminal despair sets in, here is an altered awareness by which a new hope in a better future could come to light.

Liferacy In regard, this moment ought to be graced by a genetic heredity, As Naturome Code cites in depth and breadth, this occasion could involve our recognition and acceptance of the ecosmome (at least “mom” is back) to geonome passage of a common, reciprocal, bigender basis. We coin “liferacy” so to combine literacy and iteracy into an animate narrative. And our decipherment of a deep textual message can serve as a numinous scriptome.

Self-Select And as we might rise to a geonatal occasion, in light of participatory, autopoietic, proactive agency, and other features, it may be the case that some similar act of waking up to an integral, bifocal Earthuman self-consciousness is vitally necessary. (This may be the Great Filter event) That is to say, an ultimate transition from a prior evolutionary contingency to a second evolitionary EarthWin second genesis may require that we peoples intentionally select ourselves and Great planet Earth going forward.

Victory Opportunity As we alluded in the opening words, a personal and planetary coming to our informed individual and EarthKinder senses must and can happen in these few years. What a grand option is offered to us one and all when most needed.

A fittest, optimum ovoworld at her/his relative geonativity hour may just now altogether be able to discern and decode an ecosmomic to geonomic, parents to children, informative iteracy, liferacy and fiteracy endowment. Our cocreative worldwise achievement, going forward, may then serve and foster a self-chosen genesis uniVerse.

In the context of this New Introduction, the Natural Genesis resource site as attributed to a prodigious worldwise progeny, by way of a bigender philoSophia vista, an ultimate time event for both EartHuman and uniVerse can appear to be in occurrence. Its presence and import can be seen to not only involve our very especial home bioworld, but also the fate and future of the whole procreative organic ecosmos.

After the bursty Big Bang, this late occasion might be cited as a second singularity whereof a uniquely aware speciesphere, such as our EarthKinder, can be able on her/his own to achieve a retrospective observance, description, and self-realization. A consequent organic, familial character can then serve to imply a procreative purpose. As life’s evolution becomes known as an oriented gestation, this moment can actually take on a geonativity essence. But the most critical aspect might be an ability to recognize that it comes with its own genetic-like code.

By this spacescape view, an ecosmomic informational transfer, as if from parents to children, could define our vital task (great work) to decipher, read, and acknowledge such a geonomic endowment. As a way to express, a composite “Liferacy” term is dubbed so to represent an innate textual narrative. A further singular aspect would then be a respectful, concerted avail to both save and sustain this precious planet, and to begin a new pedia sapiens “second Genesis” cocreation going forward.

But Earth peoples are now so beset by multi-calamities of a variant plague, record tornados, capricious warlords, on and on. An apocalyptic despair sets in as all hope becomes lost. So these online editions are offered as a concurrent dispensation which has long been anticipated to mitigate, save and transfigure. In respect, we have sought to propose the 21st century advent of an EarthWise Book of Naturome (Global Galileo) and of a Genesis UniVerse. Here next is a survey of prime features.

A Family Ecosmos: As our evolutionary and historic course seems to reach a geonatal end or beginning of days, a once and future revelation may occur. A deep affinity between human peoples and the starry raiment has long been a prime theme, see An AnthropoCosmic Vision herein. Into a 21st century collective neosphere, by virtue of current findings of the same sweet-spot bigender network scriptomics at every extant phase (The Book of Naturome next) it may just now be valid and credible to recover and avail this essence and relationship.

EarthKinder Geonativity: Another appropriate metaphor could accrue as life’s evolution becomes known as an embryonic gestation (Chapter V). By this view might it just now reach its parturient planetary term? A view can illume more affinities, such as a vital moment when every neo-candidate must awaken (Karin Schwab, H. Larercrantz) from a dream sleep to their own decision to hatch or be borne. In an analogous way, our EartHuman thinking planet need be able to allow and attain her/his own visionary individuation.

