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The Book of a Genesis UniVerse CoCreation: A 2020 EarthWise Edition with a Natural Genetic Code

Thinking Like a Planet: The Earth Ethic and an Ecosmos Ethic
We open with an expansion of Baird Callicott’s oft quoted book title (search) so to emphasize the novel 21st century premise upon which the Natural General resource site, and this 2021 review, is based. Callicott’s ecological wisdom engages both western and eastern traditions which altogether scope out a global hemispheric, bicameral sapiensphere. In accord with our on-going planetary learning experience, this current Introductory posting will be updated as the worldwide narrative continues to develop and reveal itself.

Our Natural Genesis annotated bibliography and anthology resource has been online since the early 2000s. This current essay is posted as a 21st century, bidecadal review and preview of a revolutionary organic ecosmos which can be newly is attributed to an emergent worldWise EarthKinder just coming to her/his own knowledge By way of the copious documentation herein, the composite website can identify and describe a UniVerse to HumanVerse genetic code endowment. As these title terms from Galileo note, such a global discovery going on by itself can represent the historic advent of a second natural dispensation written in a legible genomic language. We begin this new 2020s website Introduction with a statement of its home page description.

This sourcebook documents the integral, collective EarthWise discovery of an organically developing universe, an ecosmic genesis, by way of an annotated bibliography and anthology which by now contains some 8,500 entries across 3,500 text pages. Its topical outline with 86 sections attempts to convey this novel narrative of a quickening, numinous procreation which intends and requires human participation. In regard, we will seek both a respectful accord with traditional wisdom and how altogether we might move toward a better, peaceful, tolerant, sustainable future. As the one world logo portrays, our guiding premise is that a new composite stage of worldwide knowledge is emerging from the collaborative contributions of peoples everywhere. From this humankind vantage, whole Earth appears as an especially vital bioplanet coming to her/his own self-discovery and cocreative destiny. (Home Page)

This introductory 2021 synopsis will come in three forms. This lead essay as The Book of a Genesis UniVerse CoCreation written in a Naturome Code will introduce a narrative vista which just now can fulfill its traditional expectation. UniVersal Genesis: Our Earthuman Discovery of a CoCreative Family Ecosmos then provides an extended progress report for each multi-faceted Chapter, along with relevant conceptual advances. This new name after Natural is meant to convey that one common bigender source code has been found in exemplary presence everywhere. Earthomo Sapiens then adds a current update for each subject module with references and quotes. And as a further report, each outline unit, 85 in all, has a new 2020 introduction.

In this post-pandemic moment, our general intent is to gather and arrange many diverse references which altogether can well document a revolutionary Ecosmos to Earthmost dispensation with a participatory purpose. Indeed the title terms various designations that Galileo Galilei used in the 1620s. Some four centuries later, presently as an EarthWise edition (Global Galileo and Gloria), a robust confirmation is becoming evident. In respect, a true genesis uniVerse appears to come with its own a genetic scriptome which we phenomenal persons are made and meant to read and write.

For some initial orientations, our main premise has been that a further major emergent evolutionary transition to a super-organic personsphere prodigy is much underway. While it may not seem so from daily events, its prime manifestation is a sapiensphere global brain faculty. A prescient notice has often been cited as a reasonable noosphere. Two decades into the 21st century this collective, collaborative intelligence could actually be seen as gaining a life and mind of its own. By this view, it even appears to be learning by itself, so as to achieve to her/his own Knowledge and discovery.

With regard to any topical aspect, please refer to an outline chapter or section for more discussion and referential support. In this case see II. Earth Learn: A Planetary Prodigy, B. The Spiral of Science, C. Global Genius and C. 2. Journal References. Our editorial interest is to broadly scope out an accumulated knowledge repository, maybe akin to an eLibrary of eCosmos, whose freely accessible contents can be fed back to heal, salve, inform and draw up the valiant, hurting beings it arose from. Pandemic vaccines are a good example.

And once again, the Natural Genesis phrase is meant to identify life’s evolutionary development as an actual embryonic gestation, as it was viewed in Charles Darwin’s own day. In contrast to mutate and select only, sans any drive or direction, Earth life is found to be graced and informed by a self-organized, complex network, genotype-like program source and an episodic, nested, quickening course all the way to our personal and planetary self-recognition.

