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A Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
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IV. Ecosmomics: A Survey of Genomic Complex Network System Sources

A. An Array of 21st Century Animate Features

Within this composite chapter all about our Earthwise revolutionary perception of a vital generative code domain, this topical section will first document the Network Physics revolution, as Albert Laszlo Barabasi (2012) cites, which now serves to join all the prior nodal elements. Biteracy: Natural Algorithome Programs considers this computational, algorithmic aspect. Similarly, A Rosetta Ecosmos Literacy reports how even our human verse and voice have become amenable to and influenced by complexity phenomena. With this in place, Universality Affirmations can describe the premier 2020 achievement of realizing, discerning and deciphering a common. iconic bigender complementarity and triality.