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A Sourcebook for the Worldwide Discovery of a Creative Organic Universe
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VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies

H. The Phenomenon of HumanKinder

The first four sections of Part VI, Earth Life Emergence, documented a nested evolution of organic entity, sentience, formative program, and awareness from bacteria to biosphere. A parallel was then noted between this overall phylogeny and individual (human) ontogeny. In Integral Persons, we saw much evidence for people as active exemplars of and participants in a self-organizing earthly and cosmic genesis.

A further, sequential emergence now seems underway to an integral super-organic phase as if a planetary progeny. The earth is a finite globe and niche which serves to compress a hyper-interconnected humanity into a composite somatic and cerebral physiosphere, collaborative knowledge, and fledgling self-identity. This multipart section covers aspects of a linguistic cultural code, human societies as complex adaptive systems, a worldwide anatomy and metabolism, east/west and south/north bicameral civilizations, also evident in world religions. The stage is set to consider, in retrospect, how the long travail of world macrohistory may appear as a relative psychic individuation. A global cognitive faculty, a noosphere coming to its own recognition, knowledge and discovery, was reviewed earlier in the Part II, Mindkind section.