In respect, we add a few caveats. As our EarthWise learning project proceeds apace into the 2020s, these ecosmic findings to follow are not to be seen as my own personal whatever. Rather please see this entry, and website as an on-going draft work-in-process due to and drawn from our collaborative MindKinder. But by April 2021, with everyone and everything stressed to their limits, we wish to make available for viewing as a hopefully beneficial informative guidance.

The Book of a Genesis UniVerse CoCreation: It has been long thought that scriptural revelations appear and occur in two distinct forms. Initial numinous Bible, Torah, Koran versions, along with other sacred writings are more in reference to the creator Divinity. But a “second” volume, by turns, would pertain to and provide edification about this Earthly creation. The first was given via meditation, dream, voice, sign but the other needs our human inquiry to discern by observance, theory, test and iterative record. While traceable to Aristotle and Augustine, and strongly held in the 17th century renaissance, the venerable metaphor was set aside in the later 1800s as extant realms expanded into a seemingly inanimate spacescape and contingent duration.

But in our own global age, a worldwise profusion of novel life-friendly findings are indeed finding a textual, encoded procreative reality. In 1623, our Galileo famously wrote Philosophy is written in that great book which ever is before our eyes but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language in which it is written. Some four centuries later, as a collective cognizance gains her/his own knowledge, an EarthWise Edition can realize that an organic uniVerse comes with its own genetic scriptome. Please refer to chapter II. A. 3 The Book of Naturome and chapter IV. Ecosmomics for much more.

And Book befits the whole cocreative endeavor as a way to enter our numinous Earthwise edification, which is now being fulfilled by an emergent sapiensphere, when it is most needed. The premier finding, at last, is that it appears to be written in a genetic code language. As this 2021 natural philoSophia review proceeds it will indeed describe an actual genesis Ecosmos which is graced and informed by a deeply textual essence. As a Participatory UniVerse model will propose, our KinderKind role and purpose involves learning to read and write an ecosmomic scriptome so as to respectfully take up and continue altogether forward to a truly habitable planet.

A 1990 - 2020 – 2050 (Geonate) Event: By this wide compass, as V. A Genesis Evolutionary Synthesis notes, Earth evolution and history – homo to anthropo to Earthomo (Earthuman) – could even seem to have reached a relative Geonatal event. A lady scholar once wrote This would be obvious to any woman. As readers sadly know, the whole world is beset by viral pestilence, bad weather, dictators, genocide, ethnic wars, refugees, mass murders, the litany goes on as it worsens every day. Into 2021 a post-everything despair seems to seep and suffuse, sans a mitigating, orientating guide. Again, we here propose the occasion of a numinous naturome due to our EarthKinder progeny for this reason.

If there is a common denominator, it would be that only men rule, whose “mandemic” (gundemic), rages and destroys all in its wake, while women are silenced, brutalized, enshrouded. Again our prime intent is to identify and quantify an intrinsic natural propensity for an equitable gender complementarity. A simple corrective could be the word “wuman” so to include both halves of the universe within a true wumanity and wumankinder. One cannot emphasize enough how important it is that this be recognized and resolved. Within the sciences, a Mellows identity could be added to Fellows. Please see VII. A. 5 Half the UniVerse: A Woman’s Wisdome, and throughout for more.

As readers know, the apocalypse word is often mentioned. But its original meaning from Greece was more about transformation by way of a numinous revelation than terminal destruction,. At this surely end/begin period, we are in fact trying to introduce a palliative, Earth Learn knowledge in a traditional format as to advise, inspire, save and sustain. One could say more, but within our theme we next offer a “Geonate” nativity image. By this view, a 1990 to 2020 to 2050 span could be viewed on a “parturient” planet (in labor about to give birth). We then note a 2020 midpoint which may be akin to the moment when each fetus need awaken to self-consciousness from a long dream sleep. In accord, as states and nations are ever at combatant odds, how can a “me and We = US” (see further on) enter a local and global mindfulness, lest we become a “still Earth.”

