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. 2023 Preview: EarthKinder Reads a Universal Ecosmome to Geomome, Critical Complementary Endowment

As a preface, it is noted that the Planatural Genesis essay above, and the entire 4,000 page website will expand on this current chapter, section and item update reference survey. A prime aspect today is how all its 9,000 entry contens is just now coming altogether together so as to form a coherent spatial ecosmology whereof our Earth and personal selves have a temporal ecocreative significance. I write in early December when the NY Times has a How World War III will Begin op-Ed (by itself if no one acts to prevent it). These writings could take many forms, here is a latest posting to move the discussion.

The present entry is a 2018 – 2022 review and preview as an EarthSmart personsphere seems to reach a new phase of an integral convergent synthesis, as it may close on an actual discovery. This Planatural resource online since 2002 now covers 4,000 text pages with some 9,000 references across 85 sections. After the new, extensive Introduction above, here we enter another, latest survey with a current recital of its premises and rationales as a drafty, synoptic, outline proposal, so to ever gather so many aspects into natural narrative edification.

A Caveat Please recall that all this content is attributed to and drawn from a 21st century advent of a global person/sapiensphere whom might be learning and knowing on her/his own. Our premise is that such findings can be found across the scientific journals, if of a mind to allow and peruse. We record these writings are not my opinion but evidently there by themselves.


This ongoing review/preview is arranged inio several segments. It opens with a latest survey of apparent brain/mind-like cognitive qualities of a collective EarthSmart sapience. Our “second culture” Planatural PhiloSophia approach may then gather many convergent scientific aspects so as to envision an independent, abiding essence. As a main result, an array of revolutionary ecosmos uniVerse to EarthVersion features are recited as they just now reveal a unified, consistent procreative genesis. Its organic fertile, vitality arises from a self-organized, genomic-like code-script which energizes and informs a temporal course from uniVerse to us peoples.. We proceed with with a present glimpse fo a common, bigender, ciritical Naturome Ecode.

To continue, our rarest Earth has been able to support an evolutionary course of bodies, brains, intelligence, agency and selves to an extent it now appears as an episodic, unfolding, embryonic gestation. By this unique retrospect, an apparent Geonativity event at term is alluded to. But in the past few years, as Our EarthMost Occasion documents, a singular significance for our home bioplanet as a unique fittest candidate has arisen. By turns, if kinder wins over cinder, a sustainable Earthropocene era and ecocreative Ecosmocene futurity can open wide going forward.

Planatural SophiaPhilo Wisdome

Major Evolutionary Emergent Transition At the ourset, a further stage might lately be seen in occurrence as it ascends to and closes over life’s planetary personsphere. Into these years, it has taken a while to recognize this as it may only now become evident.

An EarthKinder Individuality As its Chap.V. Sect. A documents, each nested level from genes to peoples seems to take on a personal identity, often with a new genetic-like mode, as a new whole cellular grouping begins. Yes, we cite KinderKind in accord.

Global Sapiensphere As a prime consequence, an equivalent brainy facility, as it forms and proceeds, can be seen as learning, gaining knowledge, and maybe coming upon a real discovery by her/his own self-endeavor.

WholeWorld BiCameral Complementary Cognizance Such an implied, projected cerebral faculty (see Dan Graham, et al Chap. II, Sect C), ought to similarly take on archetypal discrete node and link relational phases. In this way a new, infant-like visionary encounter might accrue and occur on an KinderKind scale.

Sophia Sapiens: a Woman’s Ecosmos For these reasons, an ecological reproductive spacescape with an encoded fertility (From Eternity to Maternity) could well be viewed. As Gender Complements cites, a feminine competence uses each side join a fine acuity with a holistic, integral scene so as to achieve a meaningful witness. By another view, the olden philosophy term, aka PhiloSophia, could rightly be reversed as SophiaPhilo, so as to note the primacy of a feminine field context, before particle objects.

Going on, it is imperative that an entrenched patriarchy be fully indicted as toxic egotist madmen brutalize, enslave, silence any feminine quality. (Just read the daily Human Rights news.) Here is a fatal aberration of rapacious, barbaric violence that seems bent on a final Armageddon.

Phenomenal Knowledge To stay on message, a grand benefit would be a whole mindful ability to observe an independent existence with its own certain identity and
temporal course, (which left side men are unable to do), so tp allow this genesis vision. That is to say (as I have been told) we need to have a wherewithal to see something dynamic and formative going on by itself. Every facet of our occasion then gains a double dimension, whereof people become exemplary participants.

