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VI. Life’s Cerebral Faculties Become More Complex, Smarter, Informed, Proactive, Self-Aware

Sloan, Aliza and Scott Kelso. On the Emergence of Agency.. arXiv:2212.03123. Florida Atlantic University systems scientists provide a latest experimental proof that an infant to toddler to young child advance in both mobility and personal affirmation takes place by way of a self-organization procedure.

How do human beings make sense of their relation to the world and realize their ability to effect change? Applying modern concepts and methods of coordination dynamics we demonstrate that patterns of movement and coordination in 3-4 month-olds may be used to identify states and behavioral phenotypes of emergent agency. By means of a complete coordinative analysis of baby and mobile motion and their interaction, we show that the emergence of agency takes the form of a punctuated self-organizing process, with meaning found both in movement and stillness.