A Double Ecosmic and Earthuman Revolution Moving on, an historic revision about the innate nature of both a genesis uniVerse and our own Earthly selves has formed in our 21st century midst, but is as yet an unrealized accomplishment. As the whole resource website content seeks to identify, report and support, the old (male) sterile, mindless, mechanical, accident scheme is being set aside for a lively (feminine), genetically coded, reproductive procreativity which exists on its independent own. And as the Earthropic Principle and EarthOva 2021 sections (VIII. C., D) introduce, by way of life’s processional, quickening emergence to a super-human global acumen, a special Earthmost planetary distinction can once more regain a crucially central place and destiny.

A Participatory UniVerse: In scientific regard, a popular scenario is known by this title whereof Earthuman beings have a key importance to an astronomic self-creative future and fate. Into our 2020s it can serve as a generic model. In its physics form (see its outline section and Quantum Organics), it describes a temporal course from an original (e)cosmos of particles, waves and information all the long, circuitous, encoded (bit to it) way to a literate global decipherment and perception, as in fact underway here. In accord with J. A. Wheeler’s later 20th century conception, such a retrospective observance and recorded recognition is inherently necessary to affirm and bring the whole universe into full reality.

So as to cover and orient these wide-ranging aspects, we next enter a survey of prime Earthomo cognitive attributes and competence, and an extensive Ecosmo synopsis about a phenomenal organic, stochastic, ovoworld, self-organization with a genetic-like code, which is seen to persistently organize selves into community. We pick up the uniVerse to wumanVerse interactive account with articulations of an ordained, informed genesis which can imminently reach our EarthKinder self-realization and onto an intentional co-creative future. (I am aware that can appear as spacey and pretentious, but we really ought to allow and consider such evident vistas, if we would not perish).

Earthomo Sapiens
We here post a capsule summary of intelligent EarthWise qualities and accomplishments. As readers know, the past two decades have gone from hardly any online website content to our current total access to all manner of books and journals. In 2005 I had to go to Yale and MIT to find paper books and a working copier. Today, every publication is available online with increasing open, free access.

2020/2021: This numerical event is notable not only for clear binocular vision, but for the perilous litany that could overwhelm us. In addition however, it is also a unique moment when our cumulative learning project, via millions of contributors and publications, seems to have reached a wide and deep evidential sufficiency. That is to say, as not earlier, their composite occasion can robustly verify and prove an animate, wholly recurrent, naturally encoded, familial ecosmos, to be fleshed out in the Ecosmo section.

Personsphere: Our guiding premise has been that a further emergent evolutionary transition to a relative super-organic, cognizant individuality is much underway. But as a caveat, we do not mean a homogenous globalization. Rather, as the Sustainable Ecovillages section conveys, and we cite later on, a next fortuitous phase could be composed of many freely creative protocellular communities in near and far symbiotic, communicative webworks.

Sapiensphere: Its leading manifestation in our daily lives is an apparent worldwise brain/mind capacity which could lately be seen as learning on her/his own. This global faculty could also be seen to form a new realm of knowledge as an accessible online, billion website facility. As a result, it can provide a novel informative, accumulated resource whose content can hence forth be availed to change and begin a much better world.

Natural PhiloSophia: This 17th century, one culture, science + philosophy method ought to be activated again so to join a (male) left hemisphere fine focus with (feminine) right side holistic imagery. Such a bicameral planetary mindfulness will be able to perceive an incarnate content and meaning, which can then altogether represent a woman’s wisdome.

A Phenomenonal Presence: Another whole brain benefit is that this Ecosmos to Earthuman abidance in and of which we find ourselves can be seen to have an independent, lawful, fertile identity and existence of its own. By way of a resultant temporal unfoldment, an emergent, procreative process of being and becoming appears to be going on by itself.

Ecosmo Sapiens
In regard and respect, we can now gather and integrate a broad series of epochal findings and advances which can be attributed to our prodigious EarthWise progeny. We begin with a glimpse our historic homo to anthropo to Earthuman wonderment.

