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. UniVersal Genesis 2021: Our Earthuman Discovery of a CoCreative Family Ecosmos with a Naturome Code: A 21st Century Revolutionary Review

This working title gathers several main aspects of an on-going worldwise learning experience by our present Earthuman sapiens. Its topical terms will be introduced in I. Natural Genesis of the fourth section herein. The Natural Genesis 2020 Vision chapter will then contain a narrative overview essay.

In broad regard, this new introduction will survey the many transitions, revisions, advances syntheses and discoveries which have occurred from 2000 to 2021. But a great difference is tha their occasion may now be attributed to an emergent global sapiensphere, which could be seen as coming to her/his own knowledge. This online annotated anthology website since the early 2000s is thus posted as a place to orient, gather, inform, and document these revolutionary findings. Our intent is to respectfully convey and communicate an actual ecosmic genesis uniVerse in our revolutionary midst whereof great Earth and Wuman beings have a central place and purpose.

Again, the Natural Genesis phrase is meant to represent life’s evolutionary development seen as an embryonic gestation, a prevalent view in Charles Darwin’s own day. In contrast to an olden contingent mutate and select scheme, sans any direction, Earth life gains a self-organized, complex network, genotype-like source code and a teleological course to our own beingness. Our current title now cites a UniVersal Genesis because 20 years later an encompassing Earthuman sapience has indeed found and quantified a familial procreation which recurs and repeats at each and every instance and stage.

As this Earthwise endeavor proceeds by way of online journals (section II. C. 2), ebooks, websites, conferences and more, it appears to take on a life, mind and written witness of its own. A working interactivity between persons and such an EarthKinder seems in effect as we might altogether learn, know, discover and prevail going forward. Today with some 8,500 entries across 85 sections and 3,500 text pages, our wish is to scope out an accumulated eLibrary of eCosmos repository that our imperiled Earthome urgently needs to salve and sustain a much better future. One example would be all the biomedical information now being fed back to vaccinate and protect the brave beings from which it arose.

In this global moment, the six years since the 2014 Anthropo and Cosmo Sapiens reviews (see below) have been an intense, productive span with many collaborative, convergent advances. Moving along, we now propose a further Earthomo and Ecosmo Sapiens identity to convey its wide and deep, macro to micro, universe to wumanverse content (see Glossary), this bidecadal review courses from prime highlights to a topical shorter and longer chapter and section exposition. An additional Earthomo Sapiens resource below then enters a 2020 update for each unit along with a quote and references. With regard to the whole site, each every subject section comes with a new introduction and especial citations.

Universal Genesis 2021 Introduction Contents

1. Website Premise and Discovery Promise Highlights
2. An Initial Earthomo Sapience and Participatory Ecosmos Notice
3. Natural Genesis Chapter Outline Synopsis
4. Topical EarthWise Features and EcosmosWise Findings Review
5. A Longer Chapter and Section New Evidence Reportage
6. Earthomo Sapiens 2020: A Whole Outline Capsule Update

1. Website Premise and Discovery Promise Highlights

We open with a glimpse of some whole scale presence that may just be possible by our global mindkinder cognizance. As this new 2021 introduction notes, our task engages the vital concept that a greater phenomenal reality which involves exemplary human beings does necessarily exist on its independent own.

1. An Emergent EarthWise Personsphere
From our global vantage, since circa 1990 some manner of evolutionary transition in individuality seems to be in occurrence over this finite globe. A prime, quite familiar aspect is its consequent formation of a cerebral sapiensphere. Into the 2020s, this mindkinder faculty could be seen as attaining her/his own knowledge. In regard, such an occasion would provide a novel, beneficial edification which we so need.

2. A 21st Century Double Ecosmic and Earthuman Revolution
As a result, an historic revision of what kind of greater extant reality this existence may be is underway. This resource website is thus intended to report and document this epic occasion. As often noted, the old (male) mindless, mechanical, accident scheme is being set aside for an actual organic (feminine) developmental procreation. In respect, a double domain of a mathematical source and its universal, phenotypic manifestation has become apparent. By way of its temporal course, human beings and this special planet can regain a central place and purpose.

3. One Universal Complementary Naturome Code
We can now highlight what may be the most significant finding of our Earthwise witness. By way of global scientific studies and their recent convergent synthesis, this independent program code has come to take on a common bicameral format which is in exemplary presence everywhere. In some genomic way, it is composed of two main parts or modes which appear as an archetypal gender-like complementarity. Chapter IV. Ecosmomics provides its main exposition. One might cite particle + Wave = Light, node + link = Network, DNA + AND = Genome and ever on.

A latest finding is that nature’s vivifying agency prefers in every instance to reside at a “sweet spot,” middle way balance, in both reciprocal states at once. IV. A. 4 Universality Affirmations offers many references about this familial phenomena. Its salutary value today would to inform a nation and world being torn apart by their mutually destructive, polar opposition. Rather than conserve vs. create, regress or progress, warrior vs. worrier, Republican individualism or Democratic community, nature’s resolve of me + We = US could reveal these halves are complementary gender archetypes.

4. A Genesis Evolutionary Synthesis
As this up front premise and promise review moves from a global acuity learning on her/his own, a conducive ecosmos, and its genomic hereditary, we next highlight this radical revision, as Chapter V. reports. After some 160 years, life’s Earthly development is no longer due to a random mutate and select scheme alone. Rather into the 21st century, by way of a nested, emergent scale, an encoded self-organization, reticulate nets, symbiotic cells, and much more, the whole albeit fitful passage is increasingly taking on an evidential semblance as an oriented embryonic gestation.

5. Our Earthmost Opportunity in a Participatory Universe
In the past (Ptolemaic) version, a “Copernican” mediocracy principle says Earth is nothing special in a multiversal spacescape. However in a temporal cocreative genesis, as VIII. C An Earthropic Principle explains, an incredible alternative is just beginning to dawn. Our worldwise cocreative presence is the result of a rarest confluence of many cosmological to climatic features. Our home bioplanet might be the fittest optimum to get this far.

A relevant feature of this open frontier is that we Earthlings, no matter how infinitesimal, can yet have qualities of Ecosmic prowess and import. In respect, another 2010s Earthwise advance is the technological advent of unlimited material and biological cocreative capabilities. As if a second singularity, nature’s procreativity can pass to an intended stage, so it seems, of our evolutionary intention. While old superpower west vs. east nations rattle nuclear sabers, such a radical Earthica destiny offers another opportune dispensation.

2. An Initial Earthomo Sapience and Participatory Ecosmos Notice

In some working draft form, we are trying to gather, arrange and convey a large amount of human/Wuman and UniVerse content which our home fraught bioworld urgently needs and a natural ecosmos genesis seems to be finding.

An Earthuman Cognizance Here is a further orientation to our apparent 21st century worldwise occasion.

1. An emergent evolutionary transition in individuality may be currently underway by which to consider the presence of a humankinder personsphere
2. A 2000 - 2021 most evident consequence is the formation of a global sapiensphere faculty and knowledge repository
3. A further aspect is a perception that our human-Earth reciprocity appears to be coming to her/his own natural philoSophia discovery
4. In contrast to prior denials, this mindkinder cognition can begin to realize an extant phenomenal genesis reality which we bigender peoples exemplify.
5. For these reasons, a 21st century vital revolution from a mindless machine to an organic procreation with its own ecosmomic code is occurring in our midst.

A CoCreative Family Ecosmos with a Naturome Code We continue with a select list of epochal, definitive scientific advances.

1. An epochal ecosmic revision is its propensity to form myriad contingent planetary objects in dynamic stellar orbits with conducive habitable zones
2. Nature’s materiality has been found to have an innate fertile essence which spontaneously develops into biochemical precursors for life’s evolutionary course
3. By virtue of this organic essence, a companion mathematical source code domain has been quantified as it lately takes on a guise of an ecosmic genotype.
4. Into the 2020s, a one code universality of complex adaptive systems, node/link neural networks, DNA/AND genomes is in effect from quantum to galactic realms.
5. Life’s deep evolution of bodies, brains, and selves, along with intelligent behavior and informed communication lately appears as an oriented developmental gestation.
6. A temporal, participatory uniVerse to wumanVerse, biteracy to iteracy, passage can outline and track an ascendant cocreative course.
7. An Earthmost opportunity to be the fittest, optimum candidate ovoworld going forward.