A Discovery Code Event For the time being, a note is made that a once and future concept that this universal presence, however vast, comes with a built-in way it is made and meant to be known by we Earthlings. Wuman and universe. microcosm and Macrocosm are one and the same as some manner of a familial ecosmos.

eLibrary of eCosmos Over the 21st century, as these qualities, features, occurrences reinforce over the 21st century, as the many topical website references attest, a worldwise edition of an open “accumulated knowledge repository” has come to envelope so as to provide an integral knowledge to guide us through. That is to say our Participatory role much involves an Iteracy Literacy achievement by way of its genetic-like hereditary code

A Procreative Family Ecosmos UniVerse

A Revolutionary Procreative Organic Ecosmos Universe We can now move on to an epochal encounter of an animate, innately fertile, “pregnant” (C. de Duve) emergent development as it altogether forms in our knowsphere midst. An olden left side, men only mode has wound up with a pointless morbidity, case closed, not even Ptolemaic. In regard, one can now gather and integrate many features and qualities that can just now be found across the literature.

But a comparison of these old and new moribund machine to an innate organic fertility views, it is important to note that our ascendant EarthVersion is distinguished by a second deep dimension of an immaterial, mathematic, genomic-like source. Particles are “pointless, “peoples” are surely not. This independent realm then carries an informative prescription so as to generate, self-organize, and impel phenotype-like phenomenal beings and becomings from uniVerse to our peopleVerse.

A Moon to MultiVerse Spacescape At this point, this 400 year historic expanse is known, in our home uniVerse, to be populated with a trillion or so galaxies, each with billions of vicarious stars. Since c. 2000, an epochal discovery of myriad stellar orrerys with some sextillion profligate global objects has occurred. A philosophia point could add that it is beginning to seem that an entire uniVerse may have a certain, knowable identity and temporal course of its own

Solar/Ovular Planetary Incubators Similarly, as the ExoEarths section reports, there are current inklings that these starry systems may have an overall conducive, life-bearing, evolutionary essence. As if sunny incubators, habitable (benign) mid-zones then favor longer-duration bioworlds (see Earth Alive) can give life a chance to evolve, develop, personify and maybe rise to become worldwise progeny.

A UniVersal Naturome Ecode

Ecosmomics: An Independent, Informative Genomic Source With an organic, fertile spacescape in place, an essential biological astro-milieu ought then be considerably graced with its own innate, genetic quality. This Chapter IV describes and documents many ways since the 1990s that such a mathematic, generative source cause has been found, quantified, explained and distilled to a common code. Thus a bigender familial form and its exemplary, omic/iconic result lately distinguishes everything and everyone with a heretofore unkonwn actual, factual image and significance.

Since the 1990s, complex adaptive systems, multiplex neural networks, cellular automata, fractal invariances, interactive agents, computational intelligences qualities have been found to infuse and inform every scale and instance from universe to us. A prime 21st century finding is that as these archetype modes (node/link, me/We) engage in communicative behaviors, they proceed to self-organize into emergent, viable patterns and processes into ensembles. In accord, a major achievement of our global genius in the 2020s is that a whole spatial and temporal recurrence in kind has been robustly proven.

In more regard, the full Natureome section next provides extensive references as this common result becomes evident over every depth and breath. A timeline from 2000 to 2015 to 2022 now defines a scientific sequence as many initial versions were clarified and melded into one iconic, biconic and triune animate unity (aka as yin/yand and Tao). These earlier years, focussed on a spatial-component complex adaptive systems phase (John Holland, Murrary Gell Mann) through to c. 2015. The node/link network theories and topologies over this period added more structural features.

However in the later 2010s, a second dynamic, reciprocal process became evident which this biological phenomena appears to seek and settle into. First cited in the 1970s by Stuart Kauffman, and the 1980s by Per Bak, one could note Dante Chialvo and Miguel Munoz (search names) today. This steady propensity has been dubbed a Self-Organized Criticality whence a temporal fluidity maintains a middle balance between more or less orderly, polar states. Altogether it seems that life knows best and prefers an active contrast between such archetypal modes for any organic or social instance.

Nature’s “sweet spot” poise. These 21st century anatomy and physiology, fractal and vitality, have been dubbed by this title (Chialvo) for this node/link, me/We, past/future golden mean. Another “Chimera” version (Anna Zakharova) is seen to reside in both phases at once. As a latest example, we cite Phase Transitions and Criticality in the Collective Behavior of Animals by Pawel Romanczuk and Bryan Daniels at (arXiv:2211.03879.) wherein Humboldt University and Arizona State University theorists conceive a convergent synthesis of these form and function proclivities. The paper will be a chapter for the 2023 Volume VII of the World Scientific series Order, Disorder, and Criticality, edited by Yuri Holovatch in Lviv, Ukraine.