Moon to Multiverse Into the 2020s, Earthomo sapiens will mark some 400 years since Galileo’s first 1620’s telescope. In his day, the Copernican heliocentric view was hardly known and in dispute. Circa 1900, our solar system remained at the center of a starry cosmos. Galaxies were not observed until the 1930s, a point of singular origin by 1965. Theoretical thought about other universes began in the 1990s, see ExoUniverse Studies. Today, maybe as a global Galileo (also a Gloria), our long quest to explore and figure out has become a worldwise collaboration. Some four centuries later, our environmental vista has expanded to myriad unitary, variant exo-cosmoses.

And to reflect, how fantastic is it that we incipient, curious Earthlings in a few years and decades can be able to explore and learn such atomic and astronomic infinities? A typical paper could be Galactic Orbital Effects on Pulsar Timing (arXiv:2103.q5314). Who are we all to explore and quantify such reaches? What could be a reason and purpose for this inherent ordained ability ever be? In some sense, individual persons in community can gain a second identity as functional, intelligent agencies of an ecosmic self-description, literary decipherment, decisive affirmation and celestial destiny. In this 2021 view, a whole uniVerse can be newly understood to have a distinct, overall identity.

A Profusion of Planets: A premier 21st century astronomic finding and ecosmic addition is a natural propensity to form all various manner of orbital objects in incubator-like solar systems. A middle, conducive area may then form a habitable band wherein Gaian biospheric candidates can give rise over eons and eras to life, mind, persons, and symbiotic familial unities potentially on the way to a planetary progeny. See III. I: ExoPlanets, Solar Systems, Habitable Zones, Biosignature Census for reports about this discovery especially into 2010s.

An Organic Ecosmos: Rather than a sterile, particulate dross, material substance has now become well quantified and understood to possess an inherent self-organizing, complex, replicative, networked fertility. By these composite findings, natural matter appears to be suffused by animate propensities so that living systems seem to be contained within its essence as if a rose in a seed and a robin in an egg. Over billion year time spans, an intrinsic development proceeds to form intricate and appropriate biochemical precursors for life’s evolutionary quickening emergence on its transitional way to an observant sapience. One might qualify all the way from microbes to a metropolis, as Geoffrey West’s Scale 2017 book advises.

A further perception and benefit may accrue. It has been noted, maybe akin to how Gaian life sustaining forces have taken hold on our Earth (see above), with life so deeply written into the operative (physical, intelligent) equations, the same phenomenal process may be unfolding even on a universal scale, see e.g., Caleb Scharf’s 2016 paper herein. That is to say, might we be coming upon a vital reality as far from an old mechanical morbidity as it could be? For this reason, an Ecosmos identity is suggested to convey its dynamic ecological nature. Please see Chapter III. H: An Astrochemistry to Astrobiological Fertility and throughout for many references.

Earth Alive: A Bio-Eco-Ovo Sphere Sustains Her/His Self This title section (III. A. 2) conveys how our home planetary abide his gained these special, unique vital qualities. The Gaia self-regulating model from James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis has now been well quantified as the global systems science paradigm. But the point we want to make is that, akin to a phenomenal Ecosmos, an Earth candidate such as our own can also be appreciated to have a distinct, significant identity.

An Ecosmomic Code: As a consequent feature, we can now enter a premier realization of our EarthWise comprehension. As the long Chapter IV documents, since the 1990s a new phase of nonlinear complex network sciences, along with algorithmic computation have studied and confirmed the presence of an independent mathematic, generative domain which infuses and informs akin to genotype and phenotype. While early work was spread over many facets, the original incentive (as through history) was to uncover one, inscribed source in similar, exemplary effect at each and every stage and instance. As these efforts have clarified and converged into the later 2010s to an integral synthesis, this informative basis has arrived at a genomic context, whose essential qualities we next survey.

One Naturome Code with Two Distinctive Phases An abstract phrase for these dynamic agencies has been self-organizing complex adaptive network systems. A salient finding is that they are composed of dual elements or modes with isolate dot, node, entity or connective, edge/link, group aspects. In every quanta to persona to astra realm, this immaterial phase is distinguished by both discrete digital, node, DNA, entity parts and holistic wave, relational, analog, AND, group relations.