3. Natural Genesis Outline Chapter Synopsis
This annotated anthology resource has been broadly sorted into eight sequential Chapters so to build a case for a procreative Ecosmos to Earthmost discovery and destiny. As a caveat up front, in order to convey and express a copious array of content, this new introduction proceeds from shorter listings to longer chapter and section surveys. We begin with a brief capsule for these main topical parts.

Part I. A Natural Genesis 2020 Vision broaches an intregal narrative which may just now be possible. A draft title is A Wuman UniVerse as a way to view an Ecosmos to Earthmost familial procreative scenario.

Part II. Earth Learn: A Planetary Prodigy covers past and present scientific studies and natural philosophies as they presently may reach a global brain cognizance.

Part III. Ecosmo Sapiens: An Organic Habitable UniVerse describes and documents a fertile, astrobiochemical, energetic, encoded, life-friendly, developmental spacescape. Of especial note, an ecosmic propensity to form myriad bioplanets in solar incubators will be viewed.

Part IV. Ecosmomics: Complex Network Systems can now report and reference the many conceptual, mathematic ways that an implied biological UniVerse to Earthverse genotype-like code has been identified, deciphered and lately found to present an exemplary universality.

Part V. Systems Evolution: A 21st Century Genesis Synthesis moves on to fill in and flesh out Earth life’s consequent quickening gestation. Herein self-organizing agencies, a major transitions scale, symbiosis, neural networks, deep homologies and much more come together to make this case.

Part VI, Earth Life Emergence is a multi-part unit meant to show how each geo-bio-noos-sphere manifest phases have been found to exemplify a common complementary code. Its content runs from life’s bionetwork origins and colonial microbes to a nested scale of intelligent, communicative creatures in supportive groupings and fractal ecosystems.

Part VII, Earthomo Sapiens: An Emergent Transition in Individuality arrives at our personal and planetary issue to again report how every aspect of our local and global lives are also evidently due to a natural genomic and geonomic proscriptive code source. By way of this 21st century revolution, our temporal Earthling phase returns to a central, participatory, cocreative relevance.

VIII. Pedia Sapiens: A New Genesis Future considers, at a moment of Old World life-support urgency, a number of ways that an informed, unified bioplanet might achieve a peaceable ecovillage sustainability. With this resolve in place, as it must be, A New CoCreation can envisions an open, evolutionary frontier, maybe as a second singularity. Finally, Earthropic Principle and EarthOva sections scope out a wider considerable identity as a fittest, optimum Ecosmic candidate.

4. Topical EarthWise Features and Ecosmos Findings
With this outline preview in place, we move on to 2021 to a longer synoptic description for each chapter and section. We once more note its conceptual basis as due to a global sapiensphere which seems to be coming to her/his own knowledge. Along with an organic ecosmos revolution, again the natural genesis feature of most salutary relevance is a universally effective genomic code with bigender complements set in an optimum reciprocal balance.

I. A Natural Genesis 2020 Vision
As another initial survey and orientation, we offer these capsule definitions for the lead title terms and phrases.

UniVersal Genesis: Our Natural Genesis phrase from 2000 is expanded to convey many evidential findings since of an invariant mathematical, complementary code in effect everywhere. The letter V is capitalized to imply its narrative conveyance.

2021: This momentary year is notable not only for a pandemic, political chaos and climate change, but as when our Earthomo sapience project seems to have reached a sufficiently wide and deep scientific proof of this organic procreation.

WorldWise: A composite word for the emergent global transition to an Earthuman sapiensphere faculty which lately appears to be coming her/his own natural informative script and numinous knowledge.

Discovery: A certain word to designate that it may be possible, indeed necessary, by our novel faculty to find out what this extant reality may, in fact, actually be and become. As explained across the site, it seems made and meant for our edification.

CoCreative: A coinage to signify that in a participatory universe to wumanVerse genesis, a copious, novel array of material and biological abilities can imply and inform our EarthKinder continuance.

Family Ecosmos: A phrase to represent both an epic revision to a conducive organic presence, and to then provide and fulfill a macro to micro, heaven to Earth, parental mother/father to son/daughter childern image and identity.

Naturome Code: A phrase to convey that a genesis essence comes with its own ecomomic to geonomic endowment. As a result, this wumanwise realization can at last identify the actual edifying language that nature’s scriptome is written in.

21ST Century Revolutionary: So to designate that over the past two decades due to a global sapience, an historic advance from a moribund mechanism to a fertile procreative reality, unbeknownst until now, is being achieved in our midst.

II. Earth Learn: A Planetary Prodigy Comes to Her/His Own Knowledge

Now we can enter a further exposition by which a 21st century genesis revolution can become evident. In accord, we cite a new 2021 identity by way of an Earthomo Sapiens title. Since each nested stage is composed of diverse members within a supportive whole, this name can signify a mutual Earthuman (new word) reciprocity between each person and a planetary prodigy. As a result, the pursuit of scientific knowledge appears to have shifted from individuals and groups to a dynamic phase of instant, daily, international collaborations.

A 2000 – 2021 Moment: Into this new century and a millennium now two decades on, we seem to have reached a spherical, climactic, transformative event. Along with the perils and promise, a further aspect into the 2020s is that worldwide research postings are beginning to attain their own collective breadth and depth of scientifically credible veracity.

Personsphere: Accordingly, a further emergent evolutionary transition on the way to a super-organic individuality may be underway. But up front we do not mean a homogenous globalization. Rather as scoped out in VIII. B. 4 Ecovillages, a next practical phase would rather be equitable social protocell communities. (Just as the Mars Rover landed in a suspected area of original “microbial mat” protocells, some three billion years or so later on Earth this autonomous formation may be life’s intended further frontier.)

Sapiensphere: As another aspect, a consequent feature in our daily midst is a whole world, bilateral brain/mind cognizance which could presently be seen as learning and coming to her/his own salutary, procreative Knowledge. Within the major transition model, its formation is in fact due to a reciprocal interactivity between this nascent Earthomo phase and all our human member contributions.

Knowledge Repository: As a result, its accessible online, billion website content now constitutes a vast informative, accumulated resource. One might imagine an eLibrary of eCosmos, wherein for example, biomedical advances can be stored and fed back to cure pandemics.

Natural PhiloSophia: This original pursuit can be availed once more by way of marrying a left brain fine focus with right side holistic images, so to allow and perceive a phenomenal organic uniVerse to wumanVerse naturome genesis. In the present mode the parts can be seen but their equally real interconnections remain invisible.

Sophia Sapiens: Another imperative notice is that some 500 years of scientific studies have been almost totally male in practice. If we are ever to survive and thrive, only a consummate whole brain, mellows and fellows, faculty so as to attain a feminine wisdome can save us.

Altered Awareness: An awakened person/planet 2020 visionary sentience, a new dawn of light and life, is here evoked whence we ethnic Earthlings might see, read, learn, stop fighting and begin anew. By a Geonate allusion, this might be the analogous moment when a neonate wakes up from the long development pregnancy.

A Phenomenal Presence: A prime conceptual advance is that this existence need be cognitively realized to have its own familial, reproductive essence from which we Earthlings emerge and manifestly exemplify.

A Real Discovery: By virtue of all the above, so to record that it may actually be possible to find out what this existence is about and trying to become. As tradition long knew, an integral affinity between the macro uniVerse and our micro Earth presence provides a key correspondence. As an incredible scenario dawns whence an ecosmic genesis seems to require its own self-realization by a fittest planetary species, it ought to come with a common, intelligible code for this purpose. This website is an attempt to identify and communicate.

III. Ecosmos: A 21st Century Revolutionary Organic Habitable UniVerse
After this recitation of a nascent planetary identity, we can begin to consider the many natural ecosmic aspects of what our global Earthropic genius may indeed be finding.

