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VII. Pedia Sapiens: A Genesis Future on Earth and in the Heavens

Our present collaborative discovery, as now documented over some 2,500 pages, can serve an intended humane, peaceful, egalitarian, viable local, global and ecosmic society, if we might be of a common mind and will to achieve. This grand vista is possible because the nested genesis it reveals occurs by an iterative repetition of the same genomic, cellular, pattern and process at each and every regnant stage. The promise is that intended, phenomenal human beings, once so informed, can respectfully continue and carry forth its complementary organic creativity of free individuals in supportive groups. An example could be ubuntu “proto-cellular” communities as noted in Sustainable Ecovillages. But as a current malestrom of rampant, viral disunities rail, it requires an elusive unity of peoples and civilizations, a common bigender Pedia Sapiens, set within a procreative multUniiVersal relevance. (Wow, what am I saying? What might one find today if women and men could only ask and see?)

As readers well know, we are far from any such awakened, aware transformation. The Old Earth: Our Critical Life Support Condition records overshot biospheric, physiological, homeostatic systems of climate, water, pollutants, biodiversity, coral reefs, cash economies, gun infestations, the whole nuclear litany, stressed to a point of no return. Unless we can overcome archaic religious, tribal, sectarian, ethnic genocides, cultural and political chasms, driven by absurd warlords and weaponry, along with the awful, total silencing and subjugation of women, we will surely perish. Anthropocene Moment: Kinder or Cinder follows to enter various discourses upon this popular moniker. Global Climate as a Complex Dynamical System next posts efforts to help understand and weather this hyper-intricate realm by these theories.

While apocalyptic expectations of a fulfilled end of days are rife, we need to recall that this traditional word and climactic event actually implied a concurrent, mitigating, providential resolve. Catastrophic destruction of the world was not meant to happen, rather an advent of a new Earth and heaven is meant to occur by virtue of a salutary natural dispensation. In regard, this sourcebook seeks to identify, gather, arrange and report how our worldwise humankinder is indeed proceeding to learn, discover, read, and respectfully transform on her/his own.

The topical subjects in A New Creation: An Evolution to Evolutionary Singular Event attempt to broach an array of representative aspects. Mind Over Matter: A Novel Quantum, Atomic, Biochemical Materiality conveys how collective human acumen can lately delve into any depth and breadth so as to begin and carry forward, the very thought, a biospheric and biocosmic futurity. Second Genesis: Pedia Sapiens Reads and Receives the Bigenetic Naturome Code then presents similar findings and daunting abilities at this sudden frontier. Moving on, Positive Personal Enhancement within Community looks at an historic turn from maladies of body, brain, and psyche to many ways to intentionally achieve better selves in viable societies. To this avail, Sustainable Ecovillages: me + We = US, An Organic, Participatory Democracy, and A Viable, Anthropomic Gaia gather an array of endeavors, projects, pathways much already underway to abide in an organic, familial milieu going forward.

And finally, circa late 2017, an auspicious third section dubbed Greatest Earth: Our Self-Selection as the Optimum, Habitable, Literate Candidate broaches this incredible possibility, and opportunity. A vast, intensifying volume of satellite, telescopic, instrumental and computational findings over the past decade have quantified a plethora of vicarious planets and solar systems across galactic reaches. If we might altogether peruse, a remarkable, unexpected situation may be adawning. As an initial list herein may record, our precious home abode might just be, the very idea, one in a quintillion able to evolve this far to an awakened geonatal moment when such a participatory observation and proactive cosmic choice can be made.

A. The Old Earth: Our Critical Life Support Condition

Although history’s technological advances to alleviate the human condition are laudable and necessary, they have grossly overshot in terms of consumption, energy usage, resource waste, weapons proliferation, and many other insults. What follows is a familiar litany that need be collectively faced if we are ever to achieve a sustainable, unified, cosmically viable bioplanet. Due to self-serving political and economic agendas, much confusion persists about the state of the global dynamic climate. Specific concerns are noted next, with pathways to a better world in following sections.

Global Climate Change The real threat is not a gradual warming and sea level rise but a critically poised complex weather system that can suddenly and unexpectedly change in a few years. Such instabilities are increasingly felt in extreme storms and floods or prolonged droughts. A number of sources on Abrupt Climate Change are included.

