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Pedia Sapiens: A Genesis Future on Earth and in the Heavens

Future > Self-Selection

Cukier, Wolf, et al. Habitable Zone Boundaries for Circumbinary Planets. arXiv:1911.02983. Seven astrophysicists based in New York, Colorado and California including Jacob Haqq-Misra can now advise that double star formations are ubiquitous across the galaxy, which along with multiple star groups, make up at least half of all stellar placements. While life-bearing worlds can appear in this setting, it is not conducive over the long term for an evolution of human-like, sentient beings.

Future > Self-Selection

Kokaia, Giorgi, et al. Resilient Habitability of Nearby Exoplanet Systems. arXiv:1910.07573. Lund University, Sweden astrophysicists study some 34 candidate solar systems that appear to have been influenced at some point by a giant planet. While a relative habitable phase might return, it is concluded that this result would be a rare event. We cite the paper as another example of how planetary arrays seem to be more often so vulnerable to chaotic disruption and instabilities over their duration.

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