A Double Revolution: For these many reasons, an actual genesis universe can now be well perceived, substantiated and put in place. The past mechanical, barren, aimless accident is being replaced by an animate procreative spacescape with its own ecosmomic uniVerse to WumanVerse code. A temporal, developmental gestation on optimum bioworlds proceeds on its quickening course wherever possible. In notable regard, our fittest Earth is returned to a central place and purpose.

An Organic Essence: An ecosmic substantial materiality has been found to possess an innately self-organizing, complexifing, networked, astro-biochemical fertility. As the Nobel chemist Christian de Duve famously said: The universe seems to be pregnant with life.

A Profusion of Planets: A most prominent discovery of late is a natural propensity to form all manner of planetary objects in solar systems. As if stellar incubators, a middle, conducive, habitable band can form wherein candidate bioworlds can give rise to evolutionary life, mind and persons.

Earth Alive: Our very special, home bio-eco-ovo sphere is now proven to have maintained favorable mineral, oceanic, and atmospheric conditions for life’s evolution for over a billion years.

Universal Evolutionism: Along with an array of encoded self-organizing energies, a Darwin-like natural selective process seems to be in effect even across an ecosmic spacescape by way of many contingent galactic, solar and planetary candidates. This is a certain aspect that our global philoSophia endeavor is still in a process of figuring out. In regard, some self-making, bootstrap, autocatalytic agency provide an orienting guidance.

A Generative Ecosmomic Code: As these shorter and longer chapter surveys record, a radical double domain instead of a single sleep has now been well identified with informational and computational genotype-like qualities.

IV. Ecosmomics: A Survey of Genomic Complex Network System
This two part chapter records a central feature of the revolution from a moribund single sleep to an organic, developmental beingness by virtue of a familial genetic code. The first half covers diverse mathematical encounters which by theory and test are able to articulate, qualify and express this programmic achievement. We note that into the 2010s every realm from quantum to metabolic, neural and social media has proceeded by way of network topologies and complex dynamics to redefine itself in an exemplary fashion. The second part then surveys the multi-faceted field of whole genome studies as sequencing abilities spread across personal genomes, ethnic migrations, ancient forebears and onto all creatures. Moreover, by 2021 a grand, convergent distillation to one commonly evident codification has occurred, mostly unnoticed or clarified, which appears to have this litany of features:

Two Archetypal Component Parts: In every quanta to persona to astra realm, complex adaptive systems are composed of dual particle, dot, digital, node, DNA entity modes and wave, connect, link, analog AND group relations.

Complementarity: These prototypical identities occur as mutually reciprocal, coincident opposites. Altogether they form a common, symbiotic cellular triality which could be dubbed as me + We = US.

Universality: This mathematical source program is now found to be manifestly evident at each and every scale and instance from a fractal spacescape to literary and societal discourse. As ancient wisdom foretold, a single source code does indeed exist and proceed as an infinite repetition in kind everywhere.

An Ecosmomic Genetic-like Code: This bigender, whole family epitome can then gain a phenomenal identity as uniVerse to wumanVerse genomic endowment. We want ot make note that this 2021 realization could be the premier discovery achieved by our EarthKinder progeny. Its natural complementarity could set aside and replace the entrenched polarities that currently confound us.

An Optimum, Middle Way Attractor Poise: A later 2010s finding is that this dual informative operation appears to have a deep propensity to seek and reside at a dynamic balance between each component state. In regard, a best cerebral, cardiac, psychic and so condition seems to be a mutuality of both halves at the same time. A familiar physical example is a light beam composed of particles and wave.

V. Systems Evolution: A 21st Century Genesis Synthesis
A major revision of life’s emergent development from earliest origins to our prodigious retrospect is much underway. Among many expansive, procreative additions are self-organizing agencies, a nested transitions scale, deep homology of bodies and brains, epigenetics, symbiotic unions, proactive behaviors, informed intelligence, associative learning and much more. The past modern synthesis by random mutation and selection alone can hardly contain or explain any of this. Altogether life’s long evolution, albeit meandering, course now increasingly appears an oriented quickening gestation. This large chapter itself opens with extensive definitions of these conceptual renovations, which are then backed up by hundreds of references.

VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brains, Selves and Societies
With a subtitle of Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies, this multi-part chapter intends to show how the generic archetypal complements can be seen in exemplary, self-organized, network effect at every episodic stage. It opens with a further survey of common features gathered from this formative appearance everywhere. A scalar sequence is then traversed from land, sea and air environs, to life’s original occasion, a nested symbiosis of cellular wholes, cooperative benefits, fractal ecosystems, and all the way to creaturely, hominid groupings. The chapter continues to report on a relative cerebral, communicative intelligence as this prime capacity rises and flourishes. A central trend thus becomes an enhanced free individuality as ontogenies and phylogenies are indeed proven to track each other.

VII. Earthuman Sapiens: A Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality
As this 2021 introduction continues to show how a revolutionary ecosmomic code can be seen in exemplary effect at each and every phase of an evolutionary gestation, the narrative moves on up to its manifest epitome in our own homocene to anthropocene to Earthropocene ascendance. This chapter title, by reference to the major transitions scale, is composed of two main sections. A. Human/Wuman Beings considers our personal selves, whom by this late vantage can be appreciated as more of a microcosmic image (aka iconic, biconic, triconic) than ever before. B. EarthKinder: A Personsphere Progeny then reviews the distinctive linguistic, biosocial, urban metabolic, bicameral civilizations, and onto an historic individation of a convergent, maybe gravid geonatal, progeny.

A. Human/Wuman Beings: Integral Microcosmic Persons
In this extensive survey and passage from life’s deep, intrinsic origins across an episodic developmental emergence we have seen so far how the universal complex network systems are manifestly evident in a genomic way at every prior stage and instance. This next section continues to report how the universal bigender complementarity in its iconic particulate, nodal (male) and relational, connected (feminine) modes are once more in procreative play in all aspects of our own phenomenal personification.

In Integral Human Persons will consider how human beings appear as a true microcosmic exemplar, now set in a temporal procreation. The seven subsections span our individual formation and growth from infancy of bodily self-organization, cerebral cognizance and behavioral mores and onto informed awareness, iconic gender identities, and a novel symbiotic selfhood. A final module will review a lifelong psychic course of individuation as we may realize ourselves as vital participants in an ecosmic self-realization.

B. EarthKinder: A Personsphere Progeny
The first four sections of Part VI, Earth Life Emergence, documented how common, genome-like self-organizing forms and functions underlie, impel and distinguish a nested evolution from original conceptions to a viable biosphere. Integral Persons contained much evidence for bigender individuals as active, reciprocal exemplars of and participants in a self-making Earthly and Ecosmic genesis.

A further, sequential transition seems to be going on to an integral super-organic phase as if a planetary progeny. Earth is a finite globe which serves to compress our hyper-interconnected humanity into a whole somatic and cerebral physiosphere, along with a collaborative knowledge, and fledgling self-identity. This multipart section covers aspects of a linguistic cultural code, human societies as complex adaptive systems, a worldwide anatomy and metabolism, east/west and south/north bicameral civilizations, as also evident in world religions. The stage is then set to consider, in retrospect, how the long travail of world macrohistory may appear as a relative psychic individuation.

VIII. Pedia Sapiens: A New Genesis Future
After a resource review over seven prior UniVersal Genesis chapters, we can now turn from past and present and begin to sight a better way ahead. In this brief compass, we introduce its four main sections as they report and consider a diverse array of aspects and possibilities.

A. The Old World: Its Critical Life Support Condition
Of course it is imperative to open with a tsunami, avalanche or blizzard, to use climate terms, of many daunting perils. But as a February 2021 instance, even viral pandemic now seems to be mitigated and contained by a concerted avail of global biomedical knowledge. This website is an attempt to open such windows and doors so to inform and educate and offer novel options such as ecovillages.