Military Armaments We are awash in guns, land minds, mortars, tanks, poison gas, warlords; land, sea and air weaponry of absurd, epidemic proportions. Their proliferation inflames ancient and present territorial, tribal, ethnic, religious, national, resource, gang, ideological conflicts, an anachronism as vital humankind converges upon itself over a finite biosphere. A prime danger remains thousands of nuclear warheads in uncontrolled circulation in an age of terror.

Human Population Lately over seven billion, it is projected to level off around ten billion by 2100. Asian countries, especially China, now try to enforce a one child policy for sheer survival. Many Third World lands, in their poverty, push the birth rate, often to have sons. A crucial overdue advance in the status of women to voice and vision equality is imperative.

Natural Resources Exploitation of temperate and tropical forests, strip mining, monocrop soil erosion, aquifer depletion, overfishing and hunting, the litany goes on, threaten the ecological carrying capacity of the biosphere.

Energy Expenditure The overshoot impact of fossil fuel power plants, heavy industry, high horsepower vehicles, a non-renewable coal and oil economy, ostentatious lifestyles, has raised carbon dioxide levels which accelerate a greenhouse effect.

Pollution The waste products of a material First World, a burdened Second and catch-up Third foul the atmosphere, contaminate oceans, rain acid on trees, poison the soil and limit diversity so as to degrade their own quality of life.

Economic Corruption An inhibiting factor to resolution of these interlinked concerns, which needs emphasis, is an economy and culture obsessed with money. Whether governmental, corporate, financial market, consumptive, and so on, good greed, along with an orgy of guns, daunts social justice, green life styles, a vital sustainable revolution.

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1. An Anthropocene Moment: Kinder or Cinder

This is a 2010s section for an increasing number of references since 2000 about a latest evolutionary epoch signified by a human name so as to supersede the Holocene of the last 10,000 years. A generic web definition is: The Anthropocene defines Earth's most recent geologic time period as being human-influenced, or anthropogenic, based on overwhelming global evidence that atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric and other earth system processes are now altered by humans. As disparate entries convey, while a radical Anthropo Sapiens impact is obvious, how to situate its origins, and to adequately recognize the geologic, oceanic, environmental, biodiversity, public litany of unprecedented, perilous influences remains much underway.

But from mid 2016, it would seem we are cutting it much too close. In reality, civilizations are madly clashing and crashing across the globe. Rather than a 21st century worldwide wisdom and concerted mission to select and save this special, precious bioplanet, we seem bent on going backward to barbaric dark ages, this time with an infestation of terminal weaponry. The goal and promise of an integral planetary scale, common revolutionary sapiensphere as an intended phenomenon, is a true organic vitality and sustainability for all creatures, children and futures.

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2. Global Climate Change as a Complex Dynamical System

A new subsection added in 2011 to gather and report how the vast intricacy of world weather today, and in the paleological past, is coming to be appreciated, distinguished, and quantified by the same nonlinear critically self-organizing dynamics as everywhere else in cosmos, nature, and society. In regard "warming" could not be more of a misnomer, for by these measures abrupt, catastrophic change is more likely. As I again edit in September 2013, a 1000 year flood is presently washing away central Colorado. It would serve climate scientists, under siege by the deniers, to cite themselves say as “physicians of the planet” simply trying to check its relative health, temperature, pressures, electrolytes, and so on. See also Geosphere and Atmosphere for further entries.

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B. A New Creation: An Evolution to Evolitionary Singular Event

Now for some good news. This multi-phase section was surveyed in the Genesis Future introduction and proceeds from physical matter and genomic curations onto personal welfare, protocell villages, an organic democracy and of critical import, a sustainable ecosphere to actually live on. The Evolution to Evolition phrase is meant to convey the imminent epochal change in the course of cosmic and biological development of chancy optimization from myriad precarious candidates to one of volitional, informed, self-selection of diversity and unity within an ordained familial genesis. We use this certain space to collect entries about life's open-ended creative potentials going forward.

