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A Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
Table of Contents
Genesis Vision
Learning Planet
Organic Universe
Earth Life Emerge
Genesis Future
Recent Additions

Pedia Sapiens 2020: An Emergent EarthKinder Learns on Her/His Own

A. A WorldWise Revolutionary Discovery of a Family OvoGenesis Ecosmos

B. Geonate: Earth Life's Evolutionary Gestation at its 1990 - 2050 Nativity Event

C. Cosmonate: A Planetary Progeny can Read and Receive the Parental Naturome Code

D. Great Earth Opus: me + We can be Fittest People, Planet, and a Self-Chosen Cosmos

E. A Phenomenal New Future as Endowed Co-Creator Children

F. Pediapedia: A Human UniVerse Geonome Project Initiative