An Earthmost, EarthOva Significance: As these final outline sections (VIII. C., D) gather and report, our speciesphere bioworld may attain an incredible, unexpected identity as a fittest, optimum, one in a quintillion, importance due to having made it through some twenty check points. As an intended result, an especial EartHuman KinderMind could achieve a global, and universal self-selection by their own free initiative. This unexpected lottery-like turn remains quite unbeknownst. As it bodes for an infinite significance for our minuet, fractious ovoWorld, its recognition could bring an incentive and mission, a dignity and destiny, that could unite fractious nations and cultures.

Ecosmonativity And far afield, if this home uniVerse (it is awesome that peoples can speak of this), we micro ecosmic Earthlings might yet have a real relevance to the fate and future of an entire macro ecosmos. And if set within a profusion of variable spatial and temporal universes as they bubble in and out of existence, then what we may decide and do could validate the whole panorama. (In 1983 at Harvard I heard Andrei Linde present this very fractal scenario.)

The vast medical, biological, genomic sciences, and every other aspect, could be appreciated as an ordained edification. By their avail, many maladies, diseases, viral plagues, social strife, ethnic wars, climate changes, can be cured, mitigated, prevented and moved beyond. By this grand view, a self-medicating, healing, resolving kind of cocreative genesis reality may appear. Thus the sudden achievement of effective vaccines draws on stored biochemical, virology, cellular, physiological insights so that peoples can help and heal themselves.

An EarthWise (Pedia Sapiens) Ecognizance

Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality: As a historical passage from homo to anthropo to Earthropo sapiens lately occurs and converges over a gravid bioworld, a personsphere stage of this well accepted emergent quickening sequence becomes quite apparent. As we remind across the chapters and sections, the 9,000 entries can thus be attributed to this ascendant collaborative global brain sapiensphere. A strongest endorsement has been just entered as Intelligence as a Planetary Scale Process by Adam Frank, et al in the International Journal of Astrobiology for February 2022 (search).

WorldWise Sapiensphere: As a result, a prodigious phase of a globally collaborative intelligence is in active formation. By the 2010s and 2020s it has commenced to learn, know, decipher and discover by its her/his own. But this enveloping resource and repository, which can provide the sustainable guidance that Earth so needs, is largely unknown.

A Neosphere (Yesphere) Brain: As a radically different whole bicameral, left plus right, binocular cerebral faculty, our erudite Earth Learn MindKinder can then achieve a revolutionary observance of an actual familial milieu.

A Woman’s Mellow Wisdome: Another benefit is to afford and complete a philoSophia Sapiens mindful vista. This vital imperative must be fulfilled right now so to undo and move beyond a long destructive male dominance. Only by readmitting the other feminine, maternal half of a life-friendly ecosmos can it become understood. A 1994 article of mine in Environmental Ethics (16/3) argued that we cannot have a living, sustainable Earth in a dead universe. Into the 2020s, it may well be that only a woman’s (wuman, whoman) ecosmoVerse can accomplish this.

An Altered State of Aware Sentience: As noted above, as our parturient, geonatal state so labors, a crucial act may be an event of waking up from a long dream/sleep unto our own self-conscious personal and planetary realization.

EarthAware Visionary Accomplishments

An eLibrary of eCosmos Online Repository From an absence in 2000, still rudiments by 2010, today such an enveloping resource which we access each day seems to contain (Aleph-like) every amount of information that it can. How many moons does Neptune have = 14. This vast resource could well be seen as a fittest global arrival of the Bit to It knowledge ascent. In a medical sense, its human + Earth interactive discourse very much advanced COVID mitigation. Myriad complex system studies served to reveal epidemic vectors and containments. As we seek to sketch overall trajectories, here is an indication of a curative self-healing trend whence such many findings are fed back to salve the fraught beings from whom it arose.

A Science Spiral from Homo Sapiens to an Earthuman Acumen From our lete, global vantage, a retrospect survey can view this radical advance. 2000: As a new century and millennium dawned, only a minimum semblance of a world web Internet existed. Desk and laptop computers were still rudimentary, iPads and iPhones a decade away. Paper books and journals had to be tracked down in libraries, as I did in my Amherst, MA locale, and often to Boston and Yale. New Haven. Imagine life without Google, arXiv eprint, Amazon, Springer books, and a billion other sites. 2010 Whence the shift to cyberspace editions began, but with little access to journals without a purchase. A smattering of full text books got going, but libraries were a necessity until around 2015.

