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VII. Our Earthuman Ascent: A Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality

5. Half the UniVerse: A Woman's 2020 Wisdome

Wilson Schaef, Ann. Women’s Reality. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1985. A feminist best-seller manifesto. The “White Male System” analyzes, defines and controls while the “Female System” is a synthesizing, emergent network.

Wright, Peggy. Connected Knowing. Revision. 22/4, 2000. An introduction to a topical issue on the need for a feminine “connected self” to balance the masculine “agentic self.” Such a relational emphasis would mitigate polar differences and foster a “hieros gamos (sacred marriage) between masculine and feminine ways of apprehending the universe.”

Zack, Naomi, ed. Women of Color and Philosophy. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2000. Voices are raised in the welling movement to right millennia of oppression by a truly compassionate, meaningful worldview.

Zelezny, Lynette, et al. Elaborating on Gender Differences in Environmentalism. Journal of Social Issues. 56/3, 2000. Women are found to possess the relational values which are vital if the ecological devastation of the biosphere is to be corrected in time.

Females across cultures are socialized to be more expressive, to have a stronger “ethic of care,” and to be more interdependent, compassionate, nuturing, cooperative, and helpful in caregiving roles. On the other hand, males are socialized to be more independent and competitive. (445)

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