B. A New CoCreation: A Singular Wumane Evolitionary Advance
In respect, we here gather good signs, novel abilities and practical examples for the imperative readjustments into the 2020s and hopefully to a 22st century if there is to be one. After a sample of promising technological breakthroughs, an emphasis is on the achievement of intentional, equitable communities via a symbiotic reciprocity of liberated persons. A large closing section is then about ways to attain a sustainable Gaiasphere.

C. An Earthroppic Principle: Novel Evidence for a Special Planet
After some 8,500 annotated references over 3,500 pages, our Natural Genesis exercise reaches this most considerable, unexpected finding. With a confluent litany of seventeen to twenty check points, all of which broke in our favor, this precious Earth winds up as a fittest, optimum candidate, which is potentially able to come to its own senses.

D. EarthOva 2021: An Ecosmocene Destiny
At last our future frontiers open upon multiversal infinities. This new title is a composite of a stellar Supernova and James Lovelock’s 2019 book Novacene. It is proposed for the moment in a self-creative genesis universe when a rarest Earthmost sapience may gain a state of aware conscious knowledge and evolutionary cocreativity.

5. A Longer Chapter and Section New Evidence Report
As this 2021 introduction seeks to build its case and convey significant contents, it has proceeded from simpler to more detailed litanies. We next post a sentence to paragraph length chapter and verse Earthuman contributions.

I. A Natural Genesis 2020 Vision
Please refer at this point to the shorter Title Term glossary above, and to this full website chapter for a narrative essay exposition to date.

II. Earth Learn: A Planetary Prodigy Comes to Her/His Own Knowledge
While the shorter scope tabulated an array of definitive features, here we further discuss several developing, pertinent attributes of a learned noosphere.

The founding premise of this annotated anthology of scientific advances is the 21st century emergent presence of a global sapiensphere faculty, a worldwise, collective intelligence which has commenced to learn and discover on its (her/his) own. By an occasion as a major evolutionary transition, which we dubbed Earthomo, aka Earthuman sapiens, this late phase is not to be a globalized populace. Rather it should be understood as composed of an interactive reciprocity, an intelligble symbiosis of value to both person and planet. (We will often recite this EarthKinder identity and attribution to make sure that the many findings do not come across as due interpretation.) Here are a series of cognitive and conceptual aspects that might serve to enhance our Earth-Human reciprocity.

It is worth our recall that just 20 years ago there was hardly an internet with websites, social media, Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, or much of anything. Online journals, ebooks, library catalogs did not exist. In 2005, I went Yale to get a paper copy of Self-Organization of Social and Biological Systems (Hemelrijk), and to MIT to fetch The Knowledge Grid (Zhuge). Only by 2010 did scientific journals begin to appear online, but with accessibility issues.

Today of course, we could not get along without the instant availability of everything imaginable. As we proceed into the 2020s, spurred by the pandemic, open access has become the rule. Instead of a year or more wait for an article to be published (as I have done), one’s work can be posted in a day. In two decades, a whole scale transformation of our intellectual knowledgeable milieu has occurred. No longer as isolate individuals, or local groups, now diverse intercontinental teams can communicate and collaborate. Many folks now have to work at home, but can participate in video meetings, view and contribute to global conferences, share information each day, and so on. A theoretical explanation for this noosphere occasion has been proposed as a further radiation and influence of nature’s universal self-organizing complex adaptive network systems source code.

Another Natural Genesis premise has been that a major emergent evolutionary transition of worldwise proportions is well going on in our midst. As the site V.A section with this name reports, each nested phase is seen to achieve a new level of relative individuality. As a working draft, we enter personsphere and sapiensphere, see the Global Glossary for other coinage. We also cite Earthomo and Earthuman, after homo and anthropo, to convey an actual me member and We group interactive communal so to reach an US reciprocity that distinguishes each subsequent stage.

Another important aspect and capability can accrue. Our precocious global genius could well be appreciated as coming to learn and know by her/his own self. As an example, the physics eprint site arXiv.com posts hundreds of entries from astrophysics to mathematics and biology each day. One might well consider that this activity has taken on a self-reinforcing life and mind of its own. See, e.g., The Emergence of Higher-Order Structure in Scientific and Technological Knowledge Networks by T. Gebhart and R. Funk (arXiv:2009.13620).

As a result, a Collective Intelligence has been noted in effect, see Supermincs (2018) by Thomas Malone, and a new journal by this title. An actual semblance of an global brain has also been described (Francis Heylighen, et al). Moreover, an “accumulated knowledge repository,” a digital/analog library accessible to farmers in Iowa and India, has come to envelop the round globe. Anyone can ask a question and receive an informative answer. (how many moons does Neptune have = 14). Indeed, this worldwise scientific and medical acumen is presently being fed back by way of epidemic models, targeted vaccines and more so to heal the viral pandemics that beset the very beings from which it arose.

The Spiral of Science Some 170 entries in this section convey how homo and anthropo investigative endeavors seem to trace a collaborative transit to a risen Earthuman phase. As an example, a typical astrophysics eprint (2012.07778) could be A Holistic Review of a Galactic Interaction by authors in the USA, Italy, Japan, France and Canada. See also The Fundamental Connections between the Solar System and Exoplanetary Science (2012.11628) with 10 coauthors as our kindermind begins to search a celestial neighborhood. Each day, many more papers proceed to consider, so it seems, every depth and breadth of atomic to astronomic environs. As scientists peruse this daily wealth of frontier literature so as to add new contributions, our valiant Earthomo experience appears to be coming to her/his own cognizance.

III. Ecosmos: A Revolutionary Organic Habitable UniVerse
With a preamble and orientation in place, this multi-faceted chapter proceeds to scope out a dynamic, expansive spacescape which seems to becoming ever more lively and fertile as we proceed two decades into the 21st century. In regard, we cite several main features starting with an epochal consilient, Earth centric revolution.

Mechanic to Organic Revolution: Once more for these reasons, a phenomenal genesis universe is being much perceived in our midst. An olden mechanical, aimless accident is replaced by an organic, personified, ecosmomic developmental procreation which gives a participatory Earth and wumanity a central place and role.

Unifications: As many scientific fields truly joined forces, a distinct encoded, self-auto-creative identity has become evident. Main instances are a quantum cosmology integrity across these widest scales, a cross-integration of micro quantum and macro classical (which are malleable terms) phases, and a vital (re)union of physics and biology, ground and figure, as each mode has come to intersect and inform each other.

Quantum Cosmology Since the 1990s, the two infinities of quantum atomic depths and whole cosmic breadth were found to be intertwined at a singular point of origin. A necessary integral wholeness harks back to David Bohm in the 1980s. By 2020, a deep theoretical convergence is braced by experimental evidence such as from the ESA Planck satellite. An inflationary onset, with residual contentions, has largely been supported.

Quantum and Classical Phases Unify A companion synthesis through the 2010s has been an erasure of the old micro quantum and macro classical barrier as each phase became more theoretically understood. This on=going synthesis has been cited as a “second quantum revolution” because this once arcane realm is now treatable, e.g., by neural networks as a self-organizing complex critical system. In addition, quantum phenomena now seem in effect across biological and psychological domains. See III.A. 3 Quantum Organics for much more.

Physics and Biology Become One: A salient aspect since 2000 when an initial biology paper (Eshel Ben Jacob) appeared in a physics journal, has been a growing cross-assimilation between statistical, condensed matter, many body physics and evolutionary organismic biology. In regard, nature’s substantial material is increasingly seen to possess fertile, self-organized spontaneities. Circa 2010, these vitalities became known as “active matter” due to agencies at work across colloidal, protein, and cellular processes. Scale-free multiplex networks are likewise in distinctive presence everywhere so as to flesh out an anatomy and physiology.

MultiUniVerse Scapespace Some 400 years after Gailieo’s moon, our homo to Earthomo sapience has vastly expanded our celestial raiment to a trillion stellar galaxies within an integral universe 200 billion light years in size and 13.8 billion years in duration. By this late 2020, a theoretical admission of spatial and temporal exoUniverses, along with inklings of their detection has been achieved. As outline sections engage, by this vast multiversal scenario, the unique, life-friendly ecosmos in which we find ourselves can gain a special significance which involves our Earthmost contribution.