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1. Mind Over Matter: A Quantum, Atomic, Chemical Materiality

This section gleans and expresses how collective human acumen can lately delve into any depth and breadth so as to begin and carry forward a novel biospheric and biocosmic futurity. Through computation, visualization, instrumentation, satellites, daily web postings, some with hundreds of authors, and so on, rational, reasonable mind begins a new ordained recreation across quantum, elemental, protochemical, biomolecular, creaturely and societal phases. A notable approach increasingly adopted is to apply a sense of “material genomes” in prescriptive effect. But we emphasize that for a grand advent of a procreative, organic genesis, a woman's ecosmos for the sake of the children, enlightened human persons rule. We do not imply or endorse any artificial technology or machine take over or subservience.

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2. A Second Genesis: Life Begins Anew via an EarthWise Respectful Creativity

Mind Over Matter has reviewed awesome new abilities to fathom, encode, take up and recommence an animate physical creation. Second Genesis moves on to report and document similar palliative and positive genetic and biological capabilities. We also make note of ethical concerns, many more throughout this site, which need play a major, guiding role. As evolution may finally reach its emergent term of geonatal (and cosmonatal) self-cognizance, our collective, sapient knowledge can help mitigate, revise, and enhance life’s genotype source and phenotype biology. Life’s long, arduous contingency phase, as a cobbled, tinkered, brutal yet an oriented gestation, might at last reach its intended curative and creative resolve and fulfillment. A Second Genesis phrase is proffered as most distinguished by a successful passage of the parental cosmome bigender endowment to our kinderkind edification.

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3. Positive Personal Enhancement within Community

This section reports an array of novel knowledge capabilities to intentionally, respectfully take over ones bodily, psychic, and behavioral life for its personal and societal betterment. Two aspects will be highlighted – longevity as the extension of a healthy, productive life span, and the positive psychology turn to emphasize and inform an enhanced, creative, relational life style.

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4. Sustainable Ecovillages: me + We = US

It is important to appreciate that humankind has not only realized an overall genesis cosmology but one whose nested development proceeds by the same creative complementary system at each stage. A dynamic, emergent scale of being and becoming results as the universal formative principles infuse and empower everywhere. From biomolecules to ecosystems, diverse, semi-autonomous entities and modules interrelate and combine symbiotically to generate a novel whole individual. The great benefit is that once found these common themes can be carried forward to facilitate the next evident phase of a reinhabitation of bioregions by way of the local self-organization of egalitarian, human-scale groupings. Rather than a homogeneous globalized organism, often opposed, an imminent evolutionary stage would be a biospheric network of urban and rural communities. Examples of constant guiding principles might be:

• An equitable, reciprocal partnership of women and men. (Complementarity)

• A mutuality of free individuals joined in shared relationship. (Creative Union)

• Spontaneous free association without central authority. (Self-organization)

• Modular personal diversity in a beneficial social unity. (Symbiosis)

• Coherent boundaries for self-referential communities. (Autopoiesis)

In an epilogue to The Human Web (2003), the eminent historian William McNeill makes just such a proposal. For thousands of years, homo sapiens dwelt in familial bands of 50 to 100 members. But with the fragmentation, diaspora and suburbanization of modern societies, this identity and cohesion has been lost. Based on this new view of evolution as a recurrence of the same cellular form, McNeill advises that our social future should again be composed of “primary communities” of a similar number of participants. Just as life originated eons ago by forming rudimentary protocells, so today a further phase may be facilitated by way of these "social protocells."

And such a worldwide movement, as noted above, is already underway for this is the typical size of cohousing settlements and ecovillages. Also known as intentional neighborhoods, its members gain the advantages of shared resources and land, reduced economic burden, and group support along with independent freedom of lifestyle. These books, magazines and websites introduce a vital option to a consumptive, unjust, violent and unsustainable civilization. Also included are entries to an organic, environmental architecture.

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5. An Organic, Participatory Democracy

There is much literature on the post cold war ascent of human habitation to a relative planetary phase. Compressed by its spherical surface, intensified by open communications, social media, air travel, commerce, and so on, a shift from human to humankind is underway. The malleable concept of Democracy is then debated and defined with little basis or agreement. In regard, The Complementarity of Civilizations section notes how archetypal, bicameral cultures and nationalities are spread across the continents.

