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VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies

C. Quickening Encephalization and Sensibility

The nested, recurrent stages of skeletal, anatomic complexity from life's deep origin to valiant, smart peoples are found to be distinguished by an oriented encephalization process whence the embryonic body gains a bilateral brain. Metazoan creatures across invertebrate, aquatic, amphibian, reptilian, avian and mammalian scales are now known to possess a mosaic, modular, multiplex neural capacity for enhanced communicative cognition, and proactive group behaviors. A significant aspect is the presence of a ramifying complementary bicameral faculty which is traced back to earliest neural casts.

As a consequence, all these animal forms and stages are seen to possess by familiar personal abilities and communal activities. A resultant arrow of integrated information and intelligence has become paired with a relative knowing consciousness which seems aimed at our phenomenal homo, anthropo, and Earthropocene phase. The four subsections about brains, behaviors, bilaterality, and a communicative ability from grunts and gestures to syntactic language will altogether illume an ascendency of brain over body, mind over matter.

2020: The import of this section is to report and convey a 21st century appreciation that life’s evolution is distinguished by emergent cerebral and cognitive abilities. In this regard, these features continue to define an oriented, developmental gestation. And once again, at each various stage and instance, the bigender naturome code is manifestly evident, especially with regard to bilateral brain complements.