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Pedia Sapiens 2022: EarthKinder Discovers a CoCreative Family Ecosmos UniVerse with a Genetic Code

This current edition will provide a new Review and Preview Introduction to our 21st century Natural Genesis bibliographic anthology website. At the outset, as an online entry its contents are in fact an active work in progress. But our present 2020 – 2030 span, and this January 2022, seems to be an especial event when many convergent Earthuman discoveries and features are coming together into a coherent narrative edification. As the title terms note, its conceptual basis is a 2020s achievement is due to a global sapiensphere as it comes upon a greater, phenomenal, independent existence as an organic procreation. A vital aspect then is a growing realization that our home Earth may well be the fittest, optimum bioplanet to evolve this far. We open by restating its overall home page notice.

This annotated bibliography and anthology seeks to document an integral, collective EarthWise discovery of a newly apparent organic, genetic encoded, universe, an ecosmic genesis. By 2022, the sourcesite contains some 9,000 entries across 4,000 text pages, with 85 topical outline sections. Our intent is to flesh out and convey this vital narrative of a quickening procreation which seems to require our EartHuman participation. Please presently see Pedia Sapiens 2022: EarthKinder Discovers a CoCreative Family Ecosmos UniVerse with a Genetic Code for an extensive Introductory update review and preview.

A guiding premise is the novel occasion of a major evolutionary transition on a global scale. A new ascendant stage of collective knowledge can thus be seen to arise from the composite contributions of peoples everywhere. By this late humankind vantage, this whole precious Earth may well be an especially fit sentient bioplanet just coming to her/his self-discovery and cocreative destiny. Its composer and editor, Arthur Fabel (my real name), draws upon long experience in scientific, environmental, and organization projects, technical writings, book editing (2004 national award), public presentations. HOME PAGE

We began this bidecadal website essay in early 2020. Soon after, a viral pandemic spread across all lands and peoples. As I continue to update and finesse into late 2021, the plague has morphed into variants and surges. Over the same period an onslaught of awful (apocalyptic) calamities piled on. As these agonies increase, merge and threaten, we note a deep theme of these writings as the concurrent advent of a long foreseen second dispensation as the EarthWise Book of Naturome. Indeed a revolutionary animate procreation just being discovered by a composite humankinder appears to be written in an endowed genetic scriptome. As a reference, all these occasions are covered in and supported by the whole Natural Genesis resource.

As a way to express its robust occurrence, this 2020s introductory synopsis is posted in three formats. This lead entry, Our EarthWise Discovery of a Family Ecosmos UniVerse with its Own Genetic Code, will glimpse and survey its collaborative revelation. Next, The Book of Naturome: The 2021 WorldWise Discernment of a Phenomenal Ecosmome to Geonome Endowment documents how a universal affirmation of an independent, informational genetic-like code from quantum and galactic realms all the exemplary way to persons and planets is being found and proven. A Participatory Ecosmos: A 2020 Chapter, Section and Verse Outline, then contributes a summary report for each topical section. As we newly observant peoples may come to our aware bicameral senses (a Woman’s wisdom), a true familial, macrocosm to microcosm, recognizable identity may well be there for the asking and witness.

By these vistas and lights, a 1990s to 2020s global convergent period and consummate term seems to take on a “Geonativity” likeness. As a working way to arrange such content, it might be sorted into three phases. A 1990 – 2020 span would broadly match an occurrence of a major Earthuman personsphere transition. This first segment will Review collective learnings and advances over these decades. Within an analogous gravid, parturient planet metaphor (actuality), twenty more decisive years from 2020 to 2040 are cited when some manner of a common Earth self- consciousness and response need occur. With this successfully in place, a further three decades from 2040 to 2070 could be sketched when intentional, concerted peaceable, ecovillage sustainability need be achieved.

1990 – 2020: An Emergent Transition to an Earthuman Personphere Achieves Her/His Own Revolutionary Discovery An intelligent, collaborative personsphere appears to perceive, quantify and realize an organic encoded, habitable, ecosmos genesis. For a capsule, From Eternity to Maternity could apply as Earth life’s developmental ascent becomes known as an oriented embryonic gestation as it reaches a relative geonate moment.

2020 – 2030: Whence A Second Earthmost and Ecosmost Participatory Singular Event Becomes Evident A fittest, optimum ovoworld at her/his geonativity term may just now be altogether able to discern and decode an ecosmomic to geonomic, parents to children, informative iteracy, aka liferacy endowment. Our cocreative worldwise achievement, going forward, may then foster a self-chosen genesis uniVerse.

2030 – 2060 to Eternity Preview: Pedia Sapiens Views A New Earth and Heavens A successful Kinder MindKind might take, for example, these phases. An initial resolve of critical biosphere life support conditions need radically move from nations, militaries, weaponry, mad men to eco-midwives so as to engender a viable Earthling allegiance. Our familial geonomic code can then inform a super-organic body, mind and spirit by way of me + We = US ecovillages (Ubuntu UniVerse), an elibrary of ecosmos resource, and move on to better days by way of a respectful cocreativity.

In all regard, we should enter a few caveats. As our EarthWise learning project proceeds apace into the 2020s, these ecosmic findings to follow are not to be seen as my own opinion. But at New Year, with everyone and everything stressed to their record limits, we wish to post and make these salutary dispensations as they may be available as a beneficial resource and guide.

1990 – 2020 Review: An Emergent Earthuman Sapience Comes to Her/His Phenomenal Discovery As a guide going forward, this is a listing of the section modules to follow in quest of a promised planet and a chosen ecosmos.

EarthWise Ecognitive Transitional Attributions and Abilities
EcosmosWise CoCreative UniVerse to EarthVerse Phenomenal Features
Salient Features, Especial Findings, Vital Econcepts
A 21st Century Ecosmos, EarthOva and Earthuman Revolution
The 2020s EarthWise Book of Naturome
GeoNativity: A 1990 - 2020 – 2050 Parturient Planet
A 1990 - 2020 Participatory, Bit to It, UniVersion

I. A Natural Genesis 2020 Vision: A Woman’s Ecosmos Wisdome
II. Earth Learn: A Planetary Progeny Comes to Her/His Own Knowledge
III. Ecosmos: A Revolutionary Organic Habitable UniVerse
IV. Ecosmomics: A Survey of Genomic Complex Network System Sources
V. Systems Evolution: A 21st Century Genesis Synthesis
VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies
VII. Our Earthuman Moment: An Emergent Evolutionary Transition in Individuality
VIII. Pedia Sapiens: A New Genesis Future, An Earthropic Principle
EarthOVA 2022: An Ecosmocene Destiny

Ecognitive Features of an Emergent 21st Century Earthuman Sapiensphere
Our Homo to Earthropo Sapiens Discovery of an Organic CoCreative Family Ecosmos
An EarthWise Decipherment of One Bigender, Familial Code
A 2020s Participatory, Ecosmome to Geonome, Procreativity
A Family Ecosmos Genesis Procreativity
An EarthWise Book of Genesis, UniVerse, CoCreation in a Naturome Code

We open with a list of transitional EarthWise cognitive abilities and conceptual reasons by which an historic edification is now becoming possible.

1990–2020–2050: This span may be a penultimate phase as Earth life’s developmental gestation seems to reach some manner of a geonatal event.

Personsphere: major emergent evolutionary transition in individuality lately appears to be underway on a round planetary scale.

Sapiensphere: A consequent global brain faculty proceeds to learn and gain novel knowledge on her/his own.

Earthural PhiloSophia: A bicameral worldwise, cognitive awareness can then begin to achieve a descriptive explanation and real discovery.

Phenomenal Presence: A genesis ecosmos can be realized to have its own independent self-existence with a universal source code-script.

A Woman’s Wisdome: We record that all these future-friendly advances require such a reciprocal dot/connect, part/field, anima/animus whole brain faculty.

Here next is a survey of EcosmosWise findings which can be attributed to this prodigious Earthuman progeny.

A 21st Century Revolution: A particulate, materialist sterility sans people and purpose is being replaced by a fertile biological essential reality.

A Natural Genesis: An organic cocreation is being found whereof a temporal life, mind and persons in community developmental course goes forth on habitable bioworlds.

Habitable Planets: A salient ecosmological distinction is the prolific presence of myriad, contingent, ovular-like globular objects in sunny star orbital systems.

Ecosmomics: This organic milieu has necessarily been found to possess its own genetic-like code in exemplary effect from animate origins through evolutionary stages to our personal/communal/global geonomic endowment.

A Universal Correspondence: This part/Wave = Light, me/We = US, apparent bigender familiality occurs with an invariant similarity in each and every nested instance and scale.

Nature’s Sweet Spot: As a post-2015 findings, all dynamic systems such as stars, brains, climates, ecosystems, flocks, and epidemics seem to seek and settle in a self-organized criticality which balances dual more or less coherent states.

A Textual Character: After space/time and matter/energy, an informative content is lately found to distinguish as an encoded, generative script/score, prose/prosody quality.

Life's Emergent Gestation: A novel genesis evolutionary synthesis can now flesh out and describe a self-organizing, corporeal and cerebral ramifying sequence which proceeds as an oriented, quickening development.

Life’s Major Transitions Scale: A central evolutionary course is now well accepted as and defined by this nested whence each stage is seen to take on a new personal identity and a novel genetic code version.

Universal Evolution: Another feature is that a selective process from various candidates seems to be in effect even across planetary, solar, galactic, and maybe exocosmic scales.

Participatory UniVerse: A working model noted herein whereof a later result of Earthhuman-like beings has an ordained central place and purpose so to quantify, register and acknowledge.

An Intentional CoCreation: A wide array of evidential, scientific capabilities suggest that we collaborative Earthlings can begin new material and geonomic phases of a much better, sustainable futurity.

An EarthMost Significance: Since our home bioworld has passed through so many (15 – 20) critical check points, it may well be one in a quintillion that has evolved and succeeded this far, with all that portends.

To continue this opening orientation, we post a number of salient features, special occurrences and a working uniVersion model

MEGA – Make Earth Great Always
We wish to convey that our home round planet altogether, by way of a latest flow of findings, may actually have a distinct, unitary significance of its own with regard to the fate and future of the entire Ecosmos UniVerse. But as I write in June 2021, the finite bio/noosphere remains engulfed and stressed by an intaglio of climatic and climactic crises. In 1947, Pierre Teilhard wrote The age of nations is over. The task before us, if we would not perish, is to build the Earth. Some eight decades later we are cutting it much too close. Our precious abode cannot survive and sustain when two trillion dollars wasted on global militaries each year, and while four billion peoples are ruled by some dozen dictators. It is vital that our true, cocreative value and import become a matter of ethnic and Earthling identity, pride and common mission.

Thinking Like a Planet: The Earth Ethic and an Ecosmos Ethic
We cite the environmentalist Baird Callicott’s oft quoted book title (search) so as to emphasize the novel 21st century premise upon which this resource site and review is based. His perceptive recommendation engages both western and eastern traditions which could lately be seen as a global hemispheric, bicameral sapiensphere. In respect, this major emergent evolutionary transition in personsphere individuality might then be appreciated as learning and gaining knowledge by her/his own self. This radical shift to an EarthWise visionary comprehension is the explanatory source for the Natural Genesis annotated anthology website content. A new July 2021 book An Internet in Your Head: A New Paradigm for How the Brain Works by Daniel Graham (Columbia University Press, 2021) makes the best personal and global neuroscience case to date for this EartHuman acumen.

The Other Half of the UniVerse: A WumanWise Ecosmos
As another feature and rationale, we first note, as well known, that the past centuries and millennia have been very patriarchal, left brain biased, hyper-violent, destructive. Scientific and philosophic endeavors were for men only, see works by Jessica Riskin, David Orrell, and A. C. Grayling. At this outset, a new, inclusive name for homo humanity might help so we propose wuman and wumanity by changing one letter. By such an historic corrective, we may consider an animate, conducive Ecosmos procreation which is spontaneously fertile, genetically encoded, profusely sown with ovular-like bioworlds. By this feminine, maternal witness, life’s long evolution can be realized as an actual developmental gestation, quite at its geonatal term.