2022 As readers well know, today an instant, total availability of almost any journal, book and topical item is taken for granted. As a reader may now view a thousand arXiv.org postings each day, along with Nature Scientific Reports, PNAS, and hundreds of other periodical noted in Chap. II, it is easy to consider a dynamic, recursive worldwise knowledge resource and discovery process going on by itself.

A Phenomenal, Self-Existent, Independent, Generative Reality We go on to add the prime importance of a visionary, cognitive, mindfulness which is able to allow, admit, perceive and comprehend a encompassing presence with its own identity. The radical consequence is a realization, via its organic essence, that it is wholly endowed by a genetic-like source code. As a result, every manifest scale and instance from universe to wuman can be appreciated as an exemplary (wo)manifestation.

An Actual Discovery of a Family Ecosmos Procreation Global scientific advances, published on a daily basis. now evidently reveal a greater genesis in place on its independent own. This vista, of which we a largely unawares, quite implies a prior, creative reality from whence it all came. But a 20th century total male phase remains in denial sans an integral sensibility to inquire, allow, and realize. Our Family Ecosmos phrase is meant to convey a natural, built-in, encoded feature whence wuman and uniVerse compose a mirror image as if parents and children. By virtue of such an invariant universal bigender code in kind everywhere that an overall comprehension can then be achieved.

A Revolutionary CoCreative Natural Ecosmic Genesis UniVerse: As the whole website content attests, a novel moribund machine to an organic, fertile, lively, self-organizing, making, verifying personification is becoming robustly evident. In the temporal course, it returns our precious Earthly presence to a central prominence. (See an extended writeup in the nextsection.)

Our 2020s Retrospective Witness: As our Earthuman sapience may turn to serves to note that as this integral vista may reveals itself, a temporal ecosmic “mid-point” might be defined as a collective capacity becomes capable of looking back and literally quantifying how persons, life, Earth, and Ecosmos came into being. We might suggest “Whoman” as another name and identity as we arrive here and are invited and compelled to ask and see a self-verifying existence.

An Iteracy, Geonomic, Genelish, Earthese We just broach the public domain of attaining a commonly respectful, uniVersal language.

A Personsphere Progeny Finds a Natural Family Genesis Procreation

At this outset, we are trying to express the considerable opportunity of coming upon an whole uniVerse explanation which has a place and purpose for our observant, cocreative presence. (As a caveat, we are not trying to put a face on it, nor make excuses.) A further factor may then be involved. If to consider, it seems that any such optimum planetary (geonate) issue need figure all this out for themselves, by their own decisive initiative. Please see this 2022 edition as a working composite as Great Earth may advance into our novel Discovery Decade.

A 21st Century MultiUniVersal Revolutionary Vision in Our Midst As Thomas Kuhn famously cited in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1970) in such a moment of total revision, old and new worldviews can exist side by side. A recent article by Dan Falk (Scientific American July 2021) for Nobel physicist Stephen Weinberg’s passing cites how his 1977 pointless claim has permeated and set in as a final verdict. But tragic loss is any allowance of a natural guidance for local and global complementary societies. We first cite Falk, but then add an 1895 quote from William James (Historical Prescience) to show that this dire denial has long been in place.

