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IV. Ecosmomics: An Independent, UniVersal, Source Code-Script of Generative Complex Network Systems

2. Biteracy: Natural Algorithmic Computation

Zhang, Chuan, et al. DNA Computing for Combinational Logic. arXiv:1807:02010. A seven person team with postings at the Lab of Efficient Architectures for Digital-communication and Signal-processing (LEADS), National Mobile Communications Research Laboratory, and Quantum Information Center, Southeast University, China offer another entry to how these remarkable nucleotide helices are increasingly being found, in addition to genetic purposes, to have a natural affinity for all manner of computations. The paper is slated for publication in the Springer journal Science China Information Sciences.

Future Horizons: As a non-von Neumann architecture machine, DNA computer tries to rethink the notion of computation. Operating in a parallel manner, it starts all the bio-operations from encoding information over the alphabet {A, T, G, C}. Just like the silicon-based computer performs complex calculations on a basic suite of arithmetic and logical operations, DNA has cutting, copying and many others. “Born” to solvea seven-point Hamiltonian path problem, DNA computing shows overwhelming advantages in solving hard problems, especially those problems that conventional computers cannot address. Seemingly as the smallest computer, about a kilogram of its computational substrate DNA could meet the world’s storage requirements as long as the information could be packaged densely enough. (14)

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