Natural PhiloSophia
To put into practice, a worldwise bicameral brain/mind capability is an implied throughout. This original 17th century, one culture, integral vista needs to be availed by turns so to join left hemisphere fine particulate focus with right side holistic imagery by way of a bigender unity. A WumanWise mindfulness may thus be able to perceive a greater genesis with an incarnate content and meaning. Another apt phrase might be Sophia Sapiens, and maybe a Mellows complement could be added to Fellows. This vital awareness, anima and animus in concert, is a critical distinction.

A Phenomenal Yesphere Presence
Still another whole global benefit is an ability to perceive that an encompassing Ecosmos to Earthuman abidance which can have an independent, law-abiding, identity and existence of its own. By way of its temporal unfoldment, an emergent, procreative process of being and becoming then appears to be going on by itself. But a major impediment today is that a mostly male science seems to be cognitively unable to admit, imagine, and consider such an actual presence of a uniVerse to wumanVerse genesis. This vital possibility is inconceivable and ruled out. At this late, imperiled hour, might an emergent “Earthuman Phenomenon” allow and appreciate? In respect, we might dub a wumanwise Yesphere perspective which can allow and envision.

Universality: One Complementary Genome Code
As documented in Chapter IV and throughout, a premier discovery and articulation is an actual Ecosmomic genetic code. As a result, an exemplary recurrence is now proven in place from quantum realms to neural connectomes, metabolomes, microbial films, animal groupings, literary writings and onto fractal galaxies. Thus the goal of a self-similar universality is at last fulfilled. If each particle + wave, node + link, bird + flock, reciprocal correspondence is akin to a genetic (DNA + AND) phase, then all other occasions will be genomic in kind. See also the Chap. IV entry herein for more about life’s self-organized, critically poised, sweet spot. Its organic presence could then inform a natural “Genocracy” of complementary (gender) archetypes.

An Earthmost Significance
With regard to our ecosmic revolution, a prior materialist view cites a “Copernican mediocracy” whereof our home bioplanet does not have any special place in, or relation to, its pointless sterility. But by virtue of a procreative genesis uniVerse, an unexpected reprieve and grand option is beginning to dawn. Our EarthVerse evolutionary emergence to a reflective global sapience seems to be the result of a rarest, good fortune confluence of some 15 to 20 check points across galactic, solar system, geochemical, and further aspects. Might our minute, fraught bioworld yet actually be one in a quintillion candidates to reach this singular moment? We valiant beings might altogether have an opportunity to be the fittest, optimum Greatest Earth, if we can come to our collective senses in time.

A 21st Century Ecosmos, EarthOva and EartHuman Revolution
By way of these several collaborative advances, a triple revision about our personal, planetary and uniVersal abidance is well underway. An actual macroecosmic genesis which innately gives rise to our home bioworld and microcosmic human selves in community is just coming to its 2020s fruition. This module is thus sorted into three celestial, global and individual/societal stages and aspects.

A Procreative Ecosmos In this regard, our Natural Genesis site, by virtue of its worldwise source, is now able to identify, report and evidentially certify the actual presence of an animate, habitable, genetically encoded, familial fertility. But as such revolutions occur (Thomas Kuhn), this has not happened yet because an olden sterile, materialist, mechanical, accident scheme exists alongside the new participatory uniVerse to EarthVerse (Ecopernican) reality. As we note, a difference this time is that the epic advance is not due to one person (man), but to altogether to an integral Earthuman sapience.

Earth Front and Center As a result our own eminently habitable bioworld returns to a unique place and purpose. We first note that life’s evolutionary developmental course is lately becoming understood as an oriented, quickening, personified gestation. As the next essay section will enter, it may have just reached a geonatal term. We then refer to the Earthropic Principle and EarthOva 2021 sections (VIII. C & D) which reports an especial Gaia alive, Earthmost, self-chosen distinction with a cocreative significance and awesome destiny.

Human/Wuman Beings Moving on to our own identity, an apt referral to traditional wisdom is a Chinese “anthropocosmic” vision which also held to a triune unity of “heaven, Earth and humanity” (Tu Weiming). At this late advent of an EarthWise revelation about a truly numinous, textual, fecund nature, an expansive sense of individual persons in community can likewise accrue. At once you are yourself, but now as an intended phenomenal participant, each one of us are iconic, self-similar microcosms with all that would imply, anoint and empower.

(At this point we wish to enter a caveat for readers. Within today’s online venue whence postings can be edited, revised, and updated, please see these writings, as they attempt to sketch these vital views, as a work in process as drawn from and based on our global learning endeavor.)

The 2020s EarthWise Book of Naturome
A metaphoric “second” volume, by turns, was long seen to provide sacred edification about this worldly creation. But rather than given, it would be achieved by way of our own inquiry, observance, literate theory, test and cumulative record. The concept is traceable to Aristotle and Augustine, which became a core tenet of 17th century science, but was set aside in the later 1800s as extant realms became a seemingly inanimate spacescape and contingent evolutionary duration.

As noted, our various title terms were each cited by Galileo for a noteable identity. In 1623, he famously wrote: Philosophy is written in that great book which ever is before our eyes but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language in which it is written. Four centuries later, our 2020s premise is that such a double domain has just now been well deciphered and articulated by our collaborative sapiensphere. The prime finding is that a phenomenal ecosmic genesis appears to possess and be written in its own genetic scriptome. In regard, we turn to and remind so as to provide peoples, in these dire time of suffering with little hope with a familiar fulfillment and a mitigating dispensation.

In fact, a Book narrative quite befits a working cocreative organic uniVerse proposal. As this 2021 philoSophia review proceeds it will describe a fertile genesis which is deeply graced and informed by a textual essence. And as Organisms Evolve Rhythmic Protolanguage documents, learning to inscribe, communicate and comprehend a natural literacy appears to be a prime evolutionary requisite. See for example Reading, That Strange and Uniquely Human Thing by Lydia Wilson in Nautilus (Issue 35, 2020), and Rediet Abede’s contribution herein about a broader conception of mutual prosody and prose modes. As Deep Affinity of Genomes and Languages documents, a cross-translation between these phases is now readily possible. We next enter some mid 2021 affirmations from the global literature (search).

Sandford, Emily, et al. On Planetary Systems as Ordered Sequences. arXiv:2105.09966. Astrophysicists ES, Cavendish Laboratory, UK and David Kipping, Columbia University, along with computer scientist Michael Collins, Columbia U. post an overview perception as myriad worlds are detected across the galaxy. It is here is proposed that entire solar systems ought to be viewed as a unitary network due to geometric and mathematic forms. A further advance is the use of computational linguistics via natural language processing to identify a textual quality. By this extension to planetary objects and host stars, a working analogy is achieved by way of word-like worlds and grammars that they may express. As sunny stars and orbital orrerys may become the primary ecosmic formation they can take on a semblance of an inscribed literary narrative.

Kuppers, Bernd-Olaf. The Language of Living Matter: How Molecules Acquire Meaning. International: Springer Frontiers, 2021. This latest work by the University of Jena natural philosopher (search) is much an opus summary of his lifetime studies and quest for a viable explanation of how life began and proceeded to development as an oriented evolution. As the title cites, into the 2020s a considerable finding is reached that a linguistic, informative content well appears as nature’s distinctive quality.

This book by an eminent philosopher provides strong evidence for the claim that language is a general principle of Nature, rooted deeply in physical and chemical laws. The author’s central concept then leads us to view the essence, origin and evolution of life in a completely new way. An epilogue then goes on to introduce the new topic of Nature’s semantics.

Zaharchuk, Holly and Elizabeth Karuza. Multilayer Networks: An Untapped Tool for Understanding Bilingual Neurocognition. Brain and Language. Volume 220, 2021. Penn State linguists perceptively describe how these same connective complexities which distinguish every other natural realm also provide structural topologies across our many languages.

Please also refer to the next The Book of Naturome: Our 2021 WorldWise Discovery of One Ecosmome to Geonome Complementary Code posting with many select 2018 - 2021 citations for each outline topic which can just now attest to a robust breadth and depth of an ecosmic, uniVerse to EarthVerse, genetic endowment.

GeoNativity: A 1990 - 2020 – 2050 Parturient Planet
As the Genesis Evolutionary Synthesis chapter notes, life’s developmental emergence has increasingly gained an appearance as an oriented gestation. By this view, our present Earthuman global transition could well have reached an actual "Geonate" term. A lady scholar once wrote This would be obvious to any woman. But how can this be if the whole world is beset by viral pestilence, dictators, genocides, refugees, weaponry, heat domes. By such a perception, a 1990 to 2050 span would occur over a “parturient” planet (in labor about to give birth). Its 2020 midpoint may be akin to the moment when each fetus needs to awaken from a long dream sleep to their personal self-consciousness.

As readers are aware, the “apocalypse” word is often invoked in these times. But its historic meaning from Greece was more about a beneficial transformation by way of a concurrent revelation rather than a destructive end. In this respect, our EarthWise website edition is offered as a semblance of a second “Book of Naturome” written in an ecosmomic to geonomic code-script. An alternative, PediaKinder futurity could then be envisioned, for example, as composed of metabolic networks of egalitarian, tolerant, peaceable ecovillages, a creative unity of person, community and a viable planet, indeed a Ubuntu UniVerse.

And it seems necessary to cite a common denominator for the many perils and travails, because only men are involved, whose “mandemic” (gundemic, wardemic), continues to rule and rage, while women are silenced, brutalized, enshrouded. Male academics take to writing books with Doom in their title. An easy corrective could be the word “wuman” so to include both halves of a famiiial ecosmos procreativity within a true Wumanity. This vital resolve could be the most important, but also the most difficult, mediation.

A 1990s Participatory, Bit to It, UniVersion
By virtue of the 2020s revolutionary EarthWise edition being surveyed here, we wish to enter this current scenario (Philip Ball 2018) so to begin overall considerations about a potential Ecosmos to Earthmost narrative outline and significance. In general regard, this working model broadly views sentient, Earthuman-like, beings as having a vital importance to an entire astronomic existence and future fate. In its physics form (see outline section and Quantum Organics), a temporal course runs from original particles, waves and information (bit) all the long, evolutionary, encoded way to its momentary aware, retrospective observation (it), which may be quite underway here. In accord with J. A. Wheeler’s original 1990s conception, such a recorded acknowledgement is inherently necessary so to bring the whole universe into full reality.

We are presently viewing how this possibility could assimilate and accord with a revolutionary ecosmos genesis reality. In regard, the long, contingent EcosmosVerse to EarthVerse trajectory occurs, involves and is distinguished by a passage from an initial “Biteracy” generative source (see Glossary) to an “Iteracy” mode via an eventual sentient speciesphere. As the website documents, such an immaterial, mathematic code-script proceeds along the way to spontaneously exemplify its complementary form. By this glimpse, an Ecosmomic scriptome “in-forms” and arises with life’s developmental evolution on habitable bioworlds. On a relatively fittest abode as our Gaia bioworld, it may reach a nested, worldwise progeny able to decipher, recognize, affirm its future continuance. From 2020, an additional contribution could now be an intentional achievement of a sustainable future continuance.

We next cite a timely, apropos June 2021 work, The Ascent of Information, by the Columbia University astrobiologist Caleb Scharf (search) which provides his update upon a participatory universe. Some 30 years on, the extant, temporal cosmos is distinguished by dual phases of overt physical features, and an immaterial program-like source. A developmental course is indeed traced from a Bit origin through life’s evolution to a late global literary sapience, our It reception. A novel, insightful advance then considers this emergent trajectory to have relative phenotype and genotype-like aspects. Scharf thus moves beyond algorithmic terms and gives this informative vector a “dataome” name. But while this contribution is well defined by a generative code quality, it is not meant to pass onto human agency and intent, see the book review for more.
A Second Liferacy Singularity In regard, we here enter a preview of what our nascent sapiensphere cognizance may be finding, which will be viewed more in the 2020 – 2030 - 2040 module. In some real sense we learned Earthumans an aware bioplanet can aspire to be the “It” (iteracy, fiteracy) recipients of the whole ecoVersion, informomic endowment. A vital point thus seems to be a realization that its code-script is actually genetic in kind. So we have dubbed a novel “Liferacy” word for a collective ability to learn, decipher, read, and write, so to carry forth into a new intentional genesis.