The philosophy that Weinberg laid out in The First Three Minutes is now echoed in many popular physics books. In The Big Picture (2016), Sean Carroll sees nothing to fear in an amoral universe that doesn’t care what we do, In a similar vein, Brian Greene writes in Until the End of Time (2020): Particles and fields, there is no evidence for anything else. (Falk)

There were times when Leibnitzes could compose Theodicies, and when an established church could prove a "Moral and Intelligent Contriver of the World." But we of the nineteenth century, with our evolutionary theories and our mechanical philosophies, already know nature too impartially to worship any god. Visible nature is all plasticity and indifference. (International Journal of Ethics, 6/1, W. James)

But an issue at this late hour is that centuries ago the Ptolemaic and Copernican scenarios where parallel conceptions. Fast forward, this time the two options occur within radically different cognitive domains. While the nothingness scheme may be due to a male myopia, a revisionary discovery is going on within a collaborative venue coming to her/his own actual knowledge (an Ecopernicus might be apt). A good example could be that when I sought in 2020 to retrieve the W, James article from 125 years ago, a PDF was readily available.

We next cite a report, Complex and Yet Predictable: The Message of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics, (Ravishankara, PNAS 119/2, 2022) which was the first awarded for complexity science. The review made the strong point that after many years of study, natural phenomena could at last be discerned to possess its own inherent, albeit elusive, self-organizing spontaneities.

Syukuro (Suki) Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann, and Georgio Parisi were awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics. Simply put, the prize acknowledges that disordered systems are predictable to changes in external parameters by way of condensed matter physics. (1) Manabe’s work dealt with the physical representations of climate processes while Hasselman found a statistical predictability in a chaotic system. And Parisi dealt with the disorder from atomic to cosmic scales, sometimes self-generated, again by a statistical view. (3)

A Second Earthmost and Ecosmost Liferacy Singularity At an outset here is an interim synopsis of what kind of universal reality may just now be revealing itself to us. In respect, one might pose that an entire uniVerse could have a definitive identity which needs our observant affirmation and cocreative futurity. As a trillion galaxies and some quintillion orbital planets appear and evolve by turns, this astro-biochemical milieu has its own genetic source and informed impetus. A prime qualification then seems to be its self-decipherment and fiteracy to take up and over, read and write, by an emergent personal/global intelligence. A specific task for us, as an optimum candidate, is to realize that we need to figure all this out by our own initiative.

In regard, we here enter a preview of what our nascent sapiensphere cognizance may be finding, which will be viewed more in the 2020 – 2030 - 2040 module. In some real sense we learned Earthumans an aware bioplanet can aspire to be the “It” (iteracy, fiteracy) recipients of the whole ecoVersion, informomic endowment. A vital point thus seems to be a realization that its code-script is actually genetic in kind. So we have dubbed a novel “Liferacy” word for a collective

A Whole Celestial UniVerse: We Earthlings have come to find ourselves in a spatial galactic, stellar system raiment, and in occurrence due a temporal evolutionary vitality. By this occasion, a point of retrospective witness and potential self-discovery can be attained. Into the 21st century, our ecoVerse presence can be set into an encompassing spacescape of contingent multiple universes. (To reflect, what an incredible scenario is being revealed to us.) A new concept we wish to note is that an entire ecosmos reality might be seen to have a distinct, knowable, familial identity of its integral own.

An Innate Astrobiological Fertility An amniotic, life and mind bearing ecosmos then proceeds to spontaneously vivify, self-organize, complexify, evolve, develop, quicken and personify into entity-like groups wherever possible going forward, By this module we consider increasing 21st century findings that the material composition of this fecund spacescape is finely suited for organisms and persons to form, evolve and develop. The range spans the periodic table and myriad compounds starting with water. Such perceptions bode for some “prior agency” that (whom) has put all this in place. While “design” is not apt, an open mindset able to ask and witness need be permitted. Where do fractal mathematics come from, why did cells come along. By what acuity could we be able to admit a real discovery.

Habitable Bioworlds in Solar Systems A Solar-Habitable World Systems Since 1995 to now, a most radical addition has been the discovery of a prolific, contingent propensity to form all manner global objects in starry, incubator-like orrerys. Our 2020s EartHuman sapience can proceed onto a further fantastic realization and scenario whereby this fecundity can be seen to take place on optimum planetary candidates. By this view, a fittest, superOva Earth can accrue an actual ovular-like nature.