Complementarity: A further vital insight is that these particle + wave, node + link, DNA + AND, neuron + axon, member + interaction, masculine + feminine constitute and represent archetypal identities and principles which occur as mutually reciprocal, coincident opposites. (AND = gene regulatory networks)

Triality: We adopt this word for an integral composite which these iconic and biconic interactive pairs proceed to form so as to make up an enclosed, proto-cellular unity. We can now enter particle + wave = Light, node + link = Network, DNA + AND = Genome, right + left hemisphere = Bicameral brain, member + interactivity = Flock, pod, herd, clan, community. This trionic view can convey nature’s proclivity for diverse but beneficial joinings, aka creative union, at each place and time. This feature is lately known as an evolutionary symbiogenesis in similar effect from starfish asteroids to stellar clusterings.

Universality: As the full website expresses, this newly appreciated ecosmomic tripartite code has been found to be in manifest, iterative, overt recurrence from a fractal spacescape to bicameral civilizations. Please see Universality Affirmation (search Alexandria 2019) and throughout for much more. Also known as scale invariance, self-similarity, commonality, the occasion is a historic fulfillment of the epic quest to find a wholly consistent sign and image in kind.

An Optimum, Middle Way, Attractor Poise: This dynamic liveliness has lately been found to display a functional tendency to seek and reside at a best balance between distinct but coincident, more or less orderly, incoherent and/or coherent states. This vital preference thus becomes a golden mean “sweet spot” (D. Chialvo) confluence of both “right and left,” stability and change, entity and empathy, which are ultimately gender modes, at the very same time.

A Real Discovery of a Ecosmomic to Geonomic Code After these several affine features, a vital conclusion can be entered. With a universal, exemplary recurrence now in place from quantum realms to genomes, neural connectomes, metabolomes, animal groupings, literary writings and onto fractal galaxies, a consistent cross-similarity becomes self-evident. If each DNA + AND (GRN), node + link, bird + flock complementary instance is akin to a genetic phase, then all other occasions must likewise be genomic in natural kind.

A Genesis Evolutionary Synthesis Moving on, a major revision of life’s emergent development from earliest origins to our personsphere transition is underway, as Chapter V reports. Among many novel features are self-organizing agencies, a nested transitions scale, deep homology of bodies and brains, epigenetics, symbiotic unions, proactive behaviors, informed intelligence, associative learning and much more. The modern synthesis by mutation and retention can hardly contain any of this. Altogether a once (Darwin’s day) and future realization is becoming evident. To wit, life’s albeit fitful, meandering yet oriented maturation increasingly appears as a quickening gestation.

Earth Life Emergence We note this extensive Chapter VI. Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies because its many contents from life’s origins to symbiotic cells, dynamic ecosystems and onto the appearance of homo sapiens proceed to document and show how the archetypal complements are visibly evident for each and every scale and instance. These manifest illustrations are extensively continued into Chapter VII Earthomo Sapiens: A Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality wherein its Human/Wuman Beings and A Personsphere Progeny sections continue to cover and report how every aspect of our microcosmic personhood and our local and global cultures continue on to express the one common code.

A Political and Planetary Benefit
At this point, we consider some ways that these natural findings due to our learned Earthkinder could be applied to everyday world (misinformed) political, social and cultural situations. I write in spring 2021 in the USA when right red and left blue factions are gridlocked in oppositional, defiant behaviors. We really ought to ask why elections always divide in half. Within a Natural Genesis, an organic, bigender complementary guidance be brought to heal and resolve public affairs. That is to say, can we ever realize that bipolar Republicans and Democrats represent archetypal halves of a whole familial populace. It could be as simple as me + We = US (United States) by which to achieve a bicameral, conserve and create, warrior and worrier, viable polity so to provide a peaceable sustainability for the children.

On a planetary scale an appreciation of exemplary Complementary Civilizations, as that section (VII. B. 4) explains, could also well serve. Today, news reports about harsh confrontations between the United States and Russia abound, each brandishing (nuclear) weaponry. Similarly a meeting between Chinese and American diplomats is aired as they sit at long, opposite tables as if two sides of a brain. Instead of accord they loudly dispute economic, political, and territorial issues. But if a global view is taken of nature’s genetic reciprocity in manifest effect everywhere, our Earthuman abidance is again graced by West and East, North and South hemispheres with their archetypal cultures.