At this outset, we are trying to express the considerable opportunity of coming upon an whole uniVerse explanation which has a place and purpose for our observant, cocreative presence. (But as a caveat, we are not trying to put a face on it, nor make excuses.) A further factor may then be involved. If to consider, it seems that any such optimum planetary (geonate) issue need figure all this out for themselves, by their own decisive initiative. In order to ground, orient and cover many aspects, we continue with a 2022 capsule review of website Chapters and sections.

Chapter I: A Natural Genesis 2020 Vision: A Woman’s Ecosmos Wisdome

This initial overview surveys the many findings, revisions and syntheses as our nascent EarthKinder may commence to learn all about and percieve a revolutionary discovery of an organic procreative UniVerse. It opens with Homo to Anthropo Sapiens: Historic Prescience which harks back to Greece and China and onto 19th and 20th century intimations of an encoded, self-organizing vitality. A broadly inclusive section, Earthomo to Ecosmo Sapiensphere: Global Glimpses, then offers some 265 references as an in-process documentation of its advance and fulfillment. Into the 21st century, this grand achievement can newly be attributed to a further major global evolutionary transition. As a consequence, an emergent personal sapiensphere can be seen as coming to her/his own phenomenal knowledge.

Our chapter title conveys some prime signifiers about its occasion and content. As explained herein and throughout, Natural Genesis is meant to represent a radical alternative to an olden natural selection only which relegates life and people to an accidental contingency. As online in the early 2000s, the website content now spreads over eight chapters, 85 subject sections and 8,500 entries. By circa 2020 a visionary evidential veracity seems to have been attained. As not much sooner, a sufficient depth and breadth across every realm from quantum phenomena to galactic clusters, microbes to a metropolis, has been robustly filled in and fleshed out.

But a most significant distinction could be an attribution to a profoundly different kind of cerebral faculty. While the prior centuries of science (Jessica Riskin) and philosophy (A. C. Grayling) have been totally male (left brain) in particulate nature and reductive practice, an ascendant individuality would be graced by a feminine bicameral, right/left whole brain facility. By this view, our EarthWise (Sophia) sapiensphere takes on an essential semblance to a visionary mindfulness able to witness, discover, and sustain. Thus a novel ecological cosmos, a woman’s ecosmos, becomes a reality. A “wisdome” word is added to designate that its complementary, me + We = US, guidance would be genetic in textual kind.

Chapter II. Earth Learn: A Planetary Progeny Comes to Her/His Own Knowledge

This second Chapter currently posts a 2021 retrospective of how our erudite Earth appears to be engaged in a long, collectively intelligent process (David Christian) of gaining knowledge about every aspect of this (awesome and awful) abidance whence we find ourselves. It really does take on a guise of an “autodidactic” universe, but by way of these microcosmic biosphere to noosphere phases. Via our 21st century vantage, an emergent evolutionary transition to a personal sapiensphere seems much in occurrence.

As its outline cites, indigenous encounters first glimpsed an integral, animate, mythic, mystic presence, as if by some initial holistic right brain (as every person does). The luminous endowment of a familial anthropocosmic code, as Taoist teachings evoke, was sensed early on. This feature has remained a perennial quest which may at last be fulfilled. By turns, The Spiral of Science records a later, male, left brain mid-millennia revolution to find, identify, and catalog every particulate atom, molecule, nucleotide, neuron, microbe and object. But an integral notice of an overall scheme was lost and abandoned in deep stochastic space and time.

Global Genius: A Worldwise Mindkinder brings us to today when an Earthropo Sapience is busy putting a true biological reality back together by way of adding systemic network connections between all the many pieces. In regard, we next post a capsule summary of intelligent EarthWise qualities and accomplishments. As readers know, the past two decades have gone from little online website content to all manner of books and journals. In 2005 I had to go to Yale and MIT to find paper books and a working copier. Today, every publication is available online with increasing open, free access.

2020/2021: This numerical event is notable not only for clear binocular vision, but for the perilous litany that could overwhelm us. In addition however, it is also a unique moment when our cumulative learning project, via millions of contributors and publications, seems to have reached a wide and deep evidential sufficiency. That is to say, as not earlier, their composite occasion can robustly verify and prove an animate, wholly recurrent, naturally encoded, familial ecosmos, to be fleshed out in the Ecosmo section.

Personsphere: Our guiding premise has been that a further emergent evolutionary transition to a relative super-organic, cognizant individuality is much underway. But as a caveat, we do not mean a homogenous globalization. Rather, as the Sustainable Ecovillages section conveys, and we cite later on, a next fortuitous phase could be composed of many freely creative protocellular communities in near and far symbiotic, communicative webworks.

Sapiensphere: Its leading manifestation in our daily lives is an apparent worldwise brain/mind capacity which could lately be seen as learning on her/his own. This global faculty could also be seen to form a new realm of knowledge as an accessible online, billion website facility. As a result, it can provide a novel informative, accumulated resource whose content can hence forth be availed to change and begin a much better world.

Natural PhiloSophia: This 17th century, one culture, science + philosophy integral vista ought to be activated again so to join a (male) left hemisphere fine focus with (feminine) right side holistic imagery. Altogether such WumanWise bicameral planetary mindfulness will be able to perceive an incarnate content and meaning, a woman’s wisdome. (Another phrase could conceivably be identified as Sophia Sapiens.)

A Phenomenal Presence: Another whole brain benefit is that an encompassing Ecosmos to Earthuman abidance of which we find ourselves can be seen to have a its own independent, lawful, fertile identity and self-existence of its own. By way of its temporal unfoldment, an emergent, procreative process of being and becoming appears to be well going on by itself. This philsSophia perception is not a fine point. A main impediment today is that men are cognitively incapable of admitting a greater genesis of which uniVerse and wumanVerse are an exemplary result.

A Thinking, Learning Planet At this point, we might illustrate how a worldwise sapience can be seen as coming to her/his own knowledge and discovery. One entry could be the Natural Genesis Journal Resources section with over 200 periodicals which are surveyed on a regular basis. As researchers iteratively peruse and contribution, unbeknownst until now, their composite content could be appreciated as taking on a cognitive cast of its own. The science eprint site arXiv.org posts thousands of papers from Astrophysics to Biology each day which also implies a self-learning process. Many entries such as Hidden Depths in the Local Universe: The Stellar Stream Legacy Survey (2104.06071) and Ariel: Enabling Planetary Science Across Light-Years (2104.04824) have dozens or hundreds of coauthors as an Earthuman acumen performs its vital, ordained role of quantifying an Ecosmic breadth and depth.

The Spiral of Science goes on to post papers which about a collective intelligence such as The Network Structure of Scientific Revolutions (2010.08381), Machine Learning Meets Quantum Physics (Springer, 2020), Superminds by Thomas Malone, and The Wisdom of the Network (1805.04766). The April science news cites new properties for subatomic muons (Physics Review Letters, 126/141801) by a large international team. By our natural philoSophia view, why is it that we micro/macro entities are able to do this at all. Might the big idea be that such a self co-creative reality not only requires its own descriptive record, but in some way is trying to pass on its operating (wo)manual, aka genetic endowment, going forward to whomever smartsphere can evolve far enough to figure this out by themselves.

Global Genius In this context and respect, our website endeavor seeks to identify the historic advent of a collective, accessible, online digital text and analog image worldwise eLibrary of eEarthica. These title words, for example, is from Andrew Rifkin, a NY Times environmentalist who coined it in Exploring the Roots of an Emerging-Planet Spanning ‘Mind,’ from an original citation by Pierre Teilhard. Into 2021 we want to call attention to its enveloping Q & A cerebral capacity with its own limitless memory store. Earthuman sapiens seeks to emphasize its interactive person and planetary basis. As elections ever split in half, nations hack and attack, how might such a smartsphere be admitted and availed so to reach palliative, beneficial solutions? Here is a latest reference in much support.

Whiten, Andrew, et al. The Emergence of Collective Knowledge and Cumulative Culture in Animals, Humans, and Machines. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. December 2021. University of St. Andrews, Oxford, Sorbonne, and Edinburgh editors introduce a special issue of 18 papers in advance for a Royal Society meeting in March 2022. The event (Google) is being held because these two subject fields appear to be converging into a common, reinforcing synthesis. Typical entries are Human Cumulative Culture and the Exploitation of Natural Phenomena, When does Cultural Evolution become Cumulative Culture, Paradox of Diversity in the Collective Brain and The Origins of Human Cumulative Culture: From Foraging Niche to Collective Intelligence, St. Andrews U. was founded in 1413. Some six centuries later a worldwise envelope closes on itself so to reach this hopeful edification.

Chapter III. Ecosmos: A Revolutionary Organic Habitable UniVerse

From our late spherical vantage, the 20th century could be viewed as an exploratory, theoretic, and experimental quantification of dual atomic depth and cosmic breadth infinities, which have lately joined facets and forces as a quantum cosmology. The past 20 years could then be seen as a realization of an actual third infinity of its animate, bioplanet essence and evolutionary life-bearing connectomic course. This achievement is much due to a vivifying, integral network reconnection of all the separate object pieces. Thus a grand reunification into an evident natural self-organizing ecosmic genesis is proceeding to be fleshed out. Altogether a global collective intelligence becomes able to self-reveal, discover, and selectively choose. We next post a survey of prime advances and vistas.

Moon to Multiverse Into the 2020s, Earthomo sapiens will mark some 400 years since Galileo’s first 1620’s telescope. In his day, the Copernican heliocentric view was hardly known and in dispute. Circa 1900, our solar system remained at the center of a starry cosmos. Galaxies were not observed until the 1930s, a point of singular origin by 1965. Theoretical thought about other universes began in the 1990s, see ExoUniverse Studies. Today, maybe as a global Galileo (also a Gloria), our long quest to explore and figure out has become a worldwise collaboration. Some four centuries later, our environmental vista has expanded to myriad unitary, variant exo-cosmoses.

And to reflect, how fantastic is it that we incipient, curious Earthlings in a few years and decades can be able to explore and learn such atomic and astronomic infinities? A typical paper could be Galactic Orbital Effects on Pulsar Timing (arXiv:2103.q5314). Who are we all to explore and quantify such reaches? What could be a reason and purpose for this inherent ordained ability ever be? In some sense, individual persons in community can gain a second identity as functional, intelligent agencies of an ecosmic self-description, literary decipherment, decisive affirmation and celestial destiny. In this 2021 view, a whole uniVerse can be newly understood to have a distinct, overall identity.

As we continue to scan and report what a worldwise Learning Planet may be coming upon, a certain panorama whence microcosmic Earthlings indeed have a central relevance to a genesis macrocosm continues to gain evident validity. An April arXiv eprint paper, The Edges of the Universe by Toby Ord (2104.01191), is an example of collaborative human abilities which can quantify and describe this entire trillion galaxy expanse. Why then can a minute sentient ovoglobe be able to achieve such infinite knowledge? Another entry, The Autodidactic Universe (2104.03902) with Lee Smolin as lead theorist, considers a (e)cosmic creativity which seems engaged in its own self-education, description and informative revelation.

A Profusion of Planets: A premier 21st century astronomic finding and ecosmic addition is a natural propensity to form all various manner of orbital objects in incubator-like solar systems. A middle, conducive area may then form a habitable band wherein Gaian biospheric candidates can give rise over eons and eras to life, mind, persons, and symbiotic familial unities potentially on the way to a planetary progeny. See III. I: ExoPlanets, Solar Systems, Habitable Zones, Biosignature Census for reports about this discovery especially into 2010s.

An Organic Ecosmos: Rather than a sterile, particulate dross, material substance has now become well quantified and understood to possess an inherent self-organizing, complex, replicative, networked fertility. By these composite findings, natural matter appears to be suffused by animate propensities so that living systems seem to be contained within its essence as if a rose in a seed and a robin in an egg. Over billion year time spans, an intrinsic development proceeds to form intricate and appropriate biochemical precursors for life’s evolutionary quickening emergence on its transitional way to an observant sapience. One might qualify all the way from microbes to a metropolis, as Geoffrey West’s Scale 2017 book advises.

