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A Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
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C. Planatural Genesis 2024: Mid 2020 signs of a phenomenal family ecocmos and Earthuman purpose

This new section is a work in process to convey many 2023ns achievements and integrations. Altogether they may inspire revolutionary glimpses of an Earthmost participatory sustainable future. Our first step is to repost below Section B PediaPedia Eearthica.

Natural Genesis (2003): An Annotated Anthology Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe: 2003

Planatural Genesis (2023): An Annotated Anthology SourceSite for Our Earthumanity Discovery of a ProCreative Ecosmos Hereditary UniVerse

These website titles across two decades can well bookend the 21st century advent and enveloping formation of a global electronic, computer-based sensorium and its intense advance in collaborative intelligence and accumulated knowledge. In the 2000s, a college library catalog would be viewed, but one had to fetch a paper book. In 2005 I went to Yale to find Self-Organization and Evolution of Social and Biological Systems (Hemelrijk) about early inklings that a similar complex phenomena could be noted from colonial microbes to hominid settlements. Moreover, at this time research studies went on by separate individuals and small groups and would take a year to get published.

Only by 2012 did scientific periodicals and ebooks begin to come online, often with access issues. Fast forward to 2023, almost every journal, volume, conference abstracts and more are fully available. I read an article last year about the first use of a “multiverse” word attributed to William James in 1895 in the International Journal of Logic (1/6). A Google minute later I was able to retrieve and print a full PDF version. How many moons does Neptune have: 14, as if one is peering into an Aleph-like resource of all factual information in one place. Today vast projects in astronomy, genetics, and climate study go forth by large international teams via instant communicative postings.

With respect then to this 9,200 annotated entry, 4,400 page, 86 section website content, as The Spiral of Science and elsewhere documents, an historic transitional ascent to a viable Earthumanity entity appears to be much underway. For example, on the popular arXiv.org eprint site these March 9 articles Deep Symbolic Regression for Physics Guided by Units Constraints: Toward the Automated Discovery of Physical Laws (2303.03192) identify this ongoing worldly shift and Network Theory Meets History: Local Balance in Global International Relations. (2303.03774) cite the common presence a deep topology which underlies foreign affairs.

These preprint locales as the physics one above with 2.2 million items, along with biorxiv, medRxiv, psyarXiv and others can be appreciated as complex adaptive systems whereby individual agents (researchers in every field) watch what everybody is doing on a daily basis. As they respond and finesse their work projects, the whole endeavor organizes itself on its own, mostly unawares to the many members involved. Another case from circa 2015 to today would be how the discovery of a natural self-organized criticality clarified its theories, found an overall distinct presence to an extent, as the Ecode module above describes, that a universal discovery not due to any one person can be achieved.

PediaPedia In accord, our essay seeks to introduce a further Planatural Genesis edition, 20 years on, with this title as a reference volume going forward which can be rightly attributed to the developmental ascendance of a prodigious progeny, aka a global genius. As the whole website content explains and documents, an occasion is merited as a living, mindful, personal individuation comes to roundly achieve a yesphere Earthuman acumen. One can now view contributions from the Arctic University of Norway, University of Brunei, onto New South Wales, Flatiron Institute, National University of Singapore, Dharamshala, India, all over the world. A radical difference this time is that entries for this PediaPedia encyclo- resource would be separate article citations as they self-organize and posted online. Here are March 10 entries which can show how a worldwise education is actually going on by itself.

Vicente, Filipe and Alba Diz-Munoz. Order from Chaos: How Mechanics Shape Epithelia and Promote Self-Organization. Current Opinion in Systems Biology. March 2023.
Salazar-Ciudad, Isaac, and Hugo Cano-Fernandez. Evo-Devo beyond Development: Generalizing Evo-Devo to All Levels of te Phenotypic Evolution. BioEssays. March 2023.
Rebeiz,Mark and Thomas Williams. Animal Gene Regulatory Network Evolution. Journal of Experimental Zoology B. March 2023.

EARTHICA But a worrisome situation today is evealed by an obvious identity and attribution for its global host source, akin to and up from a “Britannica.” If one tries to Google the word “Earthica,” the only return is an Indian woman’s fine boutique of designer handloom apparel at earthica.in. After many centuries, a cognizant sensibility still eludes that we peoples (men) live on a finite, (cellular) imperiled) planet. Into this March (madness), the USA squares off withChina, North Korea vs. South Korea + Japan, and so on, awash in weapons, trains on the same track, bent on a hypersonic Armageddon. In popular culture, people are OK with multiple universes and alternative realities, but old men might yet blow it all by a nuclear war over an island. By a proposal of this novel, higher phase of understanding and knowledge attributed to an emergent Earthumanity as a PediaPedia edition, a long foreseen and intended salutary dispensation to guide us all through and forward might actually appear.

Again these writings, so to remind, are drafty proposals so to gather, arrange and report active contributions in a hope to resolve, unite, sustain and survive (kinder or cinder). By an historic adjustment, a vital advance would be to move and reorient our EarthMost sapient presence and promise to a higher Ecosmic relevance. A participatory, opportune, cocreative significance for a fittest, smartest Super Earth to the fate and future of an actual genesis multiUniVerse can then open, accrue and invite.

Moving along, here is a tacit array of basic KinderMind premises and implications. All these entries are drawn from and supported by the whole website content.

A Major Emergent EvolutionaryTransition in Individuality A personsphere bigender progeny is evidently much underway.

A Collective Sapiensphere Global Brain envelopes as an intelligent, cerebral, cognizance by its own bicameral faculty.

A PediaMedia Knowledge Repository provides a vast eLibrary of eCosmos factual edification which can be fed back to salve and save.

A Phenomenal Presence Our EarthSmart, wumanwise whole brain is able to realize an independent animate existence with its own identity.

A 21st Century Ecosmos Revolution A real EarthWise discovery of a procreative. solar/planetary, self-select. natural genesis.

A Complementary Ecode As the prior section describes and documents, by 2023 a ecosmome to geonome source-script is well evident.

A Revolutionary 2020 – 2023 - 2030 Integral Outline Discovery Survey with Latest References

This edition will now be posted in its full website format so that a frontier 2023 record of knowledge advances since 2020 by our PediaPedia EarthVersion can be altogether entered. In addition, rather than citing salient contributions in each section, they will equally be recorded in this one place.