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VI. EARTH LIFE EMERGE: Developmental Stages of Life, Mind & Self

Introduction to Section

A. The Nested Gestation of Life

1. Geological Strata

2. The Origin of Life

3. Microbial Colonies

4. The Symbiotic Cell

5. Multicellular Organisms

6. Organic Societie

7. Dynamic Ecosystems

8. Appearance of Homo Sapiens

9. A Living Planet

B. The Axial Rise of Sentience

1. Brain Anatomy and Capacity

2. Animal Intelligence and Awareness

3. A Ramifying Bicameral Brain

C. Emergent Genetic Information: DNA/AND

D. An Enhanced Individuality

E. New Parallels of Phylogeny and Ontogeny

F. Integral Persons

1. Somatic and Behavioral Development

2. Cerebral Form and Function

3. A Complementary Brain and Thought Process

4. Conscious Knowledge

5. Gender Complements

6. A Symbiotic Self

7. Archetypal Psychology

G. The Phenomenon of Humankind

1. A Cultural Code

2. Complex Human Societies

3. A Planetary Physiology

4. The Complementarity of Civilizations

5. Bicameral World Religions

6. Religion and Science

7. Macrohistory as Psychic Individuation