A further perception and benefit may accrue. It has been noted, maybe akin to how Gaian life sustaining forces have taken hold on our Earth (see above), with life so deeply written into the operative (physical, intelligent) equations, the same phenomenal process may be unfolding even on a universal scale, see e.g., Caleb Scharf’s 2016 paper herein. That is to say, might we be coming upon a vital reality as far from an old mechanical morbidity as it could be? For this reason, an Ecosmos identity is suggested to convey its dynamic ecological nature. Please see Chapter III. H: An Astrochemistry to Astrobiological Fertility and throughout for many references.

Earth Alive: A Bio-Eco-Ovo Sphere Sustains Her/His Self This title section (III. A. 2) conveys how our home planetary abide his gained these special, unique vital qualities. The Gaia self-regulating model from James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis has now been well quantified as the global systems science paradigm. But the point we want to make is that, akin to a phenomenal Ecosmos, an Earth candidate such as our own can also be appreciated to have a distinct, significant identity. In April 2021 as climate mitigation becomes a prime public concern, our unified wumankinder contribution would be to commence an intentional, respectful, ecological self-stabilization for ages of children to come.

Quantum Organics We coined this phrase to represent an array of radically new 2000 to 2020 worldwise understandings of nature’s basic phenomenal realm, which indeed has been dubbed a “second quantum revolution.” Mostly unawares, this deepest “physical” phase been found to be distinguished by the same complex network dynamic systems as everywhere else. In regard, it is equally treatable by deep neural learning methods, which are leading to many applications. For an example, Oxford University computer scientist Bob Coecke and colleagues are proceeding to study linguistic, compositional, Rosetta-like features, which quite infer an innate textual essence.

An Information Computation Turn Another shift in scientific emphasis, from John Wheeler forward into the 2010s, has been an affirmation, after space-time and matter-energy, of a primary informative, code-like content. Prime volumes noted in this section such as From Matter to Life: Information and Causality edited by Sara Walker, et al and Why Information Grows by Cesar Hidalgo convey this vivifying addition. In further regard, as well known many algorithmic versions, broadly conceived, which allude to natural computations also make insightful contribution to a programmic narrative. This approach can be traced to Gottfried Liebniz and Alan Turing, and lately to Stephen Wolfram, Gregory Chaitin, David Deutsch and Susan Stepney.

Systems Cosmology: Fractal SpaceTimeMatter The realms of “physical” matter across spatial expanses of celestial raiment, along with a temporal vector of their evolution, are now known to display the same nonlinear, self-similar complex organization as everywhere else. When this section was first posted in the early 2000s, only rare, spurious inklings of intrinsic self-similarities and self-organizing topological dynamics could be found. Two decades later, a pervasive structuration and activity has been well quantified across galactic cluster, interstellar medium, stellar coronae and more onto elemental atomic and material phases. The once formless, sterile, forbidding void can presently evince another robust instance of the one, same exemplary code. Here is still another way that an encompassing ecosmos of infinite procreative invariance is gaining its own anatomy and physiology. We next cite another 2021 documentary instance.

De Marzo, Giordano, et al. Zipf’s Law for Cosmic Structures. arXiv:2105:06110. The authors, GDM, Francesco Sylos Labini and Luciano Pietronero, Centro Ricerche Enrico Fermi, Rome, have studied galactic geometries for some two decades. When we posted this section around 2004, only spurious inklings were detectable, but even then an intrinsic harmonic lawfulness appeared to be present. Into the 2020s an independent, constant, fractal self-similarity is now robustly evident, a celestial texture for our edification and continuance.

Universal Evolution: One more recent, relevant aspect needs to be factored in. A certain selective process appears to be in effect even across planetary, solar, galactic, and onto exoCosmos realms, see III. A. 4 Universal Evolution for citations. A generic (computation-like) procedure seems to cast a range of variant candidates which are then subject to external winnowings on an astronomic scale. Broadly conceived, this modus opens to inquiries about what property or quality could appear to be optimally favored. However, a positive 2020s countermand would be the natural presence of a self-making, autopoietic, self-organizing spontaneity so to provide an oriented, informative force. See III.E. 2 An Autocatalytic, Bootstrap EcosmoVerse and throughout.

Chapter IV. Ecosmomics: A Survey of Genomic Complex Network System Sources

After Chapter 3: Ecosmos which enters many overt aspects of a newly evident organic, self-organizing, developmental genesis milieu, this multipart Chapter 4 gathers and reports upon an equally present immaterial, mathematic, code-script generative source. The main extensive text is all about the occasion of novel Complex Network System approaches and schools of study. We follow with further aspects such as Network Physics, algorithmic computation, a literary context, and just now to attain a robust proof of a constant, universal recurrence in kind.

With all this in place, the Our Own HumanVerse Genome Studies section goes on to cite and describe their formative identity as an actual genetic basis for emergent life. Altogether, this central chapter well evinces the intrinsic presence of a natural genetic code. These modules here will go on to report premier 2020 discoveries of its archetypal bigender, familial commonality which, we suggest, can provide the phenomenal, geonome-like guidance going forward that we presently do not have.

An Ecosmomic Code: As a consequent feature, we can now enter a premier realization of our EarthWise comprehension. As the long Chapter IV documents, since the 1990s a new phase of nonlinear complex network sciences, along with algorithmic computation have studied and confirmed the presence of an independent mathematic, generative domain which infuses and informs akin to genotype and phenotype. While early work was spread over many facets, the original incentive (as through history) was to uncover one, inscribed source in similar, exemplary effect at each and every stage and instance. As these efforts have clarified and converged into the later 2010s to an integral synthesis, this informative basis has arrived at a genomic context, whose essential qualities we survey next.

Azpeitia, Eugenio, et al. Cauliflower Fractal Forms Arise from Perturbations of Floral Gene Networks. Science. 373/192, 2021. A cover image entry by a 14 biomathematicians with postings in France, Italy, UK, USA, and Spain which further quantifies nature’s innate iterations as they form and express such vital geometries. Their novel contribution is to associate their artistry with a genetic source.

One Naturome Code with Two Distinctive Phases An abstract phrase for these dynamic agencies has been self-organizing complex adaptive network systems. A salient finding is that they are composed of dual elements or modes with isolate dot, node, entity or connective, edge/link, group aspects. In every quanta to persona to astra realm, this immaterial phase is distinguished by both discrete digital, node, DNA, entity parts and holistic wave, relational, analog, AND, group relations.

Complementarity: A further vital insight is that these particle + wave, node + link, DNA + AND, neuron + axon, member + interaction, masculine + feminine constitute and represent archetypal identities and principles which occur as mutually reciprocal, coincident opposites. (AND = gene regulatory networks)

Triality: We adopt this word for an integral composite which these iconic and biconic interactive pairs proceed to form so as to make up an enclosed, proto-cellular unity. We can now enter particle + wave = Light, node + link = Network, DNA + AND = Genome, right + left hemisphere = Bicameral brain, member + interactivity = Flock, pod, herd, clan, community. This trionic view can convey nature’s proclivity for diverse but beneficial joinings, aka creative union, at each place and time. This beneficial quality is becoming known as an evolutionary “symbiogenesis” (see VI. B. 4, and further herein) in similar effect from starfish colonies to stellar clusterings.

Universality: As the full website expresses, this newly appreciated ecosmomic tripartite code has been found to be in manifest, iterative, overt recurrence from a fractal spacescape to bicameral civilizations. Please see Universality Affirmation (search Alexandria 2019) and throughout for much more. Also known as scale invariance, self-similarity, commonality, the occasion is a historic fulfillment of the epic quest to find a wholly consistent sign and image in kind.

An Optimum, Middle Way, Attractor Poise: This dynamic liveliness has lately been found to display a functional tendency to seek and reside at a best balance between distinct but coincident, more or less orderly, incoherent and/or coherent states. This vital preference thus becomes a golden mean “sweet spot” (D. Chialvo) confluence of both “right and left,” stability and change, entity and empathy, which are ultimately gender modes, at the same time. Although not with reference to this scientific basis, a good public expression is Rule Makers, Rule Breakers; How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World by the psychologist Michele Gelfand (search, see also MG articles) whence all manner of societal activities are seen to take on these polar phases and work best at a dynamic balance in between.

A Real Discovery of a Ecosmomic to Geonomic Code After these several affine features, a vital witness can be entered. With a universal, exemplary recurrence in phenomenal evidence from quantum realms to genomes, neural connectomes, metabolomes, animal groupings, literary writings and onto fractal galaxies, a consistent self-similarity becomes quite evident. If each DNA + AND (GRN), node + link, bird + flock complementary correspondence is necessarily akin to its genetic phase, then all other occasions can likewise be appreciated as genomic in natural kind. By virtue of this epic achievement by our Earthuman acumen, we propose that an actual discovery about this fantastic existence might just now be possible, which is wondered about later on.

Chapter V. Systems Evolution: A 21st Century Genesis Synthesis

With a revolutionary organic, procreative ecosmos spacescape and its natural genomic code in place, the outline and essay can move on to life’s consequent developmental evolution on habitable, conducive bioworlds. This present Earth is so far a premier instance for having engendered and brought forth our consummate personsphere sapience as it presently achieves its own, necessary edifying retrospective. A further historic revision can then accrue as this contingent, vicarious, episodic but ultimately oriented course again takes on a guise of an embryonic to a quickening gestation. By virtue of many expansions and added features noted next and in this chapter with 350 entries, a radical genesis evolutionary synthesis, possibly at geonatal term, is here proposed.

Many years have passed since 1859 and the 1950s modern, neoDarwinian version. This Chapter V opens with a litany of some 23 findings, properties, and qualities which altogether flesh out and enlighten the developmental procession. In regard, the most significant contribution is an informative, ecosmomic code script in self-organizing effect everywhere. Other salient features, for example, are a self-similar major transitions scale, cooperative, symbiotic groupings, concerted and mosaic neural ramifications, intelligent, proactive behaviors, a deep, convergent homology (nature repeats the same pattern and processes over and again), which are formed and joined by modular networks, and so on. (In this advance, and in accord with the essay point we are trying to make, might we take license and dub a Charlotte and Charles EarthWin attribution.)

For a certain example, the April 2021 issue of Interface Focus is Interdisciplinary Approaches to Dynamics in Biology so to report how a robust reconception of life’s emergent progress has been attained and quantified by way of the complex network sciences. Via our philoSophia view, papers such as Homology of Process, and Time and Space in Segmentation describe common forms and trends which persist in kind across the long creaturely course (as the whole site attests, from microbes to a metropolis). Going forward we will continue to identify its verification in the composite literature. As we log in, a June 202i issue How does Epigenetics Influences the Course of Evolution appears in the Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B (Isaac Newton’s journal from the mid 17th century). We next cite new notice and appreciations of symbiotic unions.

Major Evolutionary Transitions Scale A good instance of an historic paradigm shift ready to happen is when two models coexist side by side. As this section discusses, since its 1995 advent the perception of an episodic, nested repetition of diverse complex wholes within wholes so to form personal beings at each level has become a central tenet. But its teleological cast is at total odds with an aimless mutate and select fixation. But we see in this essay and site how it provides an axial arrangement which seems augured for our late fulfillment.

Davison, Dinah, et al. Did Human Culture Emerge in a Cultural Evolutionary Transition in Individuality? Biological Theory. December, 2021. This contribution by University of Arizona and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden system anthropologists including Richard Michod and Claes Andersson is a good indication of how the nested emergence model is finally being applied to and found in much effect across our local to global personsphere phase. An admission of its sequential presence and recurrent properties can serve to consolidate and deeply verify of life’s oriented development.

Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality (ETI) have been responsible for the major transitions in levels of selection and individuality in natural history, such as the origins of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, multicellular organisms, and eusocial insects. The integrated hierarchical organization of life thereby emerged as groups of individuals repeatedly evolved into new and more complex kinds of individuals. (Abstract)

Systems Network Biology and Genetics Since the 2001 human genome sequence, a broad movement has sought to quantify and involve the equally real regulatory and vivifying connectivities between the biomolecular nucleotides. Recent endeavors factor in multiplex network topologies and involve deep neural learning methods. As the 130 sample references convey, an international effort aided by online advances in technique and computation is well on the way to an integral understanding of 3D and 4D organismic epi/genomes and metabolomes.