Thus our historic, intended quest proceeds to gain a textual literacy (iteracy) that a natural narrative maybe written in so to discern an infinite affinity of an iconic, biconic, and triconic (yang, yin, Taome) scriptome For a specific example 2022 articles such as Self-Organized Critical Dynamics (B. Tadic, Dynamics 2/2/2022) and Universality of Functional Diversity Across Human Organizations (Vicky Yang, arXiv:2208.06487) among many more, attest to a consistent, genome-like exemplar from uniVerse to us peoples. And on this December 6, I come upon an especially apt synthetis Critical Phenomenon in Embryonic Organization by Camilla Autorino Camilla and Nicoletta Petridou in Current Opinion in Systems Biology (Vol. 31, Sept. 2022).

An Evolutionary Developmental Embryonic Gestation

With all this in place, we reach life’s Ecosmic and Earthly progression from spontaneous network origins all the way to a major planetary personsphere fultillment. From 2022, a once and future appreciation can arise in an animate, fecund, encoded procreativity. (Indeed in Darwin’s day, a popular theme was “universal gestation.”) But a 20th century study of skeletal bodies and a random modern synthesis led to its denial and demise. Nut we can now list an array of advances into a worldwise century which can reveal an oriented “genesis synthesis.”

As Chap. V enters in such detail, an informative source of a self-organizing, genetic-like code vivifies a reproductive course. By the 2020s, a nested major transitions scale of a cellular wholes extends all the way to our global resolve forms. Into this year, a new Chapter VI can describe a neural, cognitive encephalization which proceeds, thickens, learns, quickens, along with metabolism and morphology.

As this evolutionary ascent goes forth, a relative degree of individual proactive agency and behavior in cohesive groupings, aka creative union, fluoresces and flourishes. In addition, as Chap. V, D records, in 2019 the British Linnean Society and colleagues (Peter Corning, Stuart Newman) realized that it was no longer possible to ignore, or deny that a teleological, orthogenetic orientation was actually going on. (See Chapter V for many more reasons.)

An EarthWinian Celestial Optimization We make note of this broadly present selective process which has been found to extend across a natural genesis procreation. Please refer to Universal Evolution. Cosmopoiesis: An Autocatalytic, Self-Made Universe, Biteracy: Algorithmic Computation and other section for many citations. This novel feature will have major implications with regard to the Super Earth Nova and Earthernity concepts. But the question then arises as to what quality is nature’s genesis trying to select for? In some fundament way, it involves our reception and continuance of the ecosmome code program.

EarthDay, EarthYear: A GeoNativity: A 1990 – 2020s – 2060 Parturient Planet
As our Planatural Genesis introduction above notes, the website considers, life’s long evolution can take on an actual identity as an embryonic developmental gestation. As on occasion in these essays, and by reference entries lately quantify, we cite some affinities between a person (mother) and a gravid bioglobe. As one may just follow this theme, three prime features might serve. As references by Karin Schwab, Hugo Largercrantz, Jean-Pierre Changeux and others cite, it has been found that at some point in the birth/hatch process each fetus awakens from a long dream sleep to their own self-consciousness. In an oviparous case, each hatchling has had to break their shell by their own initiative. Another aspect for any organism would be the reception, in some form, of their own personal genetic complementary code.


Circa 1990s to 2015 Structural Features

As a way to express this occasion, we here trace the scientific origins, development, and a 2020s integral synthesis of self-active complexity phenomena by way of a 1990 to 2022 sequential orientation. In retrospect, this thirty year span can be sorted into 1990, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2018, 2020/2021 and 2022 phases so as to convey its divergent, convergent and now integrative fulfillment. By this late vista, a spiral transition from individuals to our present global collaborative success can be viewed.

As an apocalyptic madness and despair sets in, an intent of these new introductions is to attribute a concurrent knowledge edification to our emergent Earthuman personshpere sapience, aka a thinking and learning planet. As this website resource documents, a conceptual 21st century procreative ecosmic revolution seems underway. If of a mind to allow and view. An extant reality may then be revived from morbidity to organic life and peoples which is distinguished with an independent, informative, mathematical genetic code everywhere. Some 400 years after Galileo, a natural narrative might finally be known as written in a familial scriptomics.

1990 A subsequent major emergent evolutionary transition in individuality could be seen to begin with the end of the cold war standoff. I visited the Santa Fe Institute in 1987 where the complexity revolution was much initiated. Coincidentally an unprecedented era began whence worldwide communication, travel, and trade became increasingly possible. At the same while this epochal revision of complex, self-organizing, systems science takes of in depth and diversity. The parallel appearance of graphic computational abilities provided a vital component.

2000 Into this new century, and millennium (quite timely), personal laptop computers, faster mainframes, and Internet websites began to form an interlinked capacity. But Apple and Microsoft programs are rudimentary, Google, Amazon, et al are fledgling start-ups. The study of “nonlinear” dynamic phenomena in many guises such as complex adaptive systems, synergetics, automata, fractals, et al (see Chap. IV for an extensive survey) came to inform theoretical and experimental endeavors.

