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Earth Earns: An Open Participatory Earthropocene to Ecosmocene CoCreativity

Ecosmo Sapiens > New Earth > Viable Gaia

Stojkoski, Viktor, et al. Multidimensional Economic Complexity and Inclusive Green Growth. Communications Earth & Environment. 4/130, 2023. Center for Collective Learning, University of Toulouse, including Cesar Hildago (search) make note that present endeavors are not able to consider active trade data so fall short, e.g. income inequalities. Their work results in an animate geography of commerce, sensitive technologies and sustainable studies. A special validity is achieved by a deliberate intentional facility of a group intelligence.

The Center for Collective Learning is an interdisciplinary laboratory working on economic complexity, the ethics of artificial intelligence, and digital democracy. The CCL is composed of a highly motivated team of scientists, scholars, and entrepreneurs based at the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Institute (ANITI) of the University of Toulouse and at the Corvinus Institute of Advanced Studies (CIAS) in Budapest.

Ecosmo Sapiens > New Earth > Viable Gaia

Zelenski, John, et al. Nature Connection: Providing a Pathway from Personal to Planetary Health. Challenges. 14/1, 2023. We note this extensive, luminous contribution by a five person team in Canada, the USA and Australia including Susan Prescott as a visionary description of a sustainable, sensitive Earthropocene era going forward. See also The Cooperative Spirit of Nature in the Kalevala Creation Myth by Christina Gant and Project Earthrise: Inspiring Creativity, Kindness and Imagination in Planetary Health by Alan Logan, et al, in this MDPI journal.

The critical condition of human health and all Earth life require urgent, deep changes in the way we live. Many global perils of biodiversity loss, climate change, personal and social welfare cannot be healed without curing selfishness, greed, apathy, and the economics that created them. Calls for spiritual and cultural transformations recognize that “inner” development is as vital for sustainable “outward” transitions. Here we draw from the Nova Network planetary health community for nature-based solutions with a more relational mindset. (Excerpt)

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