An Ecosmomic Liferacy Source Script An organic, maternal and paternal vitality implies an immaterial, generative program in effect. Indeed, a prime addition by way of the moribund machine to animate fertility revolution has been since the 1980s and 1990s the perception and finesse of such an immaterial, mathematic informative domain. We next survey an array of salient aspects of this genetic literacy revolution.

Complex Network Systems As reported in Chap. IV: Ecosmomics, from the 1980s a scientific project intensified as it went on discern an independent, mathematic, far from equilibrium, source script. By way of geometric structures and dynamic processes, it has gained a likeness to a natural anatomy and physiology. See Networks Behind the Morphology and Structural Design of Living Systems. by Marko Gosak, et al at Physics of Life Reviews (March 2022) and Network Analysis of the Kyiv Bylyny Cycle – East Slavic Epic Narratives. by Petro Sarkanych, et al at arXiv:2203.10399 for recent papers.

A Common Complementarity Since the 2010s, global research efforts converged on two distinctive aspects of a discrete object mode and an integral connectivity. In such forms as particle/wave, DNA/GRN, member/group, brain hemispheres, they altogether compose a whole phase of light, genome, flock, one mind, family. It can then be readily evident that they have a bigender identities.

A Self-Similar Universality By the 2020s, as Chapter IV and many other modules convey, its biologic code-script program has now been found to posses a common bigender-like complementarity and overall triality scope. In addition, such a node/link = network, DNA/AND = Genome, et alia dynamic activity seems to seek and settle at a self-organized critical poise between more or less order, conserve and create, red or blue modes. We then want to record that these Global Prize findings constitute an actual discovery which is as real as a gravity wave, chemical element or spiral galaxy.

We remind that the main outline seeks to convey both a common, independent basis, along with its exemplary presence. In the later 2010s and 2020s, many results have converged on a genotype-like quality whose manifest result has by been robustly found from celestial to cultural self-similar scales and instances. Lately, a tendency to self-organize into a critical poise between more or less orderly states adds to its veracity. The extensive Naturome Code section next contains much further evidence for this historic edification.

Earth Life’s Evolutionary Developmental Gestation A 21st century “EarthWinian” Genesis Synthesis can then contribute this pregnant title appreciation suitably in a vital woman’s ecosmos. As many latest findings come altogether, life’s enscripted, self-organized, nested, networked, symbiotic, deeply homologous, member-group form and much more has quite taken on this maternal semblance and sense. As an Agency module below advises, one could say “the plot quickens.”

As Chap. V attests, an historic, total revision has taken place in our unawares. An olden 20th century fixation on random mutations and aimless contingences is being replaced by a self-organization, network patterns, deep homology, symbiosis and more such that an oriented, phylogenetic body, brain, cooperative development and more is traced from the earliest rudiments. (As the Nobel awardee Christian de Duve has mused, an innate fecund biochemistry seems to be “pregnant” with life and people.)

A Vectorial Rise in a Communal Personality Still another distinctive aspect found by our learned Earthumanity can enter the natural narrative. In recent years a central course has become defined by virtue of a sensory, intelligent, personified autonomy in community arises through nested scales. As VI. C: Pedia Sapience can newly report and document, the same neural acumen, proactive behavior, personality traits, and so on can be traced in kind from a minimal. invertebrate cognition to our own human gifts and faults. A further consequence is often noted as an autopoietic self-making, proactive agency. That is to say, from earliest rudiments, life becomes smarter, knowing, cerebral, mosaic, individuated, capable and more. A global capacity for a bigender EarthKinder, and maybe an EcosmoKinder, self-realization may finally become conceivable.

An Optimum Self-Selective Process Indeed, our litany need return to a celestial expanse so as to enter another salient feature. It has become sensed (see Universal Evolution) that some kind of (Darwinian) winnowing among many contingent candidates is in effect across quantum, planetary, solar system, galactic, and maybe Exocosmic scales. However as noted above a novel presence of an informative source code with a propensity to self-organize into animate, stirring systems on their ascendant way to us can be factored in. One might then ask what ecosmic quality might be selectively optimized. Within our tacit participatory scheme, it may be something like an ability to receive, decipher, comprehend, and advance its Biteracy to Iteracy genotype-like endowment.