Deep Homology A salient property, for example, has become known by this title whence many skeletal soma and cerebral capacities can be traced in kind back to their earliest rudimentary occasion, just as an embryo and fetus develops by concerted and mosaic (modular) ramifications from its initial forms. A good example is a constant enhancement of asymmetric bicameral brain asymmetries all the way from first invertebrates through the Metazoan animal kingdoms to our Earthuman selves, as the section (VI. C. 2) documents.

An Evolutionary Intelligence Arise Another appreciation arose in the mid 2010s that life’s central course seems to be defined by complex cerebral anatomies as they become engaged in a cumulative learning process. Due to Richard Watson, Eors Szathmary (also cofounder of the MET scale) and many others, it shifts from a prior emphasis on fossil skeletons to this cognative, behavioral, informative aspect. Another vectorial attribute can thus be traced as a relative accumulated memory may grow, teach and foster a recorded literacy.

Symbiogenesis For our 2021 leading edgy essay, we note that this composite word is increasingly entered in the literature to represent a general triality (see above) whence diverse components (bacteria, starlings, peoples) benefit from mutual aid, sharing, labors, reciprocities so to form a third whole unitary identity (cell, flock, group, community). The nested recurrence of this compartmental tight/loose pattern and process is then found to engender and distinguish all manner of evolutionary progressions and organismic development.

Chapter VI. Earth Life Emergence: Development of Body, Brain, Selves and Societies

With a uniVersal genesis, an ecosmomic bigender code, and an evolutionary gestation now posted, this next extensive chapter aims to fill in a wide array of specific scales and case studies. It opens with A Further Report of Common Principles by way of eclectic examples, since this edition is meant to show how the same complementary and triune format is exemplified and epitomized in each and every phase. Nested Gestation of Communal Creatures then courses through life’s billion year habitations from mineral substrates (R. Hazen) onto appropriate, intricate biochemicals, vast bacterial colonies, resultant eukaryotic cells, myriad fauna and flora, their viable groupings toward mammalian, primate, hominid, onto we human beings and just now an Earthomo issue whom altogether can look back in amazement.

As a thousand annotated references herein convey, an invariant tripartite repetition in kind is necessarily in strong evidence. A Quickening Encephalization and Sensibility next surveys a vectorial increase in cerebral form and cognizance, a constant bicameral brain, how intelligent and resourceful all manner of entities are both individually and in unison, and how organisms proceed evolve rhythmic, effective protolanguages. Indeed, a persistent creaturely endeavor by way of dance and song, prosodic poetry and narrative prose is to gain relative communication abilities and accumulate a store of shared cultural lore. The chapter concludes with An Enhancement of Autonomous Individuality, and Universal Gestation: Phylogeny and Ontogeny. Again, as of course must be the case just as in our own lives, the one same genetic endowment provides its proscriptive self-organization. We cite a typical instance from Dynamic Ecosystems.

Franklin, Oskar, et al. Organizing Principles for Vegetation Dynamics. Nature Plants.
6/5, 2020. We cite this entry by a 29 member international team as a good example of how the 21st century project to detect and quantify common self-organized patterns and processes across natural environs is achieving its grand goal.

Ibarra, Jose, et al. Nurturing Resilient Forest Biodiversity: Nest Webs as Complex Adaptive Systems. Ecology and Society. 25/2, 2020. This contribution by seven ecologists with postings in Chile, Canada, Argentina, Rwanda, and Ecuador including Suzanne Simard could well be seen from our Earthwise vista as an exemplary 21st century fulfillment of a natural genesis ecosmos. From circa 2000 inklings (SFI, John Holland, C. S, Holling (Panarchy), Simon Levin) to these 2020s, the wide and deep discovery of a universal self-organizing process via many diverse, interactive entities is now robustly evident.

Chapter VII. Our Earthuman Moment: An Emergent Evolutionary Transition in Individuality

This late chapter continues the ecosmos familial narrative onto our own historically manifest phenomenon. But everything changes because living, animate materiality finally reaches, attains and bursts into a modicum of its own self-conscious knowing acuity. Its present occurrence as life’s next collective global phase, whereof each nested level repeats the same symbiotic whole essence and personal identity, is arranged into similar people and planet sections. For a new reference, here next is a latest admission and explanation of this beneficial planetary fulfillment in our midst.

Waring, Timothy and Zachary Wood. Long-term Gene-culture Coevolution and the Human Evolutionary Transition. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. May 2021. University of Maine sustainability scholars provide a thorough study of how our homocene to anthropocene, local to global, emergence can well be appreciated as a further spherical scale. A bibliography from Alfred Kroeber and Herbert Spencer to current work conveys how such a “superorganic” phase has long been suggested. Herein, a historic passage from genetic to cultural “inheritance,” from genome to memory, is found to be a prime causal rationale. Thus we reach Section 4. Rethinking the Human Evolutionary Transition in Individuality.

Human/Wuman Beings: Integral Microcosmic Persons
This seven module section reports about everyone’s bodily and behavioral formative ontogeny, along with a critically self-organized cerebral cognizance as may go forth in familial, educative and social settings. From there it emphasizes a bigender brain and cognizance and the substantial presence of personal and cosmic consciousness. A prime entry is then Holf the Universe: A Woman’s Wisdome. In the past 2 decades, a revolutionary conception of what constitutes a human body, brain and identity is covered in Our Holosymbiotic Personal Selves. As many references attest, again each instance can now be seen to epitomize epitome of the one ecosmomic code.

In respect, we phenomenal peoples can become gifted with a radical new identity of universal proportions. Persons would no longer just be whom they woke up as, but are infinitely more, so as both Earthling and “Ecosmosling” at once. To follow this, each child, woman and man gains a true microcosmic place and role within in a revolutionary macrocosmic genesis. Into the 21st century and 2020s we can ascend in history from “sinners to winners.” For an example, when a girl and boy goes to school, it can be said that as they learn so does the entire creation. One could go on. Here next are some specific advances.

Systems Neuroscience: Multiplex Networks and Critical Function With some 185 entries, this large component reports how since circa 2010 by way of imaging studies in accord with innovative theories have found that multiplex connectome qualities distinguish both cerebral topologies and cognitive process. In regard, neural networks with nested layers have become a prime example of nature’s universal, genetic-like system. With this facility, neural net methods have fostered an improved brain-based Artificial Intelligence, along with a wide utility to analyze every other genesis phase from quantum to evolutionary to social commerce.

A Complementary Brain and Thought Process In a significant addition, after some half-century of intensive scrutiny our own micro-ecosmic cerebral faculty is now well proven to be distinguished by asymmetric hemispheres with bilateral archetypes of slow/fast, object/image, node/link, entity/empathy (bigender) dynamic cognizance. Writings by the British psychologist Iain McGilchrist are seen to provide a most luminous explanation. See also An Emergent Bicameral Brain for ways that this bionic faculty is rooted in a deep evolutionary continuity. Here next is a latest, strong confirmation.

Milli, Smitha, et al. A Rational Reinterpretation of Dual-Process Theories. Cognition. Vol. 217, October, 2021. This section has sought to gather many findings since the 1970s that human beings, and lately all creatures, possess a double neural-cognitive faculty whereof each half contributes an opposite attribute. Along with bicameral brain studies, a divide into slower, think about it and fast, just do it options has been in consideration, but with much debate. Into 2021, UC Berkeley, MPI Intelligent Systems and Princeton University propose a clarification by way of the same, typical left and right hemisphere modes of separate details or a contextual orientation. By so doing, an integral synthesis is achieved which provides a significant confirmation of a universal, bigender complementarity.

Conscious Knowledge After many years and centuries of contention, this premier but immaterial quality of our aware, informed existence has now become an amenable subject of scientific investigation and confirmation. Credible integrated Information theories due to Giulio Tononi, Larissa Albantakis, Christof Koch and colleagues, along with Global Workspace models are well quantifying how our personal acumen is a regnant phenomena of an abiding natural consciousness.

Half the Universe: A Woman’s 2020 Wisdome Of crucial significance, this unit contains much evidential documentation that men and women are in actual fact not one and the same, nor have a primary/secondary status. Rather by virtue of especial feminine cognitive abilities and integrative preferences, life’s dual genders may best represent nature’s reciprocal archetypes. Men focus on particulate, nodal things, words without meaning. Women however, whose own left side has access to these details, along with a larger corpus callosum, can then cross-reference to a right holistic mode so as to visualize a meaningful, contextual image. A proper perception of such gender identities is a vital necessity if me + We = US are ever to achieve a just, wumane, sustainable future. But in December 2020, over half the world’s population are ruled by a dozen male dictators from China and Russia (hopefully no longer the USA) to Brazil, the Philippines, Belarus, North Korea and so on.

Our Holosymbiotic Selves Moving on, this module follows with still another indicative occasion of life’s common, ascendant radiation and preference for an integral, symbiotic synthesis so to ever achieve a diverse, entity member and whole composite triality as best for individual sustanencece and survival within a supportive grouping. Finally, Archetypal Psychology refers to a broadly Carl Jungian vista of a mythic, mystic sensitive wisdom whose a once and future guidance is in much need if we are ever to provide a better future for children.

EarthHuman KinderKind: A Personsphere Progeny
This double dignity chapter goes on to likewise consider an array of salient communicative, cultural, local, urban, and onto ethnic, continental, and historic phenomena. Again each area is studied so as to show how it expresses a deeper, independent, universal mathematic (algorithome) source.

A Cultural (Geonome) Code We also cite as Systems Lingusitics because, as noted widely in Iteracy: A Rosetta Ecosmos above, even our very human phase of written and spoken communicative content has been found to strongly exhibit fractal network forms and a self-organized thematic conveyance. Altogether, vitally informative personal and group messaging can be accomplished. Such a constant, manifest occasion further attests to an independent source code which seems genetic in kind. As Earth life may finally flicker into knowing sentience, our social proclivity to make cipher to alphabet markings on papyrus to paper and now through online graphic screens might achieve an ecosmic self-description and realization. We also suggest a Geonomics version for an appropriate, accompanying bigender code so to guide a middle way symbiotic society.

Complex Local to Global Network Biosocieties This is an umbrella section for many exemplary aspects of smaller and larger human habitations. The growing application of nonlinear science to the multi-faceted field of social studies has also led to a notice of a recurrent mathematical basis. Rather than one thing after another sans any deeper context, as surface events surely seem, a global vista can retrospectfully perceive how complex dynamic networked systems likewise self-organize into an exemplary, interactive shaping of groups, assemblies, settlements, villages and cities. A steady, nested scale then ranges from a few members to a metropolis. As introduced in Organic Societies earlier, bounded communities continue to form and evolve toward an organism-like cognitive coherence. As various papers report, political elections, sporting events, social media, financial commerce, to migrations, viral pandemics and even battlefield chaos, can yet be found to exhibit universal patterns and processes.

Planetary Physiosphere: Anatomics, Economics, Urbanomics Our composite societal abidances, especially in metropolitan settings, by way of material circulations, skeletal infrastructure, cognitive cultures and more now appear akin to an anatomy, metabolism and nervous system of a developing organism. As the title cites, into the 21st century human habitations from villages to cities have likewise been described as dynamic exemplars of nature’s complex, fractal, cellular, network self-organization. A consequence is that urban plannings can by guided be and proceed in an organic way, e.g., car arteries, speed limits as blood pressure, and so on, as increasingly underway.

A Complementarity of Civilizations On a planetary scale an appreciation of exemplary Complementary Civilizations, as that section (VII. B. 4) explains, could well serve. Today, news reports about harsh confrontations between the United States and Russia abound, each brandishing (nuclear) weaponry. Similarly a meeting between Chinese and American diplomats is aired as they sit at long, opposite tables as if two sides of a brain. Instead of accord they loudly dispute economic, political, and territorial issues. But if a global view is taken of nature’s genetic reciprocity in manifest effect everywhere, an Earthuman unified abidance is again graced by West and East, North and South hemispheres with their archetypal cultures.

