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Great Earth 2022: A WomanWise Revolution to a ProCreative Ecosmos UniVerse and Our Especial Value

A. 2020 - 2030: An Earthality, PersonPlanet, EcoVitality, Geonativity, Awaken, Liferacy, Select Victory

B. A Naturome Code: A UniVersality of a Familial, Complementary Ecosmome to Geonome Heredity Endowment

C. 2030 – 2060: An EarthMinder, Pediasphere, GaiaVerse, Learner, Searcher, CoCreator Astropocene Era

I. Our Earthuman Edition: A 21st Century, PhiloSophia, eLibrary of eCosmos, PediaPedia Resource

A. Homo to Anthropo Sapiens: Historic Prescience

B. An Earthropo to Ecosmo Sapience Finds a Phenomenal, Independent. UniVerse to WumanVerse

C. 2020 – 2022 Collaborative EarthWise Convergent, Integrative Syntheses

II. Pedia Sapiens: A Planetary Progeny Comes to Her/His Own Actual Knowledge

A. Aboriginal Quest(ion)

1. Indigenous Intimation: Mythic Animism

2. Perennial Wisdome: An AnthropoCosmic Code

3. The Book of Naturome: A New Translation

4. World Natural PhiloSophia: An Ubuntu Universe

B. The Spiral of Science: Homo to Anthropo to Earthropo Phases

1. Earthificial Intelligence 2020: A Deep Neural Network Computation Planetary Science Begins

C. EARTH LEARNS: Our Novel Attribution to Intelligent, Self-Organizing, PersonSphere Collaborations

1. Natural Genesis Journal Resources: Thinking Like a Planet

III. Ecosmos: A Fertile, Habitable, Solar-Bioplanet Lifescape

A. Our Whole Scale EcosmoVerse Description Project

1. Quantum Cosmology Theoretic Unity

2. Quantum Organics in the 21st Century

3. Earth Alive: A GsisSphere Sustains Her/His Own Viability

4. Novel ExoUniverse Studies

B. An Animate, Encoded, Spontaneous, Oriented Procreativity

1. A Consilience of Biology and Physics: Active Matter

2. Systems Physics: Self-Organization

3. Supramolecular Systems Chemistry

4. Universal Evolution: A Celestial Expanse

C. The Information Computation Turn

1. A CoCreative Participatory UniVerse

D. Natural Econsciousness and Ecognition

E. A Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Living Systems

1. Quantum Thermodynamics

2. Cosmopoiesis: An Autocatalytic, Bootstrap Self-Made UniVerse

F. Systems Cosmology: Fractal SpaceTimeMatter

G. Anthropic, Biotropic, Earthropic Principles

H. An Astrochemistry to Astrobiological Fertility

I. ExoPlanets, Solar Systems, Habitable Zones, Biosignature Census

IV. Ecosmomics: An Independent Source Script of Generative, Self-Similar, Complex Network Systems

A. An Array of 21st Century Mathematic, Source-Script, Animate Features

1. Network Physics: A Vital Anatomy and Physiology

2. Biteracy: Natural Algorithmic Computation

3. Iteracy: A Rosetta Ecosmos Textuality

4. Universality Affirmations: A Critical Complementarity

B. Our Own HumanVerse Genome Studies

1. Paleogenomics, Archaeogenomics: Natural Ancestry

2. The Deep Affinity of Genomes and Languages

3. Whole Genome Regulatory Systems: DNA + AND

V. Life's Evolutionary Development Organizes Itself: A 2020s Genesis Synthesis

A. A Major Emergent Evolutionary Transitions Scale

B. Systems Biology Integrates: Genomes, Networks, Symbiosis, Deep Homology

C. Evoinformatics: A Biosemiotic Quality

D. Cognitive Intelligence and Relative Knowledge as a Central Advance

E. A 2020s Teleology Turn: Life’s Evomic Development of Personal Purpose

VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies

A. Common Code: A Further Report of Reliable, Invariant Principles

B. Nested Gestation of Communal Members

1. Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere

2. The Origins of Life

3. Microbial Colonies

4. Cellular Holobiont Symbiogenesis

5. Multicellular Fauna and Flora Organisms

6. Cooperative Societies

7. Dynamic Ecosystems

8. Multiple Ancestries of Homo Sapiens

C. Pedia Sapiens: Encephalization, Sensibility, Learning, Self-Realization

1. The Evolution of Cerebral Form and Cognizance

2. An Emergent Bicameral Brain

3. Animal Intelligence and Sociality

4. Organisms Evolve Rhythmic Protolanguage Communication

D. A Creative Union of Personal Agency in Critical Groupings

E. Universal Gestation: Phylogeny and Ontogeny

VII. Our Earthuman Ascent: A Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality

A. Human/Wuman Beings: Integral Microcosmic Persons

1. Systems Physiology and Psychology: Somatic and Behavioral Development

2. Systems Neuroscience: Multiplex Networks and Critical Function

3. A Complementary Brain and Thought Process

4. Conscious Integrated Information Knowledge

5. Half the UniVerse: A Woman's 2020 Wisdome

6. Our Holosymbiotic Personal Selves

B. EarthKinder: A Personsphere Progeny

1. A Cultural (Geonome) Code : Systems Linguistics

2. Complex Local to Global Network Biosocieties

3. Planetary Physiosphere: Anatomics, Economics, Urbanomics

4. A Complementarity of Civilizations

5. Bicameral World Religions

6. Contrasts of Religion and Science

7. Systems History: Personal and Planetary Individuation

VIII. Earth Earn: Our Open Participatory Ecosmocene Futurity

A. The Old World: Its Critical Life Support Condition

1. An Anthropocene to Earthropocene Moment

2. Global Climate Change as a Complex Dynamical System

B. A New Respectful Person/Planet, Local/Global Evolitionary Future

2. Mind Over Matter and Energy: Quantum, Atomic, Chemical Connectomics

3. Second Genesis: Emergent LifeKinder Proceeds to an Aware BioGenetic Phase

4. Sustainable Ecovillages: Social Protocells

5. A 2020 Complementary Genocracy: me + We = US

6. A Viable Gais: An Earthropocene Unity: Planetary Patriots and Matriots

C. Great Earth: Our Especial Bioplanet can be the Fittest, Optimum Candidate

IX. Natural Genesis 2020: A 21st Century Chapter, Section and Verse Synoptic Review

VIII. Sourcebook Glossary

IX. Recent Additions