Another benefit would be to recognize that ethnic races such as African and American in such travail, are likewise distinguished by these mutual, distinctive qualities, as II. A. 4: An Ubuntu Universe advises. A new paper, Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa (arXiv:2103.01168), by Rediet Abede, a Ethiopian-American AI expert at UC Berkeley, and colleagues contends that the Global South that is graced by a different, relational culture than particulate bytes. Their essence is more about integral storytelling, drama rather than data, which by a prosodic integrity can convey an ethical message, which “data” alone cannot.

Great Earth in a Self-CoCreative UniVerse
This edition can begin to collect, connect and appreciate many inklings and vistas. Its storyline has so far traced life’s long episodic emergence, its super-organic cognizance, a phenomenal animate milieu, prolific bioworlds, a familial ecosmomic code, and onto to an instant, pregnant opportunity. Such a scenario is just beginning to be evident as not before, if of a mind to ask about and observe. For these reasons, we here try to glimpse an overall intelligible identity and active purpose which is newly discernible.

But still another relevant aspect needs to be factored in. A certain selective process appears to be in effect even across planetary, solar, galactic, and onto exoCosmos candidates, see III. A. 4 Universal Evolution. A (computation-like) procedure seems to cast a range of variant candidates which are then subject to winnowings on an astronomic scale. Broadly conceived, this modus leads to inquiries about what property or quality might be optimally favored. A 2020s positive addition would be the presence of a self-making, autopoietic, self-organizing spontaneity which provide an orienting, informative force. See III.E. 2 An Autocatalytic, Bootstrap EcosmoVerse and throughout.

To stay with this, it could appear that we Earthumans are made and meant to consider, achieve and even discover a conceptual image and natural understanding about this whole procreative spacescape. The latest spatial and temporal galactic, ecosmic and multiversal panorama in some way does seem to require a fittest, optimum bioworld whose intelligent species, by its own initiative, can witness this presence, decipher its informative code, and admittedly recognize and record these findings. This epic achievement, by whomever smartsphere is able to get this far may then affirm and establish an actual reproductive reality. (Quite a surmise, but something like this may be what we need to figure out.)

To follow this participatory theme, our celestial (maternal) milieu appears to evolve myriad cerebral noospheres on conducive bioplanets because it fundamentally requires a measure of retrospective global cognizance. Along the way an internally achieved self-description can be re-presented back to whence it came. If we might refer to the Geonate allusion, a definitive act of personal and planetary self-reaiization becomes a considerable necessity. For some 2021 documentation, see topical issues of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B such as Basal Cognition: Multicellularity, Neurons and the Cognitive Lens 1821) and Reconstructing Prehistoric Languages (1824).

These entries and many others in their outline sections give an impression of life’s universal, oriented development as a self-learning and knowledge accumulation process, by which it seeks to gain a literal voice and perceptive vision. Such an ecosmic genesis is also seen to be defined and tracked by major evolutionary transitions in individuality and community, thus an exemplary self-personification (as Pierre Teilhard saw long ago) seems to be underway.

In further order to do this, an activity of literate self-decipherment is vital so as to learn to read own its generative Biteracy to Iteracy source program. That is to say, a participatory co-creation requires an ability to sequence, and to write its own organic ecosmome code. By a certain familial (parents to children), reproductive view, this historic achievement would be our Earthuman reception of a natural genetic endowment. By these steps we can begin to verify an innate textual basis (see e.g. Natural Algorithms, A Rosetta Cosmos, et al) for a resident textual Book metaphor with Nature, Genesis, UniVerse, and CoCreation contents.

One might even enter an ecosmic need to accomplish and grant its own internal self-discovery. But one more deliberate act is of crucial import. We peoples altogether may need to state our own decisive act of self-selection, so as to consciously choose life, Earth and embark on a better future. It is quite of an issue of Kinder or cinder. (This might be the “Great Filter” event per Robin Hanson) But we are still not finished. In an infinite multiverse with all possible parameters, a “greatest Earth” can even aspire to achieve a whole self-chosen (e)cosmos. Surely we pressing far beyond, but maybe we should.