A Profusion of Planets: But the most radical revision since 1995 has been experimental findings of an inherent propensity to form all manner of orbital objects as solar systems form by way of proto-planetismal accretive processes. While long anticipated but undetected before the 1990s, the innate presence of stellar orrerys now seems to be a definitive feature. Current estimates run to a quintillion and beyond.

Habitable Zones: A further perception is that sunny star – global member arrays appear to wind up with a middle band of relatively benign thermal, geochemical, aqueous, gaseous conditions so that life-favorable atmospheres can envelope for extended time spans. A conducive G yellow dwarf kind as our sun is vital to foster conducive conditions for life’s evolutionary development.

An Organic Essence: We now get into the 21st century ecosmic revolution which appears much underway due to our novel personsphere sapience. By a 2020 vision, a centuries old mechanical, sterile, aimless accident version due to men only is at last being replaced by an organic, conducive, encoded, evolutionary natural genesis. A consequence of a fertile developmental procreation is to again achieve a central location and signifiance for planet Earth and human persons. For these reasons, we simply put an “e” in front of cosmos to give an ecological distinction. See also Astrochemical and Astrobiological Fertility, and Origins of Life.

Great Earth Alive: After years of debate, the Gaia vision/theory of an animate planet graced by biospheric self-maintaining processes for a billion years in a homeostatic fashion has been well confirmed. It is now an accepted basis for Earth Systems Science whereby this ecoworld can rightly be considered as a viable, metabolic organism. Its latest, 21st century phase, as Vladimir Vernadsky and Pierre Teilhard foresaw, is an enveloping, brain-like noosphere. Our guise as an informed personsphere can then take up its remedial sustainability going forward.

An Information Computation Turn: Another major shift and expanse by way of an Earthomo acumen is the realization of a second, immaterial dimension which acts in some guise as an informative source code program. While the old mechanical scheme has been dubbed a “single sleep,” this actual organic reality thus gains a genetic-like doubleness. Here may be the most significant difference, as the Ecosmomic chapter will scope out and attest to. (And “mom” is rightly put back in the picture)

Self-Organization: In addition, this procreative scenario appears to be distinguished by a deeply fertile, complex life-bearing spontaneity so as to assemble and organize itself in a progressive (one cannot avoid this view) developmental way at many sequential stages so to engender living, cellular, intelligent, personal entities.

A Thermodynamics of Life This broad area of natural energetic flow gradients has an older second law, entropic cast and a later 20th century to 2020 lively far from equilibrium alternative. As the section conveys, an ecosmic vectorial arrow or course seems to proceed in informative codification, metabolic efficiency, cerebral content so to wind itself instead of wearing out. As Ilya Prigogine and Isabelle Stengers (1984) wrote, the universe is more about being and becoming. As life’s arrow flies forward its enhanced information and intelligence qualities counter and out pace entropic losses.

Systems Cosmology Within this Ecosmos milieu, this section gathers and cites how self-organizing complex network topologies and processes have been found in manifest evidence across every celestial aspect from galactic clusters to solar coronae and elemental nucleogenesis. From slight notice in the early 2000s to a robust presence today, a truly universal self-similarity suffuses the celestial raiment. And further afield even a fractal multiverse is under consideration.

Universal Evolutionism: Along with a programmic source of encoded self-organizing energies, which adds a radically new causal basis, a Darwinian-like natural selective process seems to be in effect even across this ecosmic spacescape. In this vast vista, many dynamic galaxies, stars and habitable ovoworlds then become contingent candidates. This is an onerey aspect that our global philoSophia facility is still in a process of coping with and figuring out. In the mix, some self-making, bootstrap, autocatalytic agencies seem to provide an orienting guidance.

IV. Ecosmomics: A Survey of Genomic Complex Network System Sources
The prior Ecosmos chapter glimpsed a revolutionary organic procreation that our Earthomo sapience appears to just now be able to realize. With an apparent fertile spacescape in place, the review moves on to novel articulations of an implied genetic-like informative code. In accord, the Ecosmomics chapter introduction is arranged to cover three distinctive aspects. It opens with a broad 21st century complexity science survey by way of a topical glossary for some 30 aspects such as autopoiesis, fractals, criticality and multiplex networks. It then sketches how theoretical schools grew in convergent veracity from 2000 to 2010 to 2020. Altogether the chapter gathers and documents an historic perception of how a second, independent, immaterial, mathematic double domain is actually being encountered and expressed.

In further regard, one common code format has at last be distilled. The diverse nonlinear sciences have lately converged upon a singular, bicameral, tripartite formulation. A revolutionary genesis is now seen to spontaneiously organize itself at every stage and instance by way of many component elements or entities which are engaged in interactive, informative relations. Altogether a complex adaptive, particle/wave, node/link, me/We, DNA/AND complementarity develops into viable, cell-like unitary wholes. Nature’s vitality is also found to seek and prefer a self-organized, critically poised state between relative order and disorder, conserve and create. In further respect, this golden mean, middle way “sweet spot” (D. Chialvo) appears to reside in both reciprocal modes at the same time. A once and future closure of an original yin/yang Tao, or one, two = three of perennial wisdom, which are familial gender archetypes, can be verified by our EarthKinder knowledge.

Two Archetypal Component Parts: Each complex adaptive system anywhere is composed of dual particle, dot, DNA entity modes and wave, connect, AND group relations. One can continue on after 2012 or so, in accord, to enter the prevalent presence of multiplex networks with correspondent elemental node and edge links so to form a whole webby vitality. In many places such as cerebral connectomes, the ubiquitous trinity took on a genetic guise.

Complementarity: These prototypical identities are then known to occur as mutually reciprocal opposites. Of most significance then a universal coincidence of opposites principle is seen in vivifying effect. In respect, the neuroscientist Stephen Grossberg advises a “computational complementarity.” Or farther afield, a prokaryotic microbe symbiosis with bounded cellularity, or me entity and we flock or pod so to form a viable triality.

Universality: By virtue of a multitude of diverse, perceptive studies, this mathematical epitome has lately been found to be in formative effect at each and every scale and instance from a fractal spacescape to social discourse. As ancient wisdom knew, a single source code does indeed proceed as an infinite repetition in kind everywhere. A December 2019 conference, Convergent Paths towards Universality in Complex Systems, was held in Virginia to review and give notice about this grand achievement. (See IV. A. 4)

An Ecosmomic Genetic-like Code: This iconic, biconic, triconic whole family bigender epitome can ultimately take on a true likeness and appearance as uniVerse to wumanVerse genomic endowment. We propose that this natural finding is the premier, salutary discovery made by our EarthKinder progeny. Only an immediate, historic revision from gridlock red/blue polarities to a bicameral, familial complementarity so that children win the election can save us.

An Optimum, Middle Way Attractor Poise: This informative source has been found to possess a further propensity to seek and reside at a dynamic balance between each coincident, polar state. The best condition for a system, brain, person or grouping is a complementarity of both halves at the same time. A familiar physical example is a light beam which is particle and wave at once.

Universality Affirmations: A Critical Complementarity
By 2020, across a genesis ecosmos, living nature’s generative domain can be seen to have three aspects or stages: an independent, original, mathematic presence in effect for every place and time; its exemplary manifestation in overt phenotype-like consequence from active matter to an evolutionary gestation onto our humanVerse epitome; and lately this code endowment has been scientifically finessed to a point whence our collaborative sapience might in a respectful way intentionally take up its evolitionary continuance. Thus a often foreseen, and long sought presence of a whole scale, one cod universality in kind is just now achieved.

A: 21st Century Animate Features This four part section covers prime versions such as Network Physics (a new school akin to network neuroscience) which records interconnective topologies from quantum to societal phases, which could appear much as a natural anatomy and physiology. First initiated around 2000 by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and Reka Albert, the approach reached a revolutionary stage circa 2012 (search ALB) as scientific fields from physical cosmology to evolutionary biology to cooperative groups began to redefine themselves by way of relational, reticulate, symbiotic features so to link altogether previously isolate nodal parts.

