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AnthropoCosmo Sapiens: A 2020 WomanWise Earthropic Discovery of a UniVerse to Human Epitome Code

A. 2004 Online Introduction: A Phenomenal Cosmic Revolution

I. Family Ecosmos: A MultiUniVerse to HumanVerse Procreative Spacescape

A. Homo Opus: Historic Prescience

B. Anthropo Opus: The Genesis Vision

II. A Planetary Prodigy: HumanKinder's Geonome Knowledge

A. Original Quest(ion)

1. Indigenous Intimation: Mythic Animism

2. Perennial Wisdome: An Anthropocosmic Code

3. The Book of Naturome: Cosmo Scriptura

4. A Rosetta Cosmos Literacy

5. World Philosophy: An Ubuntu Universe

B. The Spiral of Science

1. Earthificial Intelligence: Deep Learning Neural Networks

C. Mindkind Sapiensphere: A WorldWise Collective Intelligence

1. International Conferences

2. Natural Genesis Journal References

III. An Organic, Genomic, Conducive UniVerse

A. Quantum Cosmologies

1. Systems Physics

2. Quantum Complex Systems

3. Novel ExoUniverse Studies

B. An Animate Natural Genesis Ecosmos

1. Reunion of Biology and Physics: Active Matter

2. Systems Chemistry

3. Universal Evolutionism: An Astrobiological Spacescape

C. The Information Computation Turn

1. Quantum Participatory (QBism) Information

D. An Intrinsic Consciousness and Intelligence

E. A Thermodynamics of Life

1. Quantum Thermodynamics

2. An Autocatalytic Ecosmos

F. Systems Cosmology: Fractal SpaceTimeMatter

G. An Anthropic, Biotropic, Ecotropic Principle

H. Astrobiochemistry to Astrobiology

I. ExoEarths Everywhere: A Cosmic Census

IV. Cosmomics: A Genome Code Self-Organizes Everywhere

A. Natural (Genetic) Algorithms

B. Universality Affirmations: Complementary Criticality

C. Network Physics: A Cosmic Connectome

V. Systems Evolution: A 21st Century Genesis Synthesis

A. Network Systems Biology and Genetics

B. Evoinformatics: A Biosemiotic Quality

C. Evolutionary Intelligence

VI. Earth Life Emergence: A Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies

A. A Survey of Common Principles

B. A Nested Gestation of Communal Creatures

1. Geosphere and Atmosphere

2. The Origin of Life

3. Microbial Colonies

4. Cellular Holobiont Symbiosis

5. Multicellular Fauna and Flora Organisms

6. Cooperative Societies

7. Dynamic Ecosystems

8. Multiple Ancestries of Homo Sapiens

9. A Living Gaian Bio-Ecosphere

C. A Quickening Encephalization and Sensibility

1. The Evolution of Brain Anatomy and Cognizance

2. Animal Intelligence and Sociality

3. An Emergent Bicameral Brain

4. Organisms Evolve Rhythmic Protolanguage Communication

D. The Ascent of Genetic Information: DNA/AND

1. Paleogenomics, Gaiagenomics, Cosmogenomics: Natural Ancestry

2. The Deep Affinity of Genomes and Languages

3. Genome Complex Systems

E. An Enhanced Individuality

F. New Parallels of Phylogeny and Ontogeny: Universal Gestation

G. Integral Persons as Human Epitomes

1. Systems Physiology and Psychology: Somatic and Behavioral Development

2. Systems Neuroscience: Multiplex Networks and Critical Function

3. A Complementary Brain and Thought Process

4. The Advent of Conscious Knowledge

5. Gender Complements: A Woman's Wisdome

6. A Symbiotic Self

7. Archetypal Psychology

H. The Phenomenon of HumanKinder

1. A Cultural Code: Systems Linguistics

2. Complex Local and Global Societies

3. A Planetary Physiosphere: Anatomics, Economics, Urbanomics

4. The Complementarity of Civilizations

5. Bicameral World Religions

6. Religion and Science

7. Systems History: Personal and Planetary Individuation

8. A Emergent Evolutionary Transition to a Personsphere Progeny

VII. Pedia Sapiens: A Genesis Future on Earth and the Ecosmos

A. The Old Earth: Our Critical Life Support Condition

1. An Anthropocene Moment: Kinder or Cinder

2. Global Climate as a Complex Dynamical System

B. A New Creation: An Evolution to Evolitionary Singular Event

1. Mind Over Matter: A New Quantum, Atomic, Chemical Materiality

2. Second Genesis: Life Begins Again via Our Repectful Creativity

3. Positive Personal Enhancement within Community

4. Sustainable Ecovillages: me + We = US

5. An Organic, Participatory Democracy

6. A Viable Gaiasphere: Planetary Patriots

C. An Earthropic Principle: Novel Evidence About a Very Special Planet

D. Cosmocene Destiny: The Greening of the Galaxy

. XI. Occasional Writings

A. Teilhard 2015: An Affirmation of a Genesis UniVerse with a Human/Earth/Solar Phenomenon

. Anthropo Sapiens: A 2004 - 2014 Decadal Review

. Cosmo Sapiens: A 2004 - 2014 Decadal Review

. 2004 2014 Select References

VIII. Sourcebook Glossary

IX. Recent Additions