Pedia Sapiens: A New Genesis Future
With so much coming together, yet another audacious feature can become evident and factored in, as VIII. Pedia Sapiens sections document. The overall uniVerse (how amazing that we beings might imagine such things in the morning) seems to be involved with some manner of a generative, informed, encoded self-autocreative reality which is made and meant to pass on to whomever participatory progeny can intentionally attain this moment. Into the later 20120s Earthlings, truly thinking as a planet, have gained mind over matter and energy capabilities of Ecosmic prowess and potential. Along with being able to learn all about a quantum universe, many achievements augur for unlimited material and biologic/genetic advances by which to initiate a new respectful, beneficial phase. But as a caveat, this is a technical singularity or AI computer take over. (For example, Coming Alive by Philip Ball in Nature Reviews Physics (March 2021). Nature’s long, chancy, choosy, insensate stage would then pass on to our KinderKind as a geonomic, open “evolitionary” furtherance.

Persons in Community upon a Promised Planet As another interlude, at this far edge of worldwise textual guidance, we peoples can be gifted with a radical new identity of universal proportions. Persons would no longer just be whom they are, but infinitely more, both Earthling and “Ecosmosling” at once. To follow this, a person has a super-wuman microcosmic place and role within in a macrocosmic developmental vitality. Into the 21st century and 2020s we can ascend in history from “sinners to winners.” For an example, when a girl and boy goes to school, it can be said that as they learn so does the entire creation. Your education is important because “God needs your help.”

Moving on up, a naturome guide can advise a better, viable, cooperative way to live altogether in the world. As life began by way of protocellular vesicles, so this time an apt phase of lively abidance might be social protocells of nominally 100 members of all walks and ages, please see VIII. B. 4 Sustainable Ecovillages. Such a successful community has flourished for over 20 years in close by Amherst, MA. With a reduced economic burden, many folks work a few days a week or less so are freed up to get a life. No one directs or manages since everybody helps each other in a self-organizing way. Here is a good instance of “creative union,” also an ubuntu (I am because We are) equity, whereby a supportive group proceeds to empower and liberate. This novel animation could extend on with nested local, bioregion, continental, and biospheric networks so to form a healthy and hale continental and global personage. Here is the crucial shift from nuclear nations to an EarthKinder identity as planetary patriots.

Our Earthmost Opportunity
But a novel, unexpected twist in plot can reveal a significant point about our participation in the whole spatial and temporal performance. Within our revolutionary ecosmic theme, a prior (Ptolemaic, single sleep) model cites a “Copernican mediocracy” whereof Earth, or any planet, does not have a unique place in its pointless sterility. But if a genesis uniVerse can be newly understood as a phenomenal procreation, a grand alternative is beginning to dawn. Our own EarthVerse evolutionary emergence to date seems to be the result of a rarest, good fortune confluence of many cosmological to solar-bioplanet check-points. The Earthropic (Earthmost) Principle and EarthOva 2021: An Ecosmocene Destiny sections (VIII. C & D) contain an extensive topical review and documentation. While these bioastronomic research endeavors are at an early state, the possibility has awesome implications for our critical planetary import and contribution. Might our minute, fraught bioworld, at once so beset and so precious, yet be one in some quintillion to reach this moment? In a real respect, here may be an opportunity to be the fittest, optimum Greatest Earth, if we can stop fighting and come to our senses in time.

A Family Ecosmos
In a closing note, a once and future image beyond abstractions could serve. From deep tradition “universe and human” have been sensed as being one and the same, often as parents to children. At this edge of global dispensation, via an organic reality as a reproductive procreation, how might such an affinity gain truth and validity. As we have noted, a bigender, DNA/AND complementarity and whole triality is now found to suffuse and prescribe in every instance. A pregnant Ecosmos (Christian De Duve) and an ovular Earthkinder issue does quite describe a maternal/paternal and son/daughter presence.

So into April 2021 we respectfully offer this mindKinder work-in-process as an annotated bibliography and anthology. Our essay title proposes the historic advent of The Book of a Genesis UniVerse CoCreation: A 2020 EarthWise Edition with a Natural Genetic Code. In 1981 I wrote a pamphlet entitled The New Book of Nature since such an edification was beginning to take its present animate shape and numinous promise even back then. Four decades later, maybe its worldwise guidance amidst our critical Earth condition can at last be legible. Thank you, dear reader, for your patience and persistence.