A computational version is cited in a Biteracy (from J. A. Wheeler’s Bit to It universe) module with some 100 entries. As its introduction explains, the endeavor can be set in a philosophic train from Gottfried Leibnez to Alan Turing to its current algorithmic florescence. It has a somewhat mechanical cast, but provides another important window upon and version of a deeply organic analog/digital, soft/hardware, geno/phenotype doubleness. A companion Iteracy: Rosetta Textuality follows to show how even our human linguistic conversation and written literature can manifestly express complex, self-similar, network features. A fourth subsection, Universality Affirmations, will be noted further on as a consummate achievement.

B. Our Own HumanVerse Genome Studies Within this annotated anthology website, we move on to consider the actual genetic identity of this newly found independent, generative source. The main title section with over 150 entries offers a broad review from the 1950s to circa 2000 when a complex systems phase of whole nucleotide sequences began. Over this course, its scientific edification went from an initial focus on discrete biomolecules, which then became joined in gene regulatory networks (DNA + AND) and onto “genome wide associations studies” with epigenetic influences.

By so doing an integral whole genome has been defined with common affinities to brains (neuromes), quantome realms and literary modes. As the Paleogenomics subsection reports, enhanced techniques became able to collect ancient DNA samples and reconstruct their organism genomes. Indeed, a “sequencing singularity” (N. Loman) could be seen underway as a global sapience proceeds to retrospectively recover all manner of creaturely endowments, historic migrations, cultures and so on.

A natural identity between Genomes and Languages, which was intimated since the 1970s, has been verified by parallels between complexity insights and literal properties. In regard, these prime repositories are seen as dual, companion versions of a natural informative module. A third subsection reports on Whole Genome Regulatory Systems, whose network topologies are akin to other instances such as neural cognition and quantum phenomena. Indeed neural net methods and sequence techniques can be cross-applied between them. In December 2020, we note how a worldwise collective knowledge about messenger RNA, protein biochemistry can be fed back to heal, control and prevent viral pandemics.

A Summary Message: By way of a natural philoSophia integral vista, this essential Earthomo and Earthmost discovery in our midst could well inform, salve, unify and save our common, precious Gaissphere. But it is unnoticed because an old (Ptolemaic) entrenched, particles only, mechanical nothingness denies any existant reality at all. So this wumanwise dispensation remains unseen. While a pandemic rages, climates go wild, manic warlords rule, when national politics are beset by individual/conserve vs. social/create, past vs. future, warrior or worrier, such a realization that these polarities are actually complementary principles of me + We halves of a US United States organic familiality is desperately needed.

At this mid point in the review, with a procreative ecosmic fertility and its own ecosmomic code in place, we might move on to view another major revision about Earth life’s long evolution all the way to our indended wumanity retrospect and geonatal fulfillment.

V. Systems Evolution: A 21st Century Genesis Synthesis
Moving along, an expansive, worldwise (aka Charlotte and Charles Earthwinian) revision of life’s emergent development from earliest origins to our wumankinder retrospect is much underway. Among many recent, novel factors are a self-organizing source code, an oriented scale of nested transitions in individuality, a deep homology of bodies and brains, symbiotic member/group unions, epigenetic influences, along with an axial rise in proactive behaviors, informed intelligence, free autonomy and much more. As a feminist scholar once said, a woman could readily see that life’s evolutionary course ismuch akin to a procreative gestation.

We refer kind readers to the whole chapter introduction which posts an expansive listing of 23 features (supported by some 335 entries) by which the past random, aimless scheme (staying alive but going nowhere) can now be evidently appreciated as an encoded, self=organized developmental gestation. Our collective, worldwise witness is an epochal advance after many neoDarwinian decades of disavowing any likeness of a oriented teleological orthogenesis. It would serve to recall that in the mid 1800s of Charles’ own day a “universal gestation” was indeed the conceptual mindset.

In regard, an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis project (see K. Laland, et al) is currently underway to revise the 1950s, 20th century version. Once again we cite a lengthy confluence of findings and reasons by which a maternal procreation could likely be possible. Along with an axial, nested, transitional scale of being and becoming, the additional presence of intrinsic self-organizing agencies in generative effect, an evo-devo reunion, network anatomy and physiology, recurrent convergences, enhanced neural cognizance, cooperative behaviors, biocommunications, symbiotic cellular groupings and more can well flesh out life’s quickening course.

A Major Evolutionary Transitions Scale A major revision since 1995 is a theoretical view that life’s developmental evolution can be characterized by an axial, nested, episodic, recurrent, directional sequence of being and becoming. Although life’s course through myriad forms and stages does meander with many extinctions, a regnant, scalar procession from gene replicators all the way to talkative peoples is now widely applied. As such it provides skeletal, anatomic orientation for a genesis synthesis.

Systems Network Biology and Genetics Since the 2001 human genome sequence, a broad movement has sought to quantify and involve the equally real regulatory and vivifying connectivities between the biomolecular nucleotides. Recent endeavors factor in multiplex network topologies and involve deep neural learning methods. As the 130 sample references convey, an international effort aided by online advances in technique and computation is well on the way to an integral understanding of 3D and 4D organismic epi/genomes and metabolomes.

Deep Homology A salient property, for example, has become known by this title whence many skeletal soma and cerebral capacities can be traced in kind back to their earliest rudimentary occasion, just as an embryo and fetus develops by concerted and mosaic (modular) ramifications from its initial forms. A good example is a constant enhancement of asymmetric bicameral brain asymmetries all the way from first invertebrates through the Metazoan animal kingdoms to our Earthuman selves, as the section (VI. C. 2) documents.

An Evolutionary Intelligence Arises: Another appreciation arose in the mid 2010s that life’s central course seems to be defined by complex cerebral anatomies as they become engaged in a cumulative learning process. Due to Richard Watson, Eors Szathmary (also cofounder of the MET scale) and many others, it shifts from a prior emphasis on fossil skeletons to this cognative, behavioral, informative aspect. Another vectorial attribute can thus be traced as a relative accumulated memory may grow, teach and foster a recorded literacy.

VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies
With ample evidence now in place for a conducive ecosmos (Part III), an informed self-organization (Part IV) and natural evolutionary genesis (Part V), this detailed Part VI is meant to report and document how each spatial and temporal phase can be seen as an exemplary manifestation. It opens with more references that attest to Universal Principles which can be gleaned from latest results about a common generative source which reiterates in a genomic way at each scale and instance.

Nested Gestation of Communal Creatures then arrays into eight skeletal/somatic/cellular subsections about land, sea and air fractal forms, life’s origins due to innate, network fertilities and onto the transitional scale of prokaryotic bacteria, symbiotic eukaryotic cells. It radiates further through eons and eras of myriad diverse multicellular animals onto their cooperative groupings in complex ecosystems. The albeit long, trial and much tragic error, awesome and awful, procession yet leads to, as if some intended main pathway, the appearance of primate, hominid, and self-aware proto-human lineages. The chapter moves on and up to enhanced cerebral, cognitive, creaturely attributes which are covered in a four part unit noted next.

A Quickening Encephalization and Sensibility At this point, it is worth notice that personsphere vantage has lately been able to reconstruct how we phenomenal peoples arose to aware, cocreative facility on a special bioplanet. This resource outline thus moves on to cerebral and cognitive qualities which appear to radiate and ramify from earliest onsets as organisms gain relative degrees of adaptive learning and knowing sentience. Herein subsections cover evolving nervous systems, multiplex neural architectures, and bilateral, reciprocal hemispheres as these features proceed to exemplify the independent complex code source. While this brainy phase does not leave overt fossils, as Evolutionary Intelligence conveys, life’s quickening development may be most distinguished by this stirring, edifying trajectory.

