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VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies

G. Integral Human Persons

As we now reach our very own ourselves in this long evolutionary traverse, it is worthwhile once more to review the website’s outline. Parts III, IV and V documented an amniotic cosmos, its genetic-like code, and life’s embryonic quickening on Earth. This extensive Part VI goes on to report how each nested phase from geological strata to whole humankind reflects the universal complementary system in its discrete and relational modes and their spiral path of self-making.

The present multi-section considers how human beings appear as a true microcosmic exemplar, this time set in a temporal procreation. Our personal development of body, brain and education from infancy on, regnant awareness, gender identity, modular personalities, and lifelong course of individuation, each express the archetypal, genomic icon. And notably, from what humankind is learning about its constituent members, phenomenal people are meant to appreciate themselves as co-participants in a greater genesis.