A Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
An Annotated Anthology Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
Table of Contents
Genesis Vision
Learning Planet
Organic Universe
Cosmic Code
Nested Evolution
Earth Life Emerge
Genesis Future
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The universe is progressing in a direction toward greater intelligence, conscious awareness, & self-understanding. The dark universe becomes gradually more lit up with consciousness. David†Grinspoon

David Grinspoon

This sourcebook documents the integral, collective EarthWise discovery of an organically developing universe, an ecosmic genesis, by way of an annotated bibliography and anthology which by 2020 contains some 8,500 entries across 3,500 text pages. Its topical outline attempts to convey this novel narrative of a quickening, numinous procreation which intends and requires human participation. In regard, we will seek both a respectful accord with traditional wisdom and how altogether we might move toward a better, peaceful, tolerant, sustainable future. A 2021 summary review has just been posted as The Book of a Genesis UniVerse CoCreation: An EarthWise Edition with a Natural Genetic Code.

As the one world logo portrays, our guiding premise is that a new composite stage of worldwide knowledge is newly emerging from the collaborative contributions of peoples everywhere. From this humankind vantage, whole Earth appears as an especially vital bioplanet coming to her/his self-discovery and cocreative destiny. Its composer, Arthur Fabel (my real name), draws on long experience in scientific, environmental, and organization projects, technical writings, book editing (2004 national award) and more. †

The implications are that human beings are much more like the cosmos than we thought when we conceived it as a dead, inert, materialistic thing.†In other words the cosmos becomes much more like us. Charles†Jencks

Charles Jencks

Letís visualize all the people living in peace. Letís carry the clearest vision of a peaceful world. And do it with a spirit of fun and joy. War is over if you want it. Yoko†Ono

Yoko Ono

View a keynote presentation made at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic on October 14, 2005. The conference was organized by the Center for Dialogue between Science and Religion of the Cyril-Methodius Theological Faculty. An earlier version of this talk was presented at Marist College on May 14, 2005.