Another indicative realization since 2000 has been a wide and deep quantified proof of an Animal Intelligence and Sociality. In an epic revision, one might imagine a common behavioral repertoire which appears to persist in kind across mammalian, avian, reptilian, and aquatic species and on to invertebrate insects and slime molds. An amazing, as yet unassimilated finding, is that (dare one be anthropomorphic) human-like cognitive abilities appear to be availed at every occasion.

Another creaturely constant seems to be a me-member + We-group = overall symbiotic reciprocity as the best way to survive and thrive. Fish pods, bird flocks, midge swarms and all creatures are examples which have been found to strongly display complex network and statistical physics forms. A further consequence of life’s unappreciated mental edification is an evolutionary advance in communicative abilities from chemical quorum sensing in bacteria to high-pitched dolphins, honking geese, onto primate grunts and gestures. Even here some manner of brain hemispheric basis is in effect as rhythmic song and dance proceeds more discrete chipher, glyphic modes.

This Earth Life Emergence chapter about 21st century revolutionary reconceptions can identify still more distinctive areas. As An Enhancement of Autonomous Individuality reports, from microbes and invertebrates which are noted to have a modicum of free choice movement, an advancing degree of personal member liberty within viatal supportive groupings seems to manifestly occur throughout rhe multitudenous cast of animal species. A corollary is then noted in Phylogeny and Ontogeny whence a general recapitulation between an individual life and evolution’s long course does indeed occur. Many developmental and cultural studies, especially with regard to behavioral and linguistic aspects, now recover this necessary correspondence.

VII. Earthuman Sapiens: An Emergent Transition in Individuality
As this 2021 introduction continues to show how a revolutionary ecosmomic, bigender code can be seen in exemplary networked effect at each and every phase of an evolutionary gestation, the narrative here reaches its manifest epitome in our homocene to anthropocene to Earthropocene ascendance. This chapter title, by reference to the major transitions scale, is composed of two main sections. A. Human/Wuman Beings considers all aspects of our personal selves across life spans whom by this late vantage can be appreciated as more of a microcosmic image than ever before. B. EarthKinder: A Personsphere Progeny then reviews the distinctive repertoire of linguistic, biosocial, urban metabolic, bicameral civilizations, and onto an historic individation of a congergent, maybe gravid geonatal progeny. In order to properly convey and integrate our late fluorescence we cover each notable section.

A. Human/Wuman Beings: Our Integral Microcosmic Selves
As the new subsection introductions advise, each subject field of our human beingness has proceeded to reinvent and redefine themselves by way of the self-organizing complexity network sciences. In addition, an evolutionary occasion and lineage has been traced. In regard, the Systems Physiology and Psychology section reports how every neonate infant to childhood youth aspect of our bodily stance, gait mobility, self/other behaviors, language learning and all else are moved by and reflect this informative, self-similar guidance.

Systems Neuroscience: Multiplex Networks and Critical Function
With some 185 entries, this large component reports how since circa 2010 by way of imaging studies in accord with innovative theories have found that multiplex connectome qualities distinguish both cerebral topologies and cognitive process. In regard, neural networks with nested layers have become a prime example of nature’s universal, genetic-like system. With this facility, neural net methods have fostered an improved brain-based Artificial Intelligence, along with a wide utility to analyze every other genesis phase from quantum to evolutionary to social commerce.

A Complementary Brain and Thought Process
In a significant addition, after some half-century of intensive scrutiny our own micro-ecosmic cerebral faculty is now well proven to be distinguished by asymmetric hemispheres with bilateral archetypes of slow/fast, object/image, node/link, entity/empathy (bigender) dynamic cognizance. Writings by the British psychologist Iain McGilchrist are seen to provide a most luminous explanation. See also An Emergent Bicameral Brain for ways that this bionic faculty is rooted in a deep evolutionary continuity.

Conscious Knowledge
After many years and centuries of contention, this premier but immaterial quality of our aware, informed existence has now become an amenable subject of scientific investigation and confirmation. Credible integrated Information theories due to Giulio Tononi, Larissa Albantakis, Christof Koch and colleagues, along with Global Workspace models are well quantifying how our personal acumen is a regnant phenomena of an abiding natural consciousness.

Half the Universe: A Woman’s 2020 Wisdome
Of crucial significance, this unit contains much evidential documentation that men and women are in actual fact not one and the same, nor have a primary/secondary status. Rather by virtue of especial feminine cognitive abilities and integrative preferences, life’s dual genders may best represent nature’s reciprocal archetypes. Men focus on particulate, nodal things, words without meaning. Women however, whose own left side has access to these details, along with a larger corpus callosum, can then cross-reference to a right holistic mode so as to visualize a meaningful, contextual image. A proper perception of such gender identities is a vital necessity if me + We = US are ever to achieve a just, wumane, sustainable future. But in December 2020, over half the world’s population are ruled by a dozen male dictators from China and Russia (hopefully no longer the USA) to Brazil, the Phillippines, North Korea and so on.

Our Holosymbiotic Selves
Moving on, this module follows with still another indicative occasion of life’s common, ascendant radiation and preference for an integral, symbiotic synthesis so to ever achieve a diverse, entity member and whole composite triality as best for individual sustanencece and survival within a supportive grouping. Finally, Archetypal Psyhology refers to a broadly Carl Jungian vista of a mythic, mystic sensitive wisdom whose a once and future guidance is in much need if we are ever to provide a better future for children.

B. EarthKinder: A Personsphere Progeny
As we reach this global scale section, life’s evolutionary developmental gestation has at last come to cover the round bioplanet. In spite of compound chaos all around, a further nested transition to a super-organic phase could be seen as underway. The finite globe serves to compress our hyper-interconnected, collaborative homo to anthropo populace into a common somatic and cerebral personsphere. As Chapter II scoped out, a resultant sapiensphere appears to be coming to her/his own integral, revolutionary knowledge. As life rises and radiates in kind through sequential episodic stages, this multipart section continues to show how the universal self-organizing network complexities are in effect and overtly apparent for every diverse Earthuman phase.

A Cultural (Geonome) Code
We also cite as Systems Lingusitics because, as noted widely in Iteracy: A Rosetta Ecosmos above, even our very human phase of written and spoken communicative content has been found to strongly exhibit fractal network forms and a self-organized thematic conveyance. Altogether, vitally informative personal and group messaging can be accomplished. Such a constant, manifest occasion further attests to an independent source code which seems genetic in kind. As Earth life may finally flicker into knowing sentience, our social proclivity to make cipher to alphabet markings on papyrus to paper and now through online graphic screens might achieve an ecosmic self-description and realization.

Complex Local to Global Network Biosocieties
This is an umbrella section for many exemplary aspects of smaller and larger human habitations. The growing application of nonlinear science to the multi-faceted field of social studies has also led to a notice of a recurrent mathematical basis. Rather than one thing after another sans any deeper context, as surface events surely seem, a global vista can retrospectfully perceive how complex dynamic networked systems likewise self-organize into an exemplary, interactive shaping of groups, assemblies, settlements, villages and cities. A steady, nested scale then ranges from a few members to a metropolis. As introduced in Organic Societies earlier, bounded communities continue to form and evolve toward an organism-like cognitive coherence. As various papers report, political elections, sporting events, social media, financial commerce, to migrations, viral pandemics and even battlefield chaos, can yet be found to exhibit universal patterns and processes.

Planetary Physiosphere: Anatomics, Economics, Urbanomics
Our composite societal abidances, especially in metropolitan settings, by way of material circulations, skeletal infrastructure, cognitive cultures and more now appear akin to an anatomy, metabolism and nervous system of a developing organism. As the title cites, into the 21st century human habitations from villages to cities have likewise been described as dynamic exemplars of nature’s complex, fractal, cellular, network self-organization. A consequence is that urban plannings can by guided be and proceed in an organic way, e.g., car arteries, speed limits as blood pressure, and so on, as increasingly underway.

