A Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
An Annotated Anthology Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
Table of Contents
Genesis Vision
Learning Planet
Organic Universe
Cosmic Code
Nested Evolution
Earth Life Emerge
Genesis Future
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The universe is progressing in a direction toward greater intelligence, conscious awareness, & self-understanding. The dark universe becomes gradually more lit up with consciousness. David†Grinspoon

David Grinspoon

PediaPedia Earthica, Ecosmica, Geonomica: A ProPaedia Introductory Resource as a Planetary Progeny Comes to Her/His Own Actual Knowledge and Discovery. Annual Outline Reviews and Previews Begin with a 2023 Edition.

This website resource seeks to report and document a collaborative 21st century EarthWise realization of an apparent revolutionary biological, genetic, ecosmic uniVerse whereof human beings have a central place and purpose . By 2022, it contains some 9,500 entries across 4,500 text pages, with 86 topical outline sections. A new Introduction is posted as Planatual Genesis: EarthKinder Finds a Revolutionary Procreative Ecosmos Hereditary Universe: This lead essay is followed by A Familiar Ecode: An Ecosmome to Geonome Critical Complementarity is Being Found Everywhere and PediaPedia Genomica 2025: A Procreative Ecosmic Hereditary UniVerse with an Earth Strong Future.

But a prime difference is its attribution to the 21st century occasion of an emergent evolutionary transition in individuality on a planetary scale. As a result, a worldwise sapiensphere seems to have attained a collective, cognitive knowledge on her/his own due to self-organizing contributions by peoples everywhere. In all regard, the most vital finding by our global genius is a natural genetic code which can guide a better future. Its editor, Arthur Fabel (real name), draws upon many years in scientific, environmental, and organization projects, technical writings, book editing (2004 national award), and public presentations. †

The essence of the mind is consciousness. It emerged early during evolution and ontogeny appears to follow the same process as phylogeny. The development of consciousness is a progressive, stepwise, structural and functional evolution of multiple intricate components. Nelly Padilla, Hugo Largercrantz

Nelly Padilla, Hugo Lagercrantz

Letís visualize all the people living in peace. Letís carry the clearest vision of a peaceful world. And do it with a spirit of fun and joy. War is over if you want it. Yoko†Ono

Yoko Ono

View a keynote presentation made at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic on October 14, 2005. The conference was organized by the Center for Dialogue between Science and Religion of the Cyril-Methodius Theological Faculty. An earlier version of this talk was presented at Marist College on May 14, 2005.