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Zanin, Massimiliano and Johann Martinez. Analysing International Events through the Lens of Statistical Physics: The Case of Ukraine. arXiv:2203.07403. IFISC Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, University of the Balearic Islands, Spain theorists provide a timely and insightful application of 21st century complex network science advances, as these natural mathematics gain deeper roots in conducive physical phenomena. (Search Neil Johnson, Pedro Manrique, for more findings of how an independent dynamics can even underlie violent conflicts.) The paper was written before the invasion, but can convey a vital illumination. As our 2020s postings now confirm (A Naturome Code, Earthuman Integrations), an actual organic genesis is found to be animated and constrained by an independent source script in exemplary, genetic-like effect for each and every instance. So into this real March madness, maybe concurrent Earthwise Learnings can dispense such edifications we so need.

During the last years, statistical physics has received an increasing attention as a framework for the analysis of real complex systems. However, this is less clear in the case of international political events, partly due to a difficulty in securing relevant quantitative evidence. Here we consider a detailed data set of violent events that took place in Ukraine since January 2021, and analyse their temporal and spatial correlations through entropy and complexity metrics, and functional networks. Results depict an unstable scenario, with events occurring in a non-random fashion, but with eastern-most regions functionally disconnected from the remainder of the country. (Abstract)

During the last decades, statistical physics concepts and tools have ceased being exclusive of this scientific field, for becoming standard approaches used in the analysis of numerous and heterogeneous real-world problems. To illustrate but a few examples, complex networks have become an essential asset in epidemics spreading models, neuroscience, and climate; along with biomedical systems from brain to heart dynamic. The reason for such success is possibly rooted in statistical physics' ability for decoupling the dynamical and observational scales; while a system may only be observable at the macro-scale, conclusions about the underlying micro-scale source can still be drawn. (1)

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