Another benefit would be to recognize that ethnic races such as African and American in such travail, are likewise distinguished by these mutual, distinctive qualities, as II. A. 4: An Ubuntu Universe advises. A new paper, Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa (arXiv:2103.01168), by Rediet Abede, a Ethiopian-American AI expert at UC Berkeley, and colleagues contends that the Global South that is graced by a different, relational culture than particulate bytes. Their essence is more about integral storytelling, drama rather than data, whereby a prosodic integrity can convey an ethical message. See also Vii. A. 5 Half the Universe: A Woman’s Wisdome for more.

Chapter VIII. Pedia Sapiens: A New Genesis Future

With so many integral aspects being found by our special Earthomo sapience, by turns still another audacious feature can and need be identified and factored in, as several. PediaPedia sections document. The overall uniVerse (how once more amazing that we beings can imagine such things in the morning) could altogether be seen as some manner of a generative, informed self-auto-creative activity which is meant to pass on to whomever optimum, fittest planetary progeny can attain this by their own aware initiative. Into the 2020s we Earthlings, truly thinking as a planet, have gained unlimited mind over matter and energy capabilities of Ecosmic prowess and potential.

In addition to being able to quantify and learn all about quantum depths and multicosmic reaches universe, many convergent achievements augur for an ordained second “evolitionary” phase. But as a caveat, this does not portend for a technical singularity or AI computer take over. For example, see (materiality) Coming Alive by Philip Ball in Nature Reviews Physics for March 2021. The long, chancy, choosy, insensate travesty could finally end and a new cocreation by the ethical virtue and guidance of its genetic scriptome code. In other words, the world can be changed for the much better if men can ever stop fighting and women’s beneficial, empathic wisdom be allowed to endow children. (As Bishop Curry said at the royal wedding, we need love to succeed fire.) But first we have to deal with an uninformed, patriarchal, nuclear armed, climate stressed terminal state.

A. The Old World: Its Critical Life Support Condition
After this pandemic, mandemic, gundemic year, while an academic segment yet remains silent, a new resolve to face a plethora of crises is hopefully being called for and getting underway. A “let’s start all over the right way” movement is welling by virtue of a latent multi-gender, ethnic, indigenous, person/planet inclusiveness. We are not doomed as a current book title claims. By our own motive initiative we can individualy and altogether admit, recognize and mitigate climate change, end viral pestilence, foster a viable ecovilage future and more, for which better day this website offers resources.

When this section was first posted in the early 2000s, it cited a litany such as climate extremes, militarism, bogus wars, resource usage, plastics waste, energy excesses, economic corruption. Some two decades later, these perils and more have grown worse and put us in a terminal biospheric life-support condition. If not enough, a dozen or so authoritarian, barbaric, deranged dictators now rule more than half the world’s population. Current works such as The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells and Falter by Bill McKibben sound alarms, but see Elizabeth Kolbert’s Under a White Sky (February 2021) for pathways forward.

B. A New CoCreation: A Singular Wumane Evolitionary Advance
At a geonatal moment, as peoples become critically beset by pandemic, mandemic, gundemic and other perils, along with erratic weather extremes this dark to light age section opens herein with a brief survey and reference of open creative frontiers as they beckon. It then reports upon evidential signs of a novel participatory (biteracy to Iteracy) capacities of material, biological, social protocellular, and onto celestial ascendancies.

Mind Over Matter: Quantum, Atomic, Chemical Connectomics In the past years a strong global capability has been achieved by which to delve deeply into and wholly quantify any substantial title domain. Again by new instruments, computer prowess, better theories, collaboritive teams and more, an open frontier invites we curious, awesome Earthlings to begin a new evolutionary phase. This module conveys how heretofore “inorganic” phases have lately become increasingly animate, fertile, and arable. By a PhiloSophia view, what a fantastic scenario is just now revealing itself whence a valiant worldwise species on a fittest ovoworld might take up and over, as intended it seems, a second cocreative singularity.

Second Genesis: Emergent LifeKinder Proceeds to an Aware BioGenetic Phase While Mind/Matter above was about a conducive substantiality, this entry reviews how our Earthomo sapience is achieving similar insights and abilities to totally revise and recreate life’s arduous trial and error evolution in a medically guided and ethically respectful way. As the references report, all manner of genomic, cellular, metabolic, network anatomy and physiology can be healed and enhanced. A major breakthrough since 2012 is the editing ease of CRISPR genetics, which is daily roving its worth from hereditary to agriculture benefits. Indeed new ways to expand and rewrite nature’s genomic code might be seen as passing on this generative source to our Earthwise continuance.

Sustainable Ecovillages Moving on up, a naturome guide can advise a better, viable, cooperative way to live altogether in the world. As life began by way of whole protocellular vesicles, so this time an apt phase of lively abidance might be social protocells of nominally 100 members of all walks and ages, please see VIII. B. 4 Sustainable Ecovillages. Such a successful community has flourished for over 20 years in close by Amherst, MA. With a reduced economic burden, many folks work a few days a week or less so are freed up to get a life. No one directs or manages since everybody helps each other in a self-organizing way. Here is a good instance of “creative union,” also an ubuntu (I am because We are) equity, whereby a supportive group proceeds to empower and liberate. This novel animation could extend on with nested local, bioregion, continental, and biospheric networks so to form a healthy and hale continental and global personage. Here is the crucial shift from nuclear nations to an EarthKinder identity as planetary patriots.

A Organic Reciprocal Genocracy At this point, we consider some ways that these natural findings due to our learned Earthkinder could be availed to resolve everyday world (misinformed) political, military, social and cultural crises. I write in spring 2021 in the USA when right red and left blue factions are gridlocked in oppositional, defiant behaviors. We ought to ask why elections always divide in half. Within a Natural Genesis, an organic, bigender complementarity could well serve to heal and resolve public affairs. That is to say, can it ever dawn that bipolar Republicans and Democrats represent archetypal halves of a whole familial populace. Might a new name as a "femocracy" be appropriate? It could be as simple as me + We = US (United States) by which to achieve a bicameral, conserve and create, warrior and worrier, past/future viable polity so to provide a peaceable sustainability good the children.

A Viable Gaiasphere: Planetary Patriots and Matriots After the whole resource site, this consummate section concerns how we peoples might altogether gain a sufficient understanding and motivation so as to heal, mitigate, sustain, and foster our rarest, great Earth bioabide. Herein we seek to report and document many ways that a worldwise cocreative, encoded genesis found by our Earthomo sapience could inform, inspire and guide a viable super-organic, entity/Earthling resolve. Along with ending the viral pandemic, it is said we need to embark upon to similarly vigorous scientific and public mission to admit and stabilize climate impacts. (And one ought to include a national barbaric male militarism.) In accord with Earthropic Principle next, a common initiative so to become a rare, fittest ecosmic center of future genesis ought to commence.

C. An Earthropic Principle: Novel Evidence for a Special Planet
D. EarthOva 2021: An Ecosmocene Significance and Destiny

As these final Pedia Sapiens website sections enter, an unexpected turn of events and resolve could begin to imply a point and purpose with regard to our Earthuman participation. Within our revolutionary ecosmic theme, a prior, spatial (Ptolemaic, single sleep) model cites a “Copernican mediocracy” whereof this Earth, or any planet, does not have any unique place in its pointless sterility. But if a phenomenla genesis uniVerse can be newly understood as a reproductive procreation, a grand alternative may be in our sapiensphere midst. Life’s evolutionary emergence seems to be the result of and facilitated by a rarest, good fortune confluence of many astrological to solar-bioplanetary check-points, which are here given an extensive topical review and documentation. Might our minute, fraught bioworld, at once so beset and so precious, yet be one in some quintillion candidates which is able to reach this relative geonativity moment? An encompassing reality and presence may just now gain such an explanatory narrative. In regard, here could accrue a grand opportunity and challenge to be the fittest, optimum Greatest Earth, if we peoples especially men) can altogether come to our senses in time. We post next a latest instance of another closely poised condition.

Kodama, Tatsuhiko, et al. The Onset of a Globally Ice-Covered State for a Land Planet. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. 126/12, 2021. In this American Geophysical Union publication, we cite this December 2021 article by four astro-biochemists posted in Japan and France as a latest example of one more finely set ratio between a drier or wetter rocky orbital world. If it goes too far in either direction, severe climate states of all ice or hot greenhouse can occur. Our home Earth must then be in a fortuitous, middle area wherein life can evolve, develop and learn all of this.

The climates of terrestrial planets with a small amount of surface water, called land planets, are significantly different from planets having a large amount of surface water. Land planets have a higher runaway greenhouse threshold than aqua planets. In this study, we investigate the freezing limit for surface water variations and found that a land planet climate has dry tropics that result in less snow and fewer clouds. Freezing limits for zonally uniform surface water are consistently lower than those for meridionally distributions. Our results indicate that relative water distributions have a major effect on the onset of a global ice-covered state for Earth-like exoplanets. (Abstract excerpt)

With this circa 1990 – 2020 EarthWise chapter and verse review in place, we can post a general summary of conceptual approaches and substantial features of a newly apparent phenomenal revolutionary discovery. While a somewhat abstract version, the 2020 - 2030 Earthmost and Ecosmost Participatory section next will lead into a whole brain visionary glimpse and ourline sketch of a natural family ecosmis genesis narrative.

I. Conceptual Features of an Emergent 21st Century Earthuman Sapiensphere

Personsphere: A further major emergent evolutionary transition in individuality appears to be underway as life’s nested developmental scale reaches and envelopes our unique, conducive bioplanet.

Sapiensphere: A consequent global brain/mind forms as a self-organized complex adaptive system due to myriad personal contributions which could be seen as coming to her/his own knowledge.

Yesphere: We dub this new word for an integral, left detail + right image, complementary facility which is able to admit and consider a phenomenal reality which exists on its eternal, independent own. In regard, we propose as a way to move beyond an olden male “Nosphere” which is unable to do so, and denies everything.

Knowledge unto Discovery: For these occasions, an edifying, numinous dispensation, long in the ordained making, may now there on cue for the asking, seeing and reading. In regard, we may awaken to a genesis uniVerse which is trying and need to gain its own self-comprehension (Caleb Scharf). As tradition teaches, an iconic (biconic gender and triconic family) (yin/yang Taome) familial correspondence between human/wuman beings and the whole fertile ecosmos can be actually evident.

A Woman’s Wisdome: We reenter this premier, imperative quality a day after the Taliban ruled that girls should not go to school. After some 13.8 billion years of Ecosmic and Earthly ascent all might be lost because ignorant, barbaric men have so taken over as brutalize, silence, enshroud the missing feminine half of this true natural genesis procreation. The degree of male hyper-violence today may be due to this absence of any relational mitigation, warrior and worrier, which then drives men mad.

A 21st Century Revolution: For all these factors, lights and rationales, if of a mindfulness to witness, a particulate, materialist, pointless, sterility is being replaced, in late retrospect,by an organic Ecosmos uniVersal procreativity whereof our EarthVerse geonatal opportunity can (re)gain a central place and purpose.

II. Our Homo to Earthropo Sapiens Discovery of a CoCreative Family Ecosmos

A Natural Narrative: An overall, comprehensive identity and vivifying essence is being found and understood by which to distinguish a multi-billion year, trillion galaxy, sextillion star, astrobiochemical fecundity as it innately forms conducive bioworlds for individual beings and becomings. (The French chemistry laureate Christian de Duve has mused about a fertile cosmos which is “pregnant” with life and people.)

An Organic Genesis: In its dynamic regard, an oriented evolutionary development is found to intrinsically, spontaneously proceed by its fertile essence. As a consequence, wherever possible life, mind and sentient beings appear, emerge and quicken across nested, recurrent scales.

Prolific Planets: This deep propensity to form a quintillion globular objects is a prime 21st century discovery. A stochastic infinity of worldly objects occurs across a widest contingency as they may array every which way around a variable stellar host.

Habitable Zones: Within this generic solar system scenario, middle bands can form with favorable conditions (thermal, radiation, geologic, etc.) such that microbe-like entities can originate, live, evolve and individuate in cellular unities.