A Familial Procreative Ecosmos As our emergent evolutionary and late historic course might close upon a geonatal fulfillment, an overall, once and future, salutary appreciation may be newly possible. A deep, innate affinity between human peoples and our celestial raiment has long been an edifying analogy, (see An AnthropoCosmic Vision). By virtue of our 2022 collective knowsphere, a real correspondence between a mother/father “parental” uniVerse and our son/daughter PediaVerse “children” becomes considerable. In essence as noted earlier the discovery of a common complementary genetic-like code and triality whole at every exemplary scale and instance provides another familial occurrence.

A Geonativity Event As a certain way to follow up all of the description so far, some manner of a globally gravid term is a vital implication.. Into this Decisive Decade, an implied parturient planet may at last be in occurrence. This lead Earth Learn essay opens by scoping out a 1990 to 2020 – 2030 to 2060 gravid span. But as apocalyptic calamities quite beset us, at a verge of world war, it is imperative that peoples, nations everywhere become able to unify this fittest, optimum Earth, and their own self-realization. Within a procreative ecosmos, we reach an issue and choice of Kinder or cinder. A prime advance would be an ability to become ethnic Earthians as planetary matriots and patriots.

A Participatory Universe As this survey may proceeds, we ought to consider if a whole temporal pattern is apparent by way, once again, of this current physics model (see Chap. III. C. 1) A long, vectorial course from an original point to an Earth-like goal is traced by an informative Biteracy code all the way to its worldwise-like Iteracy recognition. In fact, our 21st century revolution is not just about an ecosmic universe, but also an imperative place and purpose for valiant human beings and our cocreative global genius.

Ecosmo Sapiens Quantifiers One functional aspect may be to carry out and achieve its self-aware written description so to inform a new cocreation, For example, current eprint entries are Emergence of Galactic Morphologies at Cosmic Dawn (arXiv:2112.08396) and Grand Unification of Quantum Algorithms (2105.02859). We also note Numerical Relativity as a New Tool for Fundamental Cosmology by Anna Ijjas (2201.03752, one woman), The Holographic Space-time and Black Hole Remnants as Dark Matter. By Aurelien Barrau (2201.06988, one man) and Unveiling the Universe with Emerging Cosmological Probes (2201.07241) by a 30 person international team. (See the new Discovery Decade section where new ecosmic papers will be entered.) While our infinitesimal planetary and personal version might be 60 and 100 orders of magnitude less than an infinite universe, our great Earthuman acumen can yet achieve any breadth or depth of scientific quantification. We peoples and nations must decisively self-select Kinder over cinder, an aware act which Could be the Great Filter (Robin Hanson).

A Fittest EarthMost Significant Opportunity After we have altogether posted this phenomenal 2020s scenario, one more, unexpected, auspicious finding can come into play. As the Great Earth: Our Especial Bioplanet can be the Fittest, Optimum Candidate section reports, it has recently been realized that our home bioworld has successfully passed through some twenty critical tests to reach this speciesphere moment. See A. Ambrifi, R. Anand, R. Martin, and J. O’Callaghan for new 2022 entries. As a barbaric carnage against Ukrainian civilians threatens to expand into global nuclear war phase, an strong possibility accrues that our ovular-like Earthly issue in an ecosmos may be one in a quintillion to get this far. In timely regard we respectfully offer this concurrent EarthWise dispensation.

An Evolitionary CoCreative Prowess As Chapter Viii. Earth Earn: Our Open CoCreative Ecosmocene Destiny outlines, if we Earthlings may be avail an integral Sophia and Pedia sapience, we micro-ecosmic participants can take up an a second intentional stage so as to continue nature’s material and biogenetic advance. See this Chapter for a wide array of mind/matter, biohealth, enhancement, commonwealth, ecovillage, genocracy, ubuntu uniVerse, viable Gaia sustainabilities going forward.