Now this website is founded on the premise that such a fledgling worldwide polity may be coming to its own learned, revolutionary knowledge of an organically developing universe and humanity. By this Copernican vista, individual and collective human society might be appreciated as a further major evolutionary transition and emergence of a repetitive evolutionary genesis. Sustainable Ecovillages above documents an evident stage of “cellular” communities. The Amherst cohousing group cited is eminently democratic because all members can equally participate. This present section seeks to expand this theme through an array of references.

An imperative benefit would be to apply such abiding natural principles to United States political elections. As viewers know, the country is split into right or left, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, red and blue states. These preferences much align with gender modes of individual autonomy or communal nurturance, militarism or negotiation, conflict or tolerance, past or future, and so on. The 2000 election between Al Gore and George Bush divided exactly in half to a few votes out of a 100 million. Again in 2004 the vote again came out 51/49 as if due to a deeper polarity. In this same decade, elections in Germany, France, Mexico, Africa and Asia have similarly split, often with violent results.

The United States constitution, still a model for the world, was founded upon 18th century Newtonian mechanics. Could we altogether imagine 21st century natural governance guided by an organic, creative, self-organizing, symbiotic, entity and empathy reciprocity? Our two party system is locked in right vs. left either-or gridlock conflict. A simple resolve would be me + We = US – where US could mean a complementary democracy as truly united.

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6. A Viable Gaiasphere: Planetary Patriots

To rise and move to a global realm, local ecovillages from remote hamlets to urban neighborhoods could be organically and electronically interconnected through appropriate infrastructures to further advantage. By so doing, a worldwide anatomy, physiology and homeostatic network metabolism could organize itself. As a continuation of evolution’s cellular nest, each diverse tribal, religious, racial or regional heritage need not be lost but actually enhanced by membership in a unified, salutary Earth community. By a symbiotic reciprocity, a person can at once be ethnic and Earthling.

But a dire need is to overcome obsessive, tribal and national militarism with an initiative to eliminate gun and weapons production of all kinds. Similarly, a shift from a corporate, money-driven economy to family and neighborhood supportive qualities of life, where ways of exchange are a means not an end, is also imperative. These references survey agricultural, economic, gender, and cultural, and sustainability aspects. In spring 2018, the term Planetary Patriots is added to record our 21st century growing relative significance within a self-selective, procreative genesis cosmos.

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C. An Earthropic Principle: Novel Evidence about a Special Planet

This Natural Genesis sourcesite now posts over 3,500 pages and 8,000 entries. By an interest to ask and see, a steady flow of evidential findings are revealing a conducive, habitable ecosmos which populates itself with solar planetary systems. But an unexpected, auspicious realization is just beginning to dawn. As the litany of fortuitous events and features cited herein, our Earthian Gaiasphere may be a fittest, optimum candidate to survive and evolve to an ordained verge of self-recognition and sustainability.

A popular September 2018 article, Alone in the Milky Way by John Gribbin in Scientific American makes just this case. A full page graphic, the first of its kind, displays a series of Improbable Coincidences from the big bang through stellar formations, relative metallicity content, galactic and solar habitable zones, good timings at each bottleneck stage, vicarious surface conditions in life’s favor, early prokaryote to eukaryote cellular success, and onto the chancy evolutionary emergence of Homo sapiens with a cultural and technological civilization.

To represent its proper significance, it is proposed to expand a prior “Anthropic principle” whence cosmic, physical, and atomic parameters have precise values which allow life and people to exist (Part III. G). An “Earthropic principle” amongst myriad stochastic bioworlds could stand for the unexpected discovery of a rarest temporal and spatial concatenation by which our precious bioplanet may be one self-aware abode in a quintillion.

Benign G-Type Star Our sun has been on relatively good behavior for billions of years. While M red dwarfs make up some 80% of galactic stars, this preferred solar type and temperature range is more conducive for life and evolution.

Multiple Suns are Common A majority of stellar objects are found to occur in vicarious double pairings or triple combinations. Binary star regimes in constant motion are considered to be hostile, highly variable environs.