2005 Early stages of scientific publisher and academic library websites were just coming online. I still had to go to MIT to fetch paper books such as The Knowledge Grid (Hai Zhuge) and to Yale for Self-Organization and Evolution of Social and Biological Systems (Hemelrijk), This later collection was the first time that wherein entries from molecular and microbial domains to animal groups to languages began to report something similar going on at each instantiation.

2010 After a decade of interlinked hardware and software advances, along with more user access, scientific journals shifted to a paperless online presence. (My own view is that both human-scale paper and faster cyberspace modes should have been kept, especially so students. A worldwise sapiensphere began to form and intensify into billions of site content-filled sites such as encyclopedias. As this global facility stirred into a relative mind of her/his own (Daniel Graham 2021, et alia), by an evident consideration, it might be seen as commencing to learn on its (her/his) prodigious own. At this date, the presence of nature’s multiplex networks from neural to metabolic and celestial realms gained recognition.

2015 A phenomenal Ecopernican revolution enters a convergent phase of integrative synthesis. As quantum and classical systems united, astronomic raiments gained an active fertility, and life’s physiological, cellular and cognitive scales organized themselves, an independent code-script became well implied. A common informative, bigender-like source which served to form emergent vitalities could be readily distilled. Life’s symbiotic unions, and biosemiotic encodings also were also as a prime movers. In tandem, a historic advance in artificial intelligence (AI) occurred whereof brain-like neural nets were found to be a much better method.

A New Dynamic Activity Phase 2015 to 2020 to 2023

2018 A further quality could now be appreciated whence these natural patterns and processes were realized to seek and reside at a self-organized critical balance of entity and community modes. See Colloquium: Criticality and Dynamical Scaling in Living Systems by Miguel Munoz for a premier paper. At an accelerating pace, a strong recognition that an ecosmic universal genesis performs best at a dynamic bigender poise of neuron + synapse, me member + we group, DNA biomolecule + AND regulatory net, and ever on, became widely articulated.

2020/2021 As this EarthMinder intelligence may reach an epic moment of observant self-cognizance, our planetary progeny is now well informed and prepped to actually discover a natural genesis uniVerse to human/Wuman EarthVerse procreation. In accord, such a fertile organic spontaneity seems to be rooted in and spring from one, genetic-like (familial) program. A once and future UniVersality For a working word, a “Naturome” source code is dubbed as a once and future “Universality” by virtue of its whole scale recurrence. Search “Alexandria” for a December 2019 conference by this name, sponsored by the NSF director France Cordoba.

2022 At the same while that tragic horrors consume and imperil we peoples and whole Earth, by robust verifications in evidence everywhere, such a dispensation may at last be possible. As the prime references cited herein indicate, a new convergent phase distinguished by a uniVerse to humanVerse invariant scale and exemplary instance is newly evident. Here are three new, apropos citations.

Into 2022, three more significant quantifications about an optimum social preference of a member/group, conserve/create, compete/cooperate, past/future complementsarity which poise in a dynamic harmony. From Lebanon to Sri Lanka and everywhere else no guidance of how and why to live altogether exists, nor can any such basis even be imagined. Yet as these works attest, its Confucius or confusion. At this late hour, a natural, golden mean balance has at last been well proven.

As the Earth Learn 2022 introduction above, and the whole website recites, its singular edification is the presence of one, common iconic genotype-like pattern and process, form and function in kind. An archetypal array of particle/wave, DNA/AND, neuron/net, left/right brain, member/group define a bigender complementarity. Our title mentions Familial because altogether these identities make up a triality of light, genome, neorome, and so on. As Chapter IV documents, their dynamic activity is then found to prefer and reside a balanced poise between more or less order.

At this point in 2022 of real March Madness, when all degrees of senseless carnage are going on, it would serve to consider what such a concurrent UniVersality affirmation could well imply and inform. A common bigender, familial code is just coming to light which is found to be in self-similar, invariant effect across every spatial and temporal, stars to starlings, realm. By this integral verification, a true affinity between micro-ecosmic wuman beings and the entire macro-ecosmic procreative spacescape is becoming evident. As tradition has long averred, the whole, infinite uniVerse and our infinitesimal epitome are indeed one and the same.

The full current reference list for each chapter and verse herein was first posted in July 2021. As contributions which add to, fill in and verify appear apace, we have added bimonthly lists of select entries going forward.

This next citation litany is entered to display how into the 2020s and 2023 an inherent presence of active, critically poised, self-organized conditions and behaviors across a widest universe to me/We = US phases are becoming consistently quantified.

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