An Ecosmomic Code: Such an innate, biological animation has necessarily been found to possess its own genetic code-script (genotype and phenotype-like) basis which informs in exemplary effect from celestial and quantum phases all the way to our geonomic endowment. (This extra dimension, aka prose/poetry, score/script and so on, is an epochal basis for its EarthWise Book of Naturome edition.)

Its Informational Ascent: As life’s generative course proceeds, while remaining as an independent source, the code scriptome program becomes conveyed along in an exemplary fashion so as to at last reach our Earthuman decipherment, cognizance and potential geonomic continuance. Thus the “participatory, bit to it, universe” physics model is mostly fulfilled (much more about this later).

A UniVersal Correspondence: As a result, a grand discovery is the once and future presence of one, common part/Wave = Light, me/We = US, node/link = network, entity/empathy = viability, warrior/worrier = peace bigender complementarity and family-like triality. In other words, as the Natural Genesis resource documents, an invariant similarity is now robustly present across each and every instance and scale.

Nature’s Sweet Spot: A further post-2015 feature has become evident whence active occasions such as stars, brains, climates, ecosystems, animal flocks, cultures and epidemics appear to seek and settle into a “self-organized criticality” of a poised balance of dual more or less coherent states. A “chimera” condition then views a dynamic system as residing in both modes at the same time.

Life's Evolutionary Gestation: Our EarthKinder retrospect can now begin to take in life’s long, circuitous Earthly emergent course from which we came. As Chapter V, A 21st Century Genesis Synthesis reports, the actual presence of a self-organized, oriented, sequential, homologous, nested, networked, quickening development can become apparent. A premier notice is the presence of symbiotic unions and cellular communities at every instande. As noted in our Geonate entry above, a consequence could be a (1990 – 2020 – 2050) parturient planet fulfillment.

A UniVersal Self-Selective Candidacy: But to move back to a celestial expanse, still another property need be factored in. It has become apparent (Chap. III, B, 4) that some kind of winnowing process by way of excessive contingencies seems in effect across quantum, planetary, solar systems, galactic, and maybe Exocosmic scales. What quality, might a participatory natural genesis then be trying to optimize?

An Intentional Future CoCreation: Be that as it may, Chap. VIII Pedia Sapiens conveys the advent of many novel scientific, evidential, mind/matter, energy, space, time, biogenetic abilities due to our collaborative speciesphere. At the same while that an Old World is in its throes, a provident, transformative prowess arises in our midst by which to continue on and foster a New Earth and Ecosmos.

An Earthmost Significance The plot quickens. Another crucial factor need be added to our 21st century edification. As noted above and in their section, Earthropic Principle and EarthOva Destiny, it is dawning on us that our home bioworld has been able to pass through so many check points, it may well be one in a quintillion to have evolved and succeeded this far.

As an entryway into a 2022 surmise, we wrap with some topical modules so to consider and exercise its vital, beneficial content at this broadly apocalypse – revelation, EarthKinder or cinder, singular opportunity. (I know these writings are often redundant, but we are trying to gather and properly treat many issues.)

An EarthWise Decipherment of One Bigender, Familial Code
I began this essay in early 2020, first posted the Natural Genesis resource site circa 2002, and began these curious studies around 1970. A persistent theme and intent has been to discern and elucidate a “second book” edification (broadly conceived) of a genesis uniVerse cocreation, written in a genetic code. To wit, it is simply guided by a conviction that such an ordained reality is actually there, which a male academia strongly denies. Here we muse over this wider perennial historic inquiry.

As homo sapience first stirred into mystical, shamanic, mythic, animist, metaphysical sensibilities, peoples sought to gain some viable awareness of this awesome and awful worldly and starry abide. A steady theme distinguished this quest to an extent that this existence comes with an innate, bigender code by which it could be known. As a consequence, some enscripted life force was seen to be in visible, exemplary effect and natural revelation at every occasion and scale.

Both Eastern and Western realms distilled this view into a common, archetypal sentence. One (individual), Two (couple), Three (family) is an essential version. A fourth “Many” was added to convey its infinite repetition in kind (Raphael Patai and Xiaojun Duan). Yin and Yang within a whole Tao is a familiar image. Fast forward to our Earthuman acumen, as Chap. IV and more records, a constant, exemplary recurrence from quantum phases to genomes, neural connectomes, protein metabolomes, animal groupings, literary writings and onto fractal galaxies is well filled in and robustly proven. This grand universality (France Cordoba) provides an evidential basis (global Galieo) of The Book of Naturome.

A 2020s CoCreativity, Ecosmome to Geonome, EarthVersion
We again turn to and expand the Participatory UniVersion theme. An EarthWise space and timeline now entails a fertile animate milieu, a familial, bigender code, habitable bioworlds in solar incubators, life’s evolution as a developmental gestation, an emergent personshpere progeny, her/his sapiensphere knowledge, and our unique fittest opportunity’ All these lights then serve to reveal, empower and justify an open sustainable futurity. To stay with this phenomenal panorama, it seems that Earthuman-like peoples are made and meant to discover and gain a conceptual understanding about the whole procreative spacescape. In regard, this incredible scenario seems to require its own recorded description, genetic literacy, informational repository, and aware affirmation (self-selection) of both uniVerse and EarthVerse so as to come into full, manifest existence.

In further respect, the stellar, galactic, ecosmic and multiversal expanse appears to require a fittest, optimum candidate whose intelligent species, by virtue of their own initiative, can observe, decipher, affirm, self-select, take up and begin a second PediaVerse genesis. It may necessarily be the case that whichever “EarthMost” candidate is capable of evolving and developing to this far occasion then needs to accomplish all this by their own volitional initiative. And even farther afield, within a conceptual multitude of universes composed of all possible parameters and variants, a “greatest Earth” might aspire to even achieve a self-chosen ecosmos.

A Family Ecosmos Genesis Procreativity
To wit, we attempt to imagine and consider an apparent meaningful significance to these relative abstractions. Into these critical 2020s one might dare suggest, as based on this Natural Genesis website, that a comprehensible identity could be considered for an entire multiversal ecosmos. In regard, an ability by way of an internal human-like planetary acumen may be a vital requirement (as the participatory version alludes) to bring into ecosmome to geonome self-affirmed realization. An apt overall phrase might be “from eternity to maternity.”

As long foreseen, across the ages a perennial uniVerse to humanVerse correspondence, might indeed be qualified and confirmed. By turns, an “anthropocosmic” vision (Chap. II. A. 2) might expansively be appreciated as an Earthropo to Ecosmic version. A generative code-script, DNA/AND, bigender complementarity and whole Taoist triality has been found to suffuse and prescribe every stage and instance. A “pregnant” cosmos (Christian De Duve), an ovular-like Earth, and life’s sequential, quickening gestation at its gravid hour can well imply a maternal/paternal to son/daughter reproductive process with an ascendant genetic endowment. So in this regard, a daunting planetary and celestial surround may yet reveal an encompassing familiarity for both the whole macro-ecosmos and our micro-ecosmos iconic, bionic and triconic embodiment.

An EarthWise Book of Genesis, UniVerse, CoCreation in a Naturome Code
This fourth section will attempt to glimpse, discern a narrative storyline which may yet be contained and expressed by the incredible goings on above, and the whole resource site. At the outset we need to introduce some overall concepts: verily that an ecosmic universe can be an integral unity in space and time, that it may altogether possess an knowable identity, that our personal and planetary being and becoming could have central, decisive importance. (I realize that the entire scene as it may unfold is at once awesome and awful, we are not trying to explain or make excuses.)

Into 2021, we respectfully offer this Natural Genesis worldwise annotated bibliography and anthology resource as an on-going work in process. Our current essay title then proposes the timely occurrence of The Book of a Genesis UniVerse CoCreation: A 2020 EarthWise Edition with a Naturome Code, as if due to a “Global Gloria and Galileo.” In 1981 I wrote a pamphlet entitled The New Book of Nature because such inklings were taking an animate shape and numinous promise even then. When I spoke at Palacky University in the Czech Republic in 2005 (see home page), the introducer said that my presentation would be about “the book of nature.” So after all these years maybe its beneficial advent and guidance, just when needed most, can at last be opened and legible.

2020 – 2030: Whence A Second Earthmost and Ecosmost Participatory Singular Event Becomes Evident: A fittest, optimum ovoworld at her/his relative geonativity hour may just now altogether be able to discern and decode an ecosmomic to geonomic, parents to children, informative iteracy, liferacy and fiteracy endowment. Our cocreative worldwise achievement, going forward, may then serve and foster a self-chosen genesis uniVerse.

In the context of this New Introduction, the Natural Genesis resource site as attributed to a prodigious worldwise progeny, by way of a bigender philoSophia vista, an ultimate time event for both EartHuman and uniVerse can appear to be in occurrence. Its presence and import can be seen to not only involve our very especial home bioworld, but also the fate and future of the whole procreative organic ecosmos.

After the bursty Big Bang, this late occasion might be cited as a second singularity whereof a uniquely aware speciesphere, such as our EarthKinder, can be able on her/his own to achieve a retrospective observance, description, and self-realization. A consequent organic, familial character can then serve to imply a procreative purpose. As life’s evolution becomes known as an oriented gestation, this moment can actually take on a geonativity essence. But the most critical aspect might be an ability to recognize that it comes with its own genetic-like code.

By this spacescape view, an ecosmomic informational transfer, as if from parents to children, could define our vital task (great work) to decipher, read, and acknowledge such a geonomic endowment. As a way to express, a composite “Liferacy” term is dubbed so to represent an innate textual narrative. A further singular aspect would then be a respectful, concerted avail to both save and sustain this precious planet, and to begin a new pedia sapiens “second Genesis” cocreation going forward.

But Earth peoples are now so beset by multi-calamities of a variant plague, record tornados, capricious warlords, on and on. An apocalyptic despair sets in as all hope becomes lost. So these online editions are offered as a concurrent dispensation which has long been anticipated to mitigate, save and transfigure. In respect, we have sought to propose the 21st century advent of an EarthWise Book of Naturome (Global Galileo) and of a Genesis UniVerse. Here next is a survey of prime features.

A Family Ecosmos: As our evolutionary and historic course seems to reach a geonatal end or beginning of days, a once and future revelation may occur. A deep affinity between human peoples and the starry raiment has long been a prime theme, see An AnthropoCosmic Vision herein. Into a 21st century collective neosphere, by virtue of current findings of the same sweet-spot bigender network scriptomics at every extant phase (The Book of Naturome next) it may just now be valid and credible to recover and avail this essence and relationship.

EarthKinder Geonativity: Another appropriate metaphor could accrue as life’s evolution becomes known as an embryonic gestation (Chapter V). By this view might it just now reach its parturient planetary term? A view can illume more affinities, such as a vital moment when every neo-candidate must awaken (Karin Schwab, H. Larercrantz) from a dream sleep to their own decision to hatch or be borne. In an analogous way, our EartHuman thinking planet need be able to allow and attain her/his own visionary individuation. (And in this season, might we be invited to imagine an ecosmic advent of divine children?. )

An Earthmost, EarthOva Significance: As these final outline sections (VIII. C., D) gather and report, our speciesphere bioworld may attain an incredible, unexpected identity as a fittest, optimum, one in a quintillion, importance due to having made it through some twenty check points. As an intended result, an especial EartHuman KinderMind could achieve a global, and universal self-selection by their own free initiative. This unexpected lottery-like turn remains quite unbeknownst. As it bodes for an infinite significance for our minuet, fractious ovoWorld, its recognition could bring an incentive and mission, a dignity and destiny, that could unite fractious nations and cultures.

Ecosmonativity And far afield, if this home uniVerse (it is awesome that peoples can speak of this), we micro ecosmic Earthlings might yet have a real relevance to the fate and future of an entire macro ecosmos. And if set within a profusion of variable spatial and temporal universes as they bubble in and out of existence, then what we may decide and do could validate the whole panorama. (In 1983 at Harvard I heard Andrei Linde present this very fractal scenario.)

The vast medical, biological, genomic sciences, and every other aspect, could be appreciated as an ordained edification. By their avail, many maladies, diseases, viral plagues, social strife, ethnic wars, climate changes, can be cured, mitigated, prevented and moved beyond. By this grand view, a self-medicating, healing, resolving kind of cocreative genesis reality may appear. Thus the sudden achievement of effective vaccines draws on stored biochemical, virology, cellular, physiological insights so that peoples can help and heal themselves.