A Complementarity of Civilizations
Moving on to this national and continental scale, we can further report how the charateristic modes of nature’s one source code have now been quantified to distinguish bilateral east – west, and south – north hemispheres. Into the 21st century, Samuel Huntington’s 1990s Clash of Civilizations could more rightly be understood as a cultural reciprocity. As nuclear nations persist in contesting each other – America vs. China, Russia, North vs. South Korea (which has Yin, Yang, Tao on its flag) – such an evident, familiar resolve found by a common worldwise sapience could well mitigate. In further regard, Bicameral World Religions documents how their correspondent religious beliefs similarly holds to these continental proclivities.

Systems History: Personal and Planetary Individuation
This 2021 Review at last reaches this consummate phase of our 10,000 year human to Earthkinder history. As some 80 prior sections from ecomsic and quantomic realms to every other in between have confirmed, even this constantly wartorn course can yet be seen to exhibit temporal signs of a universal procreative occasion. Our original allusion to a planetary psychic individuation can gains essential credence if a further emergent transition in individuality is taken into consideration.

VIII. Pedia Sapiens: A New Genesis Future
After an extensive resource review of seven prior UniVersal Genesis chapters, we can now turn from past and present and begin to sight a better way ahead. To set a scene, as woman scholars have noted, life’s developmental gestation appears to have reached its term on a parturient bioplanet. As a thought exercise, while quite split into fractious nations, our latent,compressed personsphere might in fact be in the midest Geonate event. One might imagine a 60 year span from a 1990s onset, a 2020 midpoint of awakening from a long sleep akin to each neonate, and maybe a 2050 kinder or cinder, Earth birth or still Earth, alive or dead line. So we take hopeful license to dub a neospehre Pedia Sapiens identity going forward.

A. The Old World: Its Critical Life Support Condition
After this pandemic, mandemic, gundemic year, while an academic segment yet remains silent, a new resolve to face a plethora of crises is hopefully being called for and getting underway. A “let’s start all over the right way” movement is welling by virtue of a latent multi-gender, ethnic, indigenous, person/planet inclusiveness. We are not doomed as a current book title claims. By our own motive initiative we can individualy and altogether admit, recognize and mitigate climate change, end viral pestilence, foster a viable ecovilage future and more, for which better day this website offers resources.

When this section was first posted in the early 2000s, it cited a litany such as climate extremes, militarism, bogus wars, resource usage, plastics waste, energy excesses, economic corruption. Some two decades later, these perils and more have grown worse and put us in a terminal biospheric life-support condition. If not enough, a dozen or so authoritarian, barbaric, deranged dictators now rule more than half the world’s population. Current works such as The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells and Falter by Bill McKibben sound alarms, but see Elizabeth Kolbert’s Under a White Sky (February 2021) for pathways forward.

Global Climate Change as a Complex Dynamical System
As this Chapter survey is intended to report and document how every phase and phenomena of a temporal Ecosmic Genesis has now become an exemplary instance of a universal, independent complex networked system source code. In further regard, even hyper-dynamic local and global weather conditions are lately being understood in this manner. Into the 2010s by way of satellite data, new instruments, computational data analysis, together with inputs from nonlinear science and statistical physics, every aspect from fractal rainfall patterns to equatorial atmospheric currents are found to form from and flow to these common agencies.

B. A New CoCreation: A Singular Wumane Evolitionary Advance
At a possible geonatal moment, as peoples become critically beset by pandemic, mandemic, gundemic inflictions, along with erratic weather extremes (not just warming) this Wonder World module opens herein with a brief survey and reference of open creative frontiers. It then reports upon evidential signs of a novel participatory (biteracy to Iteracy) capacities of material, biological, social protocellular and celestial ascendancies.

Mind Over Matter: Quantum, Atomic, Chemical Connectomics
In the past years a strong global capability has been achieved by which to delve deeply into and wholly quantify any substantial title domain. Again by new instruments, computer prowess, better theories, collaboritive teams and more, an open frontier invites we curious, awesome Earthlings to begin a new evolutionary phase. This module conveys how heretofore “inorganic” phases have lately become increasingly animate, fertile, and arable. By a PhiloSophia view, what a fantastic scenario is just now revealing itself whence a valiant worldwise species on a fittest ovoworld might take up and over, as intended it seems, a second cocreative singularity.

Second Genesis: Emergent LifeKinder Proceeds to an Aware BioGenetic Phase
While Mind/Matter above was about a conducive substantiality, this entry reviews how our Earthomo sapience is achieving similar insights and abilities to totally revise and recreate life’s arduous trial and error evolution in a medically guided and ethically respectful way. As the references report, all manner of genomic, cellular, metabolic, network anatomy and physiology can be healed and enhanced. A major breakthrough since 2012 is the editing ease of CRISPR genetics, which is daily roving its worth from hereditary to agriculture benefits. Indeed new ways to expand and rewrite nature’s genomic code might be seen as passing on this generative source to our Earthwise continuance.

Sustainable Ecovillages: me + We = US
As the extended introduction for this section cites, by way of 21st century learnings about an organic genesis whose developmental emergence proceeds by nested entity/group symbiotic, cellular unions, a next, immediate, practical phase might become evident. Akin to vital, whole protocells which constituted life’s origin, at our far removed, but resultant global transition scale, it may well be that supportive communities of a nominal 100 at liberty members could be an appropriate “social protocell” version.

A 2020 Complementary Organic Democracy
I am writing this in late January, 2021. The past weeks have been witness to the best of a diverse, ethical American culture, and the worst of ignorant male violence. Along with viral pandemics, climate extremes, grevious injustices, the past four years have proven that our two party system is in total ruins. In 1776 Thomas Jefferson founded our Constitutional governance upon Newtonian mechanics and the steam engine. Some 240 years later, we would do well to inquire if an organically informed science graced by a bicameral complementarity can provide a better, natural guidance. For example instead of one man rule, say three to six members from each conserve and create, regress and progress, me/We persuasion, akin to Switserland’s bipartisan efficiency, might be suggested.

At the same while, I am logging in an Effective Connectivity Determines the Critical Dynamics of Biochemical Networks paper (arXiv:2101.08111, search Rocha) whose Abstract opens with this sentence: Living systems operate in a critical dynamical regime between order and chaos so they are both resilient to perturbation, and flexible enough to evolve. As this whole site tries to advise, it is imperative that a vital connection and avail again be made between scientific knowledge and the public societal domain in which we peoples abide.

A Viable Gaiasphere: Planetary Patriots and Matriots
After the whole resource site, this consummate section concerns how we peoples might altogether gain a sufficient understanding and motivation so as to heal, mitigate, sustain, and foster our rarest, great Earth bioabide. Herein we seek to report and document many ways that a worldwise cocreative, encoded genesis found by our Earthomo sapience could inform, inspire and guide a viable super-organic, entity/Earthling resolve. Along with ending the viral pandemic, it is said we need to embark upon to similarly vigorous scientific and public mission to admit and stabilize climate impacts. (And one ought to include a national barbaric male militarism.) In accord with Earthropic Principle next, a common initiative so to become a rare, fittest ecosmic center of future genesis ought to commence.

C. An Earthropic Principle: Novel Evidence for a Special Planet
With regard to the incredible significance that this section increasingly portends, we propose a further EarthMost identity to properly name and represent our fittest, optimum potential. As a Pedia progeny now may begin to embark on her/his open frontier of evolitionary continuance, we are surely aware of how rudimentary our current perceptions must be. But at our gravid geonatal moment, when a decisive self-selection between end or begin, kinder or cinder, must be made, this august finding could bring a vital incentive. For a early examples of this aweseome import, we suggest works by Marina Alberti, Adam Frank and David Wallace-Wells. OK

D. EarthOva 2021: An Ecosmocene Destiny
As our future frontiers at last open upon an infinite dimensionality, we have recently posted a new title. It is a composite from a stellar Supernova, along with James Lovelock’s 2019 book Novacene. It is proposed for the moment in a self-creative genesis universe when an optimum Earthmost sapience may gain a state of aware conscious knowledge and evolutionary cocreativity. And to take license once more, beyond Guardians of the Galaxy, might we valiant peoples aspire to be Champions of the Cosmos?