Stellar Clusters in Galaxies Another usual condition is a tendency for stars to cluster together in fluid galactic groupings, which makes suns with orbital planets harder to form and maintain. Our star is not in a crowded area.

Stable Solar System Our own warm sun with an array of eight distinct worlds has experienced a rare long-term stability. A ninth outer planet or more is seen as disruptive. Most exosolar arrays found so far exhibit all manner of chaotic instabilities.

Unique Orbital Geometries For another anomaly, our familiar orrery of worlds all lie in the same plane, with mostly well spaced, circular orbits. A Bohr atom type swarm of planets every which way, often close in, is more prevalent.

Solar Habitable Zone Precious Earth resides in a relatively benign middle location from the sun between fried too near and frozen far out. So situated, its daily rotation and 365 day annual orbit are very conducive.

Galactic Habitable Zone The solar system is located half way from a prohibitive center and too far outer bands. By virtue, beneficial metallicities can occur in the sun and for planetary accretions.

Jupiter’s Journeys This orderly milieu is due to past movements of the gas giant Jupiter in toward the sun and back again. This is known as a “grand tack,” which served to remove a usual inner crush of rocky worlds, leaving only Mercury.

Rare Ratio of Land and Water Among thousands of exoworlds found so far, Earth has a unique 30 – 70 % division of dry land and ocean over a long time. A more usual state, e.g. Mars and Venus, and through the galaxy, is a default to all arid, wet/icy, or gaseous.

Plate Tectonics Still another rarity is the past movement and contact of continental land masses over many millions of years. Their geological and climatic dynamics are seen to foster evolutionary development, which a stationary mantle would not do.

A Timely Oxygenated Atmosphere Earth life’s embryonic biosphere was able to achieve at an early age (Gaian bottleneck) a stable optimum of a 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen balance. Below 15% or above 25% oxygen would starve or burn environments and organisms.

Asteroid Impact Rates By many paleo-studies, it has been found that Earth sustained a tolerable degree of asteroid hits, while the more usual rain of many more collisions which would be catastrophic to life and intelligence able to learn all this.

An Ideal Moon However it happened, Earth has had a largish moon in just the right place for a long duration. Its presence then causes moderate tidal flows and basins to foster stromatolites and cyanobacteria at life’s origins, go onto mediate weather, light up a dark night for hominins, and more favors.

A Good Axial Tilt for Seasons Earth’s polar axis goes through a 23.5 degree swing each year, aka obliquity, which causes vital seasonal variations. While a 10 to 50 degree range may harbor life, a spring, summer, autumn, winter cycle seems well suited.

Arboreal Tree Height As evident on Earth, life’s evolution was fostered by the right amount of ground water so that fertile forests could grow to an optimal size.

Planetary Magnetism Earth has maintained liquid surface water and an airy atmosphere over eons aided by a strong magnetic dipole moment. Other planets such as Venus and Mars do not have this vital feature.

Stellar Spectral Energy Radiance As a sun shines, it must do so at an appropriate rate over a long time span so that life on a habitable, orbital world can evolve from simple to complex entities like us.

We post next a sample of salient citations in support of these auspicious qualities. Please browse Astrobiology, Exoearths, Green Galaxy, and throughout for more reports.

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D. Cosmocene Destiny: The Greening of the Galaxy

As the prior sections of A Genesis Future attest, on the other side of our imminent discovery is an innate capability to initiate a phenomenal co-creative destiny. These august potentials for intelligent life to consciously take up and carry forth are as much a part of and evidence for a natural genesis multiVerse as its prenatal emergence. The death sentence seemingly imposed by second law of thermodynamics is repealed and set aside. The present revolution from an material, insensate machine to an organic, developmental gestation on ovular planets augurs for an unfinished infinity. If the presence of sentient, capable, humane personsphere is factored in, the cosmos does not waste into darkness, but passes to their vital participation as it grows in light and life. This concluding module gathers resources which imagine a lifewave spreading from great EarthKinder to inhabit, animate and transform the solar system, and on to galactic reaches. And the second title phrase is popularly from Freeman Dyson – see Shenker and FD herein. The green galaxy image is NGC 1232 photographed by the European Southern Observatory.

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