This drafty proposal opens with another EarthWise (Pedia Sapiens Ecognizance recital of 2020s cerebral facilities, moves on to EarthAware Visionary Accomplishments, 2022 and previews of A Personsphere Progeny Finds a CoCreative Family Genesis.

An EarthWise (Pedia Sapiens) Ecognizance

Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality: As a historical passage from homo to anthropo to Earthropo sapiens lately occurs and converges over a gravid bioworld, a personsphere stage of this well accepted emergent quickening sequence becomes quite apparent.

WorldWise Sapiensphere: As a result, a prodigious phase of a globally collaborative intelligence is in active formation. By the 2010s and 2020s it has commenced to learn, know, decipher and discover by its her/his own. But this enveloping resource and repository, which can provide the sustainable guidance that Earth so needs, is largely unknown.

A Whole Neosphere (Yesphere) Brain: As a radically different whole bicameral, left plus right, binocular cerebral faculty, Our MindKinder can then achieve a revolutionary observance of a familial milieu.

A Woman’s Mellow Wisdome: Another benefit is to afford and complete a philoSophia Sapiens mindful vista. This vital imperative must be fulfilled right now so to undo and move beyond a long destructive male dominance. Only by readmitting the other feminine, maternal half of a life-friendly ecosmos can it become understood. A 1994 article of mine in Environmental Ethics (16/3) argued that we cannot have a living, sustainable Earth in a dead universe. Into the 2020s, it may well be that nothing other or less than a woman’s (wuman, whoman) ecosmoVerse can accomplish this.

An Altered State of Aware Sentience: As noted above, as our parturient state labors, a crucial act may be an event of waking up from a long dream/sleep unto our own self-conscious personal and planetary realization.

EarthAware Visionary Accomplishments

An Evolutionary Knowledge Repository For another singular aspect, an ascendant informational content can be traced all the way from an original biteracy to our own iteracy (fiteracy, liferacy) via a relative communal and cultural venue. Just now an Earthuman sapience could be seen as forming a further “elibrary of Ecosmos”. From our global vantage, a whole definitive course can be traced whereof it may seem that an encoded genesis intends and needs to transfer its entire generative scriptome corpora to whomever ultimate bio/ovoWorld can be able to attain its aware recognition.

An Independent Phenomenal Reality: By way of these nascent, worldwise faculties, a greater macrocosmic existence can be admitted and quantified, of which our microcosmic planet and persons are an iconic epitome.

Knowledge into Discovery: While this conceptual option is currently rejected - no innate anything exists, life is not a story – a natural testament can open and reveal itself to our composite bicameral facility.

A Revolutionary CoCreative Natural Ecosmic Genesis UniVerse: As the whole website content attests, a novel moribund machine to an organic, fertile, lively, self-organizing, making, verifying personification is becoming robustly evident. In the temporal course, it returns our precious Earthly presence to a central prominence.

Our 2020s Retrospective Witness: As our Earthuman sapience may turn to serves to note that as this integral vista may reveals itself, a temporal ecosmic “mid-point” might be defined as a collective capacity becomes capable of looking back and literally quantifying how persons, life, Earth, and Ecosmos came into being. We might suggest “Whoman” as another name and identity as we arrive here and are invited and compelled to ask and see a self-verifying existence.

An Iteracy, Geonomic, Genelish, Earthese We just broach the public domain of attaining a commonly respectful, uniVersal language.

A Personsphere Progeny Finds a Natural Family Genesis Procreation

A Second Earthmost and Ecosmost Liferacy Singularity At an outset here is an interim synopsis of what kind of universal reality may just now be revealing itself to us. In respect, one might pose that an entire uniVerse could have a definitive identity which needs our observant affirmation and cocreative futurity. As a trillion galaxies and some quintillion orbital planets appear and evolve by turns, this astro-biochemical milieu has its own genetic source and informed impetus. A prime qualification then seems to be its self-decipherment and fiteracy to take up and over, read and write, by an emergent personal/global intelligence. A specific task for us, as an optimum candidate, is to realize that we need to figure all this out by our own initiative.

A Whole Celestial UniVerse: We Earthlings have come to find ourselves in a spatial galactic, stellar system raiment, and in occurrence due a temporal evolutionary vitality. By this occasion, a point of retrospective witness and potential self-discovery can be attained. Into the 21st century, our ecoVerse presence can be set into an encompassing spacescape of contingent multiple universes. (To reflect, what an incredible scenario is being revealed to us.) A new concept we wish to note is that an entire ecosmos reality might be seen to have a distinct, knowable, familial identity of its integral own.

An Organic Essence An animate ecosmos can take on an astro-biochemical fecund fertility so as to spontaneously vivify, self-organize, complexify, evolve and develop into self-made, intelligent persons in groups wherever possible.

An Intrinsic Elemental, Biochemical Fertility By this module we consider increasing 21st century findings that the material composition of this fecund spacescape is finely suited for organisms and persons to form, evolve and develop. The range spans the periodic table and myriad compounds starting with water. Such perceptions bode for some “prior agency” that (whom) has put all this in place. While “design” is not apt, an open mindset able to ask and witness need be permitted. Where do fractal mathematics come from, why did cells come along. By what acuity could we be able to admit a real discovery.

A Family Ecosmos: As our emergent evolutionary and historic course may close upon its geonatal fulfillment, an overall, once and future, salutary appreciation may be possible. A deep, innate affinity between human peoples and the starry raiment has long been an edifying theme, (see An AnthropoCosmic Vision). By virtue of our 2022 collective neosphere, a real connection between a considerable “parental” uniVerse and our PediaVerse “childhood” is newly traced in the form of a common, bigender complementary genetic-like code at every exemplary scale and instance (see Book of Naturome next).

A Reproductive Procreation To continue this theme, an evident temporal course can be discerned and traced from parental-like origins all the way to a children-bearing issue on premier ovoplanets. Such a familial character would recover and provide an innate way for we late wuman beings to comprehend its overall identity.

Habitable Bioworlds Our 2020s EartHuman sapience can proceed onto a further fantastic realization and scenario whereby this fecundity can be seen to take place on optimum planetary candidates in solar incubator systems. By this view, a fittest, superOva Earth can accrue an actual ovular-like nature.

An Ecosmomic Liferacy Source Script An organic, maternal and paternal vitality implies an immaterial, generative program in effect. Indeed, a prime addition by way of the moribund machine to animate fertility revolution has been since the 1980s and 1990s the perception and finesse of such an immaterial, mathematic informative domain.

Universality By the 2020s, as Chapter IV and elsewhere conveys, along with Book of Naturome next, its biologic code-script program has now been found to posses a common bigender-like complementarity and overall triality scope. In addition, such a node/link = network, DNA/AND = Genome, et alia dynamic activity seems to seek and settle at a self-organized critical poise between more or less order, conserve and create, red or blue modes. We then want to record that these Global Prize findings constitute an actual discovery which is as real as a gravity wave, chemical element or spiral galaxy.

An Informational Ascent As the participatory universe model conveys, a vectorial passage from a “biteracy” origin along a circuitous evolutionary course to an “iteracy” phase as received and recorded by a self-aware global sentience. (universe to me + We = US) See also Knowledge Repository above.

An Emergent Developmental Gestation A 21st century “EarthWinian” Genesis Synthesis can then contribute this pregnant title appreciation suitably in a vital woman’s ecosmos. As many latest findings come altogether, life’s enscripted, self-organized, nested, networked, symbiotic, deeply homologous, member-group form and much more has quite taken on this maternal semblance and sense. As an Agency module below advises, one could say “the plot quickens.”

A Geonativity Event remind in turn this momentary consequence and resolve at term, as described above and throughout. Again by this occasion we peoples could aspire to become both ethnic and Earthian, and onto planetary matriots and patriots

An Optimum Self-Selective Process: To move to a celestial expanse, another functional aspect ought to be factored in. It has become noticed (Universal Evolution) that some kind of winnowing among contingent candidates seems to be in effect across quantum, planetary, solar systems, galactic, and maybe even Exocosmic scales. What certain quality could a participatory natural genesis then be trying to achieve? One wonders whether it might be the necessity for a premier result (maybe we Earthlings) to be able to figure out and choose to succeed by our own initiative and motivation, as an act of personal and planetary individuation.

An Autocatalytic, Self-Making, Cognitive Agency (While this uniVerse to US litany moves through many radical aspects, a reader can view the 85 outline section and 9,000 entries for references.) Another salient feature can enter the narrative storyline. Since 2018 to 2020 and today, a main evolutionary preference for an oriented increase of cognitive, intelligent, proactive behaviors in communal groups has gained notice. That is to say, from a minimum cognition, life becomes smarter, knowing, cerebral, mosaic, individuated, studied, and so on.

Participatory Persons and Planet As noted earlier, the 21st century revolution not only is about the ecosmos, but also an expansive place and purpose for human beings and our global genius. One aspect may be an ability to carry out its necessary written description, For example, two current entries are Emergence of Galactic Morphologies at Cosmic Dawn (arXiv:2112.08396) and Grand Unification of Quantum Algorithms (2105.02859). And The Fibonacci Quasicrystal: Hidden Dimensions and Multifractality (2012.14744) is by Anuradha Jagannathan, an East Indian woman astrophysicist in Paris. While we are some 60 and 100 orders of magnitude less, our regnant sapience yet seems capable of any breadth or depth of mathematic quantification.

A Fittest EarthMost Significance At this point, still another unexpected awesome feature can come into play. As the Earthropic Principle and EarthOva final sections report, in the past years it has been found that our home planet has passed through some twenty critical tests so that a speciesphere can write about it. Can such an unexpected significance and import add and reveal a point to it all. Could our fraught Great(est) Earth abode yet be one in some quintillion? Here next is a latest finding about another precise variable.

Wade, Jon, et al. Temporal Variation of Planetary Iron as a Driver of Evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 118/51, 2021. We cite this entry by Oxford University and University of Lorraine researchers as another, quite specific instance of how chancy and arbitrary life’s long terrestrial emergent development has actually been. With regard to elemental biochemistry, how ironic it is that the consequence of an optimum speciesphere may be able to reconstruct and hopefully realize our Earthmost value and purpose.

2030 – 2060 to Eternity Preview: Pedia Sapiens Views A New Earth and Heavens A successful Kinder MindKind might take, for example, these phases. An initial resolve of critical biosphere life support conditions need radically move from nations, militaries, weaponry, mad men to eco-midwives so as to engender a viable Earthling allegiance. Our familial geonomic code can then inform a super-organic body, mind and spirit by way of me + We = US ecovillages (Ubuntu UniVerse), an elibrary of ecosmos resource, and move on to better days by way of a respectful cocreativity.

A resolve of critical biosphere life support conditions need get over and move beyond olden nations, tribes, militaries, weaponry, mad men, et alia onto a true “Earthian” ( what name please) allegiance. In their wake, eco-midwives and -husbands can begin to avail our geonomic code so to engender a me + We = US, free persons in supportive communities livelygood in their place. A super-organic body, brain, mind and spirit could arise via a local, regional and Gaian ecovillage metabolism, an actual ubuntu universe, not globalization. An EartHuman elibrary of ecosmos can be enhanced and availed so to heal, treat, foster, educate, and advise a viable “genocracy” for the benefit of planetary children.

A significant point may be apt here. The difference this time is that as a greater genesis reality with its own developmental course and source may become apparent, the next ordained stage could be composed of myriad social protocells of a nominal 100 diverse folks (see Ecovillages). They could join into cerebral-like network systems to share what works, vehicles, skills, etc, without need of a job or money. As an original African wisdom their new presence (It takes an ecovillage) can spread across the continent and onto all lands and peoples (some 30,000 for Haiti).

By such a singular, greatest Earth (MEGA) achievement, a second cocreative advance can respectfully go forth. It so seems that the long course of an ecosmic familial procreation which this collaborative resource may have come upon requires at some point its own innate self-discovery, selection and proactive agency so as to initiate by our own evolition